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Have you dropped something? Right behind you?

Check, maybe it’s a self-image, self-esteem, or self-confidence.

Don’t worry, let’s pick it up!
People get targeted with unhealthy self-esteem . . . if they don’t fulfill their certain emotional human needs.

Why you should even bother about owning great self-confidence? Well because without it, you’ll:

  • Always concentrate on the weakness, failures, and setbacks that life has given you. Attracting more of it.
  • Never respect yourself. It will devalue you to such an extent that you can begin to think of yourself as an individual who can never get loved.
  • Consider yourself a person with no personal identity. If someone will ask you to describe yourself then? You will become lost at words. Why? because you never contemplated the reflection of a self-image.
  • Remain in a constant phase of insecurity. You will think that the relationships which you valued are completely futile.
  • Blame others for controlling and making you lose your self-dignity.
    feel lonely. You will have times when you will fear immensely. A great deal of immense anxiety will saturate your soul.
  • Trust nobody. Why? Because you do not trust yourself. For trusting others, it is vital to have faith in yourself.
  • Not be able to enjoy the world around you.
  • Remain trapped in the hollows of the past.

I am working on self-confidence journal for six months. Why for so long? Wanted to throw the most effective solution in the market laden with Neuro-linguistic programming skills. 

Self Confidence Journal


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Realize that low self-confidence is like a beast. It can uninvitingly enter your personal space.

That beast is very clever as sometimes it masks itself in various forms and shapes. It can make an entry in the form of depression, anxiety, or fear.

Don’t crease your forehead as “Conquering Self-Confidence Workbook” has got you covered. This self confidence journal owns:

  • Neuro-linguistic programming techniques to create positive self-belief in your subconscious mind.
  • Deep writing prompts to widen your self-understanding
  • Beautiful illustrations with self-esteem affirmations to color help you connect with your inner child
  • Explore the unique combo of coloring pages, affirmations, and self-confidence prompts.
  • This guided self-confidence journal will mount your creativity
  • Self-Confidence quotes and illustrations to inspire you
  • 3 Illustrated Self Confidence stories to instantly boost your self-image and self-esteem.
  • Printable affirmations page at the end to make your day.
  • A manual for tough life scenarios.

Why you will love this self confidence workbook?

A lot of times, we repress a lot just to get by day-to-day, we live in such a fast pace life. We don’t realize what we tell ourselves, how we talk to ourselves, what we think of ourselves, and we really need to evaluate if we are truly loving ourselves the way we deserve.

Sometimes this method amazes me with answers which rarely anyone else can provide!

This journal is especially beneficial in these tough times, to boost self-worth because a lot of transitions are happening right now and one is occupied with a lot of emotions to deal with.




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