Best Eyebrow Growth Oil [ Oil for eyebrow and eyelash growth]


Excited to know some natural ways of promoting eyebrow growth?

There are several oils that you can use for noticing a great difference in your overall eyebrow hairs.

When approaching any remedy people choose which solution to pick as there are a wide number of options available to choose from.

The easiest solution is to choose the one which resonates with your needs.


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If you have been trying some of the oils below then it is better to switch them and go for the other alternative.


Jojoba oil for eyebrows

Let’s talk about jojoba oil. This oil owns amazing moisturizing and regeneration properties.

You might have already heard it among the list of most popular oils for enhancing eyelashes.

It has gained popularity since 1970 has replaced sperm whale oil which was a key ingredient back then used in several types of cosmetic products.

The best part is that it is multipurpose; you can not only use it on your eyebrows but also on your eyelashes for preventing falling off.

If you want your eyebrows to get filled within days and your eyelashes to grow much longer than jojoba oil can be your savior.

This oil regenerates your hair because it has a high content of vitamins and other minerals.

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The best part is that it is safe to use and thus greatly used in oil-based makeup remover.

Apply a single light coat of jojoba oil on your lashes which are absolutely clean.


Almond oil for eyebrow growth

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Almond oil you might have used almond oil for eyelash growth but have you ever used it on your eyebrows?

Almond oil does wonders in hair stimulation which makes it an ideal candidate for growing eyebrows.

It stimulates the hair follicles which gives you appreciative results.

Why use almond oil for eyebrows 

Almond oil moisturizes your eyebrows because it has hydration properties (Vitamin A and E are two vital vitamins present in this oil for promoting the growth of eyebrows).

Many people are not aware that almond oil owns the same property as castor oil when it comes to moisturizing eyebrow hair.

For a stronger thicker hairline above your eyes, you need to use almond oil every day and leave it overnight.

Almond oil for eyebrows and eyelashes

Grab a small amount of almond oil and massage it over the brows.

Many people skip the massaging process but this will help in the promotion of your hair growth. Rinse it in the morning.

Olive Oil

Does olive oil make your eyebrows grow? Can olive oil make your eyebrows grow?

It is not only for you to fry your favorite meal in!

Several benefits have been associated with olive oil because it contains vitamin a and e for effective hair growth.

How to use olive oil for eyebrow growth?


The application of all these oils is pretty much the same.

Grab a few drops and massage it while leaving it overnight.

Extra virgin olive oil for eyebrows


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It is recommended that you make use of an extra virgin version of the olive oil for the nourishment of your eyebrows.

Extra virgin olive oil contains vitamin e and fatty acids which are vital antioxidants for growth.

Coconut oil you might be one wondering, is coconut oil good for your eyebrows, and does it really make it grow?

People consider it a very safe alternative to the commercially available serum which is saturated with chemicals.


Coconut oil for eyelashes and eyebrows


If you want the protection of your hair against breakage then resort to coconut oil.

You might already know that eyebrows consist largely of proteins.

There are several studies that show that coconut oil offers protection to the hairs by reducing protein loss.

So similar can be seen for the eyebrows that when consistently applied, it will offer fuller brows while reducing breakages.


Coconut oil Eyebrow Growth

Not to forget that it is a natural moisturizer that penetrates deep down in the layer of your hair.

You might question what is the use of moisturizing eyebrows?

Well, you need to realize that these moisten brows translate into healthier and stronger brows.

Does coconut oil help eyebrow growth?


Well, there are several ways through which you can reap the benefits of coconut oil in terms of eyebrow growth.

The straight forward way is its application and while the other route is of using commercial serums that contain coconut oil.

Best coconut oil for eyebrows


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Application of coconut oil eyebrow growth


If you will be applying just coconut oil then simply make use of your finger or coconut swab.

You can take two approaches: either apply it before hitting the bed and leave it overnight or apply for 30 minutes and take it off with cool water.

Use it regularly for best results but if you can not then at least try thrice a week.

You will notice a drastic difference in your eyebrows because you will not be losing much of the proteins.


Vitamin e oil for eyebrow growth


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The next choice is vitamin e oil for eyebrow hair growth as it contains all the essentials for the eyebrows.

Does vitamin e oil help eyebrows grow?


Well, it contains antioxidants that make your eyebrows not only darker but also thicker.

You might not be aware but vitamin e contains the antioxidant to relieve stress and this relieving stress has a direct relation with your hair.

When stress gets relieved from your hair follicle they get into the position of rapid hair growth.

Grab Vitamin E capsules and squeeze out the liquid to apply on your eyebrows.

Repeat this process every day for 30 minutes before rinsing it off.

Wait for at least 6 weeks for appreciable results like thicker eyebrows.

Argan Oil


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If you are from morocco then you might know that Argan oil is long appreciated for its beauty applications.

People refer to it as liquid gold. It is extracted from the Argan trees and contributes to major skin hair and nails problems.

If you want to enhance the thickness of your eyebrows then Argan oil is one of the ideal choices.

It keeps the hair follicles moisturized, healthy, and clean which translates into healthier and takes her eyebrows.

Argan oil for eyebrow growth


Many people have been using Argan oil for eyelash growth so it’s multi-purpose like the majority of ingredients above.

Argan oil to grow eyebrows


Some people prefer to use Argan oil as is while others like to experiment a bit and make their own product.

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If you want to make your own eyebrow thickening formula then combined portions of Argan oil with Castor oil or Vitamin E. 

Eyebrow growth serums

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If you have extremely thin hair then you can go with eyebrow growth serums that contain specific ingredients for renewing eyebrow growth cycle.

You might see effective results quicker by serums as they show results within two weeks.


 Before you go Know This Secret:

Be consistent and you will receive wonderful results. 

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