87+ Life-Tranforming Journal Prompts For Body Image [Body Positivty]


Wondering how to develop a positive body image? Got you covered.

There are several opinions when it comes to looks.

There are people who will deem that looks don’t matter but at the same time they can not deny the fact that looks change the way you feel.

Take the most basic example: how different do you feel when you are all dressed up?

What vibes does it give you?

Positive right?

But dressing up is a temporary solution, for a more concrete and permanent feel one has to do a good degree of inner work. 

Why do you need to be mindful of what you think of yourself?

Remember that body image is simply the attitude you possess towards your body.

People think of you exactly the way you think of yourself

[it is all about the energy/0 frequency which you vibrate and they catch that – yes very scientific. ]

It is all about feeling good.

So how to be mindful?

Use practical techniques.

If you are looking to reinforce your self worth, self image and self confidence then journal prompts for body image will surely help.

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Why do people fail to develop a positive body image?

The short answer for this is due to lack of acknowledgement.

People took the wrong turn and began doing affirmations of self praising.

They will repeatedly tell themselves that, “you are beautiful” , though deep down they will be denying the whole idea.

This unclarity and mixed signals do more harm than good. So how to counter it?
By acceptance.

Yes, you need to accept each part of your body – irrespective of the fact that it meets the beauty standards or not.

Several experiences can result in your owning a negative body image.

  • It can be an incident in the past
  • It can be deep complexes developed in childhood
  • It can be due to chronic illness

And the list can go on . . .

Irrespective of the reason, the key lies in the totality.

You need to reach the acceptance.

Now how to develop the acceptance?

Is it that easy?

Yes. Everything is easy.

Everything is a miracle if you believe.

Yes, you can believe that journaling has the power.

You HAVE to believe that writing heals.

This Self-reflection is transformative.


So, Believer are you ready to get your life into pieces by telling how much you love yourself?

Let’s get started but before that:


journal prompts for body image

Journal prompts for body image:

  1. What is the way through which I can show love to myself?
  2. What can i do for myself today?
  3. My self care toolkit includes
  4. Physically I’m feeling ______________
  5. My favorite part of the face is?
  6. My favorite body part is ?
  7. I felt proud of my most favorite feature when
  8. I am self conscious about my this feature
  9. I can make peace with these features by
  10. My top wellness tips which i follow is
  11. This is how I feel about my body. I can change it by
  12. This is the act which i have done solely for myself
  13. I can take care of my mental health by
  14. I can improve my mental health by
  15. If i were to rate my sleep cycle from 1-10 then it would be like
  16. I lack energy when
  17. I do/don’t enough exercise because
  18. I am / I am not comfortable looking a mirror because
  19. This is how I feel when others see my body at the beach. . .
  20. I can tune out with my body through . . .
  21. Stress affect my body in this way and i can address it by
  22. My relationship with food is like
  23. I am living a healthy lifestyle because
  24. My work is affecting my job in this way
  25. If you ask that whether i overthink or not then these things stress me out
  26. If i were to rate work/life balance the it would be like
  27. This is the area of self care which i need to work more on
  28. I do get time for myself . . .
  29. Do you get time just for yourself?
  30. I am ready to give this habit for better body
  31. I am adopting this new habit for better self image
  32. I look after my physical health by
  33. I feel happiest with my skin when
  34. I will take better care of myself next year by
  35. If my body could speak, it would say…
  36. When in physical/emotional pain, the kindest thing I can do for myself is. . .
  37. Unconditional love for myself means
  38. I can love myself unconditionally my . . . i can act on these things .
  39. I feel most feminine when… (to get in touch with your inner goddess)
  40. I get rid of my insecurities through
  41. I treat myself like this when I make a mistake . . . i can replace this treatment by
  42. I love myself because & i can love myself more by
  43. This is the ideal self care routine which i aim to stick with
  44. I define beauty as . . . if I were to tell whether I find myself beautiful or not then . . .
  45. These are the thoughts which make me uncomfortable about myself are . . .and i can make
    myself more comfortable by. . . .
  46. If i were to tell how can I become more comfortable with my Skin type then . . .
  47. I were to use one adjective for my body then it would be
  48. I love to eat/drink this
  49. I love to smell this.
  50. I feel best about my body when . . .


    87+ Life-Transforming Journal Prompts For Body Image [Body Positivty] (1)

  51. When I breathing deeply, i feel
  52. This body loves to be treated as
  53. This is what my body needs
  54. My body feels rested when
  55. Beauty for me is
  56. My body supported me today by (walking/running/workout)
  57. I show gratitude towards my body by [going to bed early/eating an early dinner]
  58. I feel the tension in my body and it can be relieved through. . .
  59. When was the last time I booked an appointment with myself? Why am I delaying the meeting with myself / the alone time?
  60. To what extent my self-worth is tied to my body image. Rate from 1-10
  61. What is the correlation between the times when I felt low self confidence and with my physical appearance?
  62. The first memory which i have of disliking my body is
  63. This person always criticizes my body and this what i can do to counter the trouble caused
  64. This is how social media and society standards have impacted my own views about myself.
  65. This is how beauty ideals make me feels like
  66. There are the top 20 things i like about my body
  67. My gratitude list goes like this
  68. If i were to write a letter to my younger self regarding body confidence then it would go like this
  69. .This limiting belief is keeping me away from appreciating my body.
  70. These things are holding be back from loving myself [society/media/diet culture/ friends]
  71. If i were to answer what my mind needs then it needs
  72. My soul needs
  73. This is the first word that pops into my mind when i think about my body
  74. This is the first thought which i want to think when a word body pops into my mind
  75. I can practise kindness to myself by
  76. My subconscious mind tells me to wear this but my heart want to wear
  77. My subconscious mind instructs me to eat this but my heart want to eat
  78. I feel worst related to my body when
  79. I feel best related to my body when
  80. I aim to counter body bashing thought by
  81. My loved ones can support me through my body image by
  82. My skin feel happiest when
  83. I define body-acceptance as
  84. If fat could speak, it would say…
  85. If the body could speak, it would say…
  86. These are the things i have been fed that my body is missing but i do not feel like it because
  87. I am not my body, I am . . .
  88. For me the beauty standards are

Final note on journal prompts for body image:

Before you gooo . . .

Now I do not want to leave you in a confused state where you question what next?

Once you answer the journal prompts, do visit the answers later , especially when you are feeling down.

I highly encourage you to dedicate a section in your journal related to positive body image.

It is totally your choice to answer the prompt altogether or one each day.

But it is highly suggested to go through your answers at least once a week to maintain a positive vibrational frequency.

Remember journaling is more therapeutic than a therapy.

If you have no idea how it changed my life then the story goes here. Life happened.

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but before that

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