3 Insanely Easy steps to make a Wish come True [manifest a positive wish]


Peering out through the cracked glass of an old wooden window, she gazed at the stars wondering how to make a wish come true.

Infinite twinkling stars transmitted their message by sparkling brighter.

Do you want to know what they whispered through that glimmer?

They conveyed that answer is within you. Yes, you know how to make a wish come true.

Let this article show you the magic which is within you. Magic through which you can make countless wishes come true.


3 Steps to make a wish come true?

Who does not want to learn how to make a wish come true? Or any improvement in life? Everyone does right.

One needs better health, special love, financial independence, and whatnot. The list goes on and it should go on.

The only limit is which is set by our mind.!

You know we have been programmed with several mathematical and scientific formulas but we are not equipped with the formula of life.

Several people are missing this formula in their life which is extremely simple but incredibly powerful.

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Without further ado let’s dig in that formula which you need to use to make dreams come true.

Step 1 : Focus on the wish & its power


You might be already aware of the fact that we experience  60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day.

Yes, a lot right.

And out of these thoughts, a decent number makes up your wishes.

That wish can be as small as I wish to catch the bus or as big as I wish to conquer the world.

You Wish but then you most likely ignore because sadly Newtonian concepts of this world are ingrained in our heads.

Where the dimension of time restricts us. We have a past, present, and future.

We wish for something for the future but then by comparing it with our present we just dump all the hopes down in dashes.

By ignoring these wishes, we are in essence killing the possibility of making it true.

One does not focus on the wish because it seems too good to be true.

Thanks to this lack of focus, one does not get the dreams fulfilled.

Being mindful of the wishes is the first milestone towards their fulfillment.

We all are aware of a fact that where attention goes there energy flows.

The problem with the majority of us is that we do not let that energy be created.

Magic of energy to make a wish come true:

Have you ever seen the law of gravity?

No, right. But you know that it exists.

Similarly, the law of attraction exists which is a secondary stage from the law of vibration.

But as there is no formula for it, we fail to recognize it.

The law of vibration is the law of energy. Don’t worry I will not get scientific here, as we have had a lot of that!

Simply, everything is energy. I am energy. You are energy.

And we constantly transmit energy.

If you convert your wish or desire into a strong intention then the magic begins there as you will be vibrating out energy.


how to make a wish come true

Step 2:  Know the formula [get the ingredients]

The wish should never be an idle thought rather the formula is simple:

Intention + Emotion = Manifested Wish

 Activate Intention [Faith] 

The intention is simply a focused thought. You need to combine this intention with any of the positive emotions.

Let’s work on its application with a clear cut example. You wish to manifest $10,000 in a week. 

First of all, detach from this comparison of your current situation which will do nothing but laugh at you as if you are auditioning for a comedy show. 

It will laugh so hard that it can even make you the winner of the show.

So do not become the contestant for that very audition instead activate the faith.

How can you activate faith?

Simply do not expect or hope for the wish to come true instead know that it will come true.

Knowing is the highest level of faith, as you would not question what you know.

By now you have sorted one ingredient of the formula which is the intention in this example of manifesting money.

Activate Emotion [Feeling ]

What about emotion?

Experience the feeling of abundance. Feel that you already have $10,000 into your bank account and they will continue depositing.

Feel joy.

Feel prosperous and financially independent.

If you are like how can I feel when I do not have that yet then let me tell you a secret.

You think that you will feel prosperous [the effect] when you will get the money [the cause] but the law of attraction does not work like that.

Your mind is limiting itself.

The subconscious mind is trained in such a way that it works on cause and effect, as that what you have always learned. But this law does not apply to real life.

  • You can feel prosperous without depending on the occurrence of money.
  • You can feel loved without the physical presence of a true lover in your life.
  • You can feel anything as what you feel is a choice.

Yes, the feeling is a choice.

You need to permit yourself as of now you have set the conventional rules.

The rules like not feeling happy as nothing cheerful happened.

Instead, feel happy then cheerful happenings will follow.

The lifework on this inverted cycle where effect becomes the cause of the actual good.

So feel the effects as if they already happened. Feel the positive emotion of being financially independent at the moment.

Now you have both the ingredients of intention and emotion at your deposit.

how to make a wish come true

Step 3:  Game of Subconscious Mind Make a Wish Come  True

[cook the recipe]

Heard a lot about subconscious already? Or completely clueless? Either way let’s dig into it!

Understand the subconscious :

Why to understand subconscious mind? Because you have to connect with infinite intelligence through your this mind.

If you do not know what subconscious mind is then it is that large chunk of your mind which controls your life.

The interesting thing is that one mostly programs the subconscious mind in a way that it negatively affects life.

The subconscious mind does not have the power of choice but it has the power of turning thoughts into reality.

This deductive mind will not analyze whether a thought is good for you or not. It will simply act on it.

There are several ways to understand your relationship with your subconscious mind.

If you are a screenwriter then the subconscious mind is that versatile actor who will just act upon the dialogues provided and give life to the character.

If we compare the scenario, then the dialogues are your strong thoughts which you input and the acting of an actor is the creation of reality.

The more conventional example would be that of a ship.

Where you are the sailor and all the engines are the subconscious mind, just acting upon your instructions.

If you will not be mindful of what you are feeding into your mind then you will be only responsible for not realizing your life.

Don’t blame the poor subconscious! Instead, befriend it.

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Law Of Attraction (1)

Reach the subconscious mind

Now that you know the formula, you understand the subconscious, all you need to do is create your reality by feeding it to your brain.

This feeding process is vital as formula alone would not work on its own.

You need to put in a bit of effort. Half the task is already done, the rest is what I call the feeding process.

Let’s see how to connect with the subconscious mind who has all the power.

Several ways are taught in neuro-linguistic programming of communicating with the subconscious mind.

You will find people saying that you can not connect with this mind directly without letting a thought pass through the conscious mind.

But I disagree.

It is often misunderstood that the only path to the subconscious mind is through the door of a conscious mind.

Uncommon ways to reach the subconscious mind

But there are some uncommon ways which are extremely powerful to reach the subconscious mind.

If you try to connect with the subconscious through consciousness then there will be a lot of hindrances.

Why? Well, your conscious mind is your biggest enemy as it operates with logic.

Yeah, you heard me right.

I am in essence suggesting that logically become your enemy.

When you make a wish then your conscious mind logically tells you why your wish is absurd and why you should stop pursuing the wish.

It will not tell you one reason but a list of reasons.

Continuing that same example of manifesting $10,000 in a week. Your subconscious mind argues,

“Why do you think you even deserve that?”

“You do not have any skill or any such luck. How can you forget your past ?”

Yes, “past” the favorite tool of the conscious mind, it will just use it every time against you.

So be ready.

You will now be questioning that if your conscious mind will never allow the input of intention + emotion into your subconscious mind then how will you be able to manifest the wish?

How you will make a wish come true? Well, the idea is simple: take another route.

You can not always reach a destination via road, sometimes you have no option other than booking a flight and travel via plane.

You will do the same here. Take a ship or plane as there is much traffic (the unwanted chatter of conscious mind on the road! And the signal is always red . . okay I will stop, you get the picture)

3 Tools to Reach Subconscious Mind

The tools which I have found to be the most effective are affirmations, and journaling.

I explain the right way of deploying powerful technique in my courses which will open soon.

Remember there is the right way of doing everything. But I have told you the secret tools. Either get value from the course or search yours. But these tools are extremely powerful.

Affirmations will not work if you simply keep saying I am manifesting 10,000 dollars at the weekend but it will work if you are repeating it with intensity and conviction.

I dig deeper into affirmation in the course as it is impossible for me to explain through a post.

Similarly, journaling is a powerful technique that can transform your life, if done the right way.

IT CHANGED MY LIFE. If you have heard that there is no right or wrong way of journaling then let me share my experience: there is.

I have been journaling since 13 years of age. I used to journal like, “dear diary! . . .”

There is nothing wrong with this but this is not the answer to how to make your wish come true.

I have invested more than 7 years of life journaling. I have learned a lot from my experience and a lot from the online courses which I took.

I so believed in the power of journaling that I did not take one course but more than three best-paid courses on “journaling for manifestation” alone.

I channeled all the knowledge, related everything, and devised a missing link which is vital for journaling the TRIPLE G’s.

Get the idea here. Then self-hypnosis is yet one.

There are so many things that go into each technique for making a wish come true.

If you are not yet ready to invest in yourself and your magical future. Then no worries, I’ve briefed the basics below.

Perform all these techniques of journaling, affirmations, and glass technique(optional) before sleeping and after waking up. These times are valuable.

As your mind is in the theta state (for simplification assume that in this stage the negative logical chatter of your conscious mind is the least).

When you are sleepy and when you just wake up, the subconscious mind is highly active.

This is the right time of feeding the formula/ingredient we have been discussing above.

Journaling to make a wish come true

  • Open up your journal and write down your wish in the most detailed way possible.
  • The key to make a wish come true is journal as if you have those $10,000. Write about how you are spending them right now. Every detail.
  • By writing and scripting, you are in essence making your script concrete.
  • The power lies in the repetition of this writing process for manifestation. Again be mindful of the time when you are scripting.

I can not stress enough that by writing down you are directing the intentions towards the universe.

No matter how many wishes you have in a day, just follow the formula of intention + emotion and write it down.

Affirmations to make a wish come true

  • Repeat the affirmations for the focused wish before sleeping and waking up. Build a mental picture and visualize while uttering the affirmations.

Glass of water technique

Apart from the techniques briefed above there is a famous glass of water technique for making a wish come true.

I have not personally used this technique as I heavily rely upon affirmations, the right way of journaling.

But I believe this technique works because it involves the flow of energy which is the law.

  • To make a wish come true just take a glass of water (any type of water).
  • Next, rub your hands together. This rubbing of hands is activating the field of energy.
  • Now, you need to place each hand near the glass without making contact (keep your hands around it).
  • Keep your hands in the position and say out the wish aloud. You can keep your wish short here.
  • Remember to attach emotion with the intention as emotion will boost the vibration and energy flow. Visualize your wish and then drink the water quickly.
  • This technique transfers the energy of the wish into the body. Keep the timings the same as mentioned for journaling.

Again I just read about this technique somewhere, but I believe it works. And trust my belief is the key. Anything can work, only if you believe it will.

How to make a wish come true: Wrap Up

Congratulations on finishing the guide about how to make a wish come true!

Remember everything is created twice. When you are making a wish you are creating it once and then when you are feeding it to your brain and acting upon it, you are creating it in reality.

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I have taken several manifestation programs and I KNOW they work. 

Can’t wait to see what amazing, “dream world” you create! 


how to make a wish come true

Another small trick for how to make a wish come true. Comment your wish below while feeling it.

Make it something concrete. Write, “ I wish for . . .  And I believe I will get it”

By doing this small act, you will be setting out a powerful intention, from where all the magic begins. MAGIC IS WITHIN YOU.

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