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Have you dropped something? Right behind you? Check, maybe it’s a self-image, self-esteem, or self-confidence. Don’t worry, let’s pick it up! People get targeted with unhealthy self-esteem . . . if they don’t fulfill their certain emotional human needs. Why you should...

How to reduce stress and tension for happiness

Clumsy Mr. Bean, a child in a man’s body, had no one but Teddy as his best friend, whom he takes to the pet shows, holidays, doctor — and what not! They even sleep and read a bedtime story together. Isn’t it an ideal relationship with a button-eyed,...

6 Insanely Funny Bathroom Guest Books You’ll Love | Toilet Guestbook

If you are looking for a hilarious gift that your friends and family will instantly love then a bathroom guestbook should be your go-to option. Interestingly, toilet guestbooks can be gifted on any occasion not only restricted as a perfect housewarming gift. Whether...

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