29 Easy Remedies To Sleep Well at Night [How To Sleep Better & Faster]


One vital thing you can do today to boost your productivity is to improve your sleeping habits.

Adopting good sleep hygiene must be your priority for promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The good news is that there are some easy conscious habits which you can adopt starting from today.

Regulating your sleep is one of the ways of boosting your productivity.

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Because you deserve a better future.

You deserve to make most of the time given to you by the universe.

Coming back to the sleeping habits, let’s see what small changes you need to take, starting from today. 


1- Establish a proper bedtime

You need to stick to that schedule be it during vacations or on the weekends. Sleep a maximum of 8 hours.

Your sleeping time can vary. You may choose to sleep at 12 and wake up at 8.

Whatever it is, remain glued to it.

(My sleeping time is from 10-5)

2- Use of bed

Don’t use your bed for anything except sleeping. . . If you want to work then set a different space.

3- Remedies to sleep well at night – Proper Naps

Naps after 3 p.m. do not count as a nap. If you doze off after 3 then you will have a hard time maintaining your sleeping schedule.

Be mindful of the duration of your naps. You should not nap for longer than thirty minutes.

4- Shaking up

Never attempt to shed pounds off your body, right close to hitting bedtime.

Exercising will activate energy levels, disrupting sleep.

5- Caffeine

Stay away from caffeine right from late afternoon and especially when evening ticks in.

Remember, caffeine stays in your system for 20 hours thus you do not want such disruption.

It is not only about caffeine. You should also avoid excessive fluids in the late evening and especially before bedtime.

6- Remedies to sleep well at night : Dinner time

Many people fail to recognize the ideal time for dinner.

The time you consume your dinner impacts your sleeping pattern directly.

Thus, it is advisable to consume a normal portion-sized well-balanced meal and that too three to four hours before hitting the bed.

7- Bath

A warm bath leaves you all sleepy. . . consider taking a bath an hour or two before hitting the bed.

To make most out of the bath, add relaxing oils in the bathtub like the lavender oil.

Make sure to keep the bedroom well ventilated and cool. 

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8- Mattress

Proper Mattress, it is vital for your comfort. Get yourself a comfortable pillow, linens, and mattress.

Many people fail to invest in a good mattress, even though they sped nearly ⅓ of their life in bed.


9- Remedies to sleep well at night: Relaxation

Free up thirty minutes before bed and do something that relaxes you.

It can be just anything like listening to soothing music, reading verses, having a massage, or scanning any good book.

10- Sleeping atmosphere

You need to start creating a sleeping atmosphere at least an hour before.

You should put dimmer switches on the light, or at least dim them a few hours before hitting the bed.

11- Remedies to sleep well at night : Forced Sleep

Many times, we force ourselves into sleeping. . . We try to sleep but remain awake for the next few hours.

Don’t waste your time.

Rather, if you do not fall asleep within the twenty minutes of lying down, then stride towards another room.

Dim the lights there and read something. You will surely feel sleepy after a while. Once you do, then return to your bed.

12- Shifting yourself

If any noise is disrupting your sleep, then a better approach to deal with the problem is shifting to another room.

13- Discipline yourself

You can try waking up at the same time every day.

14- Remedies to sleep well at night: Massager

Get yourself an inexpensive handheld massager that you could effectively utilize before lying down.

15- Remedies to sleep well at night : Mental Exercise

You are not supposed to do physical exercise, before bed but you should do the mental one.

To calm your mind, make use of aromatherapy candle/oil

16- Re-organize your room

Get rid of everything that reminds you of your work. You need to declutter.

Just get rid of the electronic devices if you have them in your room like computers, fax, paperwork, and machines.

You should have no item in your room that reminds you of the work.

17- Turn your room completely dark

When I say dark, I mean it, girls! A small AC light seems to disturb me. If you have any tiny light on your tv or alarm system, then grab an electrical tape and cover it.

You can alternatively make use of a hand towel or sticky notes for covering.

The best effective blackout ways are investing in blackout curtains.

18- Remedies to sleep well at night: Dealing With Noise

Find a permanent solution to blocking the noise.

Using earplugs is effective but ideally, you can double pane your windows and make use of heavy drapes.

Many people make use of a sound generator for playing white noise. Before dozing off, you can play sounds of nature for relaxation.

19- Remedies to sleep well at night : Pets . . .

If they are in your bedroom then you will not be able to know what a great sleep is. You need to realize that pets will pounce, growl, whine, or bark.

20- Media Consumption

Be mindful of the media which you consume later at night.

Instead of heart-pounding entertainment, choose something lighthearted like funny cats videos!


night routine


21- Meditate before you sleep

Perform any meditation method that suits you.  

22- Practice law of attraction

You should practice a mindful law of attraction before you sleep as you are attracting things any way.

I do that every night and I manifest even the smallest thing I think of.

So know that there is a world . . .

Where everything you want in life . . .

Can actually come true.

In this place . . .

You only have to close your eyes and dream . . .

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Once you know how to do this.

If this sounds like magic. . . it is.

But it’s completely supported by science. You’ll see what I mean when you get there.

I have taken several manifestation programs like manifestation miracle and I KNOW they work.

Can’t wait to see what amazing, “dream world” you create! 

23- Remedies to sleep well at night : Practice journaling

I have been journaling since 11 years of age. I used to journal like, “dear diary! . . .”

But now I practice journaling for manifestation. Know about my triple G’s Technique my opting to become my email friend. 

But if you just want to journal for getting your mindoff something then grab a DEDICATED journal and write your thoughts away. 

24- Kill negative self-talk

Whatever you think right before bed matters the most? Why? Because scientifically, your brain is in the theta state.

The subconscious mind is most active and receptive.

Thus wherever you will feed to it can turn into a belief.

So never let a negative thought crossover. If it dared to then simply replace it with positive thoughts.

What are some examples of negative things which you might be feeding yourself with:

  • “I’m afraid I’m going to lose my job.”
  • “I’m worried about my children.”
  • “I’m worried about my life. . .”
  • “I’m worried about the finances. . . ”

25- Perform positive affirmations

We have already established how our subconscious is receptive when we are just hitting the bed.

Why not then utilize such receptiveness to our advantage and manifest miracles through affirmations?

Life is a bumpy road.

It will throw you down and force you to live. In such cases, you need to own power tools like affirmations.

This tool will make sure that you remain undamaged when life threatens to damage you.

Simply repeat the affirmations. The key is to repeat with conviction.

26- Remedies to sleep well at night : Perform gratitude


Be thankful for everything. . . start with the smallest thing.

Even if it is just about your comfortable bed you got to sleep in.

27- Heard of food insomnia?

Consuming too much sugar before bed can surely disrupt the sleeping pattern.

Stay away from the highly processed foods as they contain carbohydrates which can stimulate the insulin release.

You do not want that insulin release else you will feel all high in the middle of the night.

Many times, you want to maintain a great sleeping routine but you are forced to wake up in the middle of the night.

Many people are not aware that such interruption has a direct link with the foods you consume.

Low carb diets will affect the quality of your sleep.

If you consume meat or protein then you will need additional sleep because your body will require that from you.

The body will want to have more digestion time.

28- Start in the afternoon

Begin preparing for sleep during the daytime. How? By engaging in some

sort of aerobic exercise.

You can alternatively choose to go for a brisk walk.

These daily exercises are capable of making you fall asleep faster and longer.

29- Keep a bullet journal for regulating sleep

To regulate your sleep you need to properly observe your sleeping habits.

You can track your sleeping habits by the answer to all: Bullet journal.
Now let’s see how you can track it.

Your bullets should have the following statements:

  • The duration (starts from the time you hit back till you woke up)
  • The time it took you to fall asleep
  • The interruptions (the number to time you had to wake up in between)
  • Count of caffeine consumption. How many times have you consumed coffee?
  • The food you consumed as a meal/snack in the evening.
  • The time you took a nap and its duration
  • Any medications you took
  • Rate your sleep with respect to the quality : No awakenings, few awakenings, frequent awakenings, awakened but fell back to sleep, and finally, awakened & stayed awake
  • Any physical, emotional, or environmental factor that is responsible for disturbing your sleep.


Final Words for Remedies to sleep well at night


Before you go Know This Secret:

You need a peaceful sleep for several reasons.

You need it to become a high performer and highly productive. 

You will find that all achievers had a super productive morning routine in common.

Apart from a good night sleep, if you are seeking to uplevel your life in general.

The I will highly recommend you to invest in a meaningful life because it is too short to waste. 

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