73 Powerful Manifesting Journal Prompts [Journal Prompts For Success]


Tired of several manifestation techniques?

If yes then you will surely love journaling for manifestation and these 73 manifesting journal prompts.

You are on this blogpost then it means that you are a huge fan of the law of attraction and different manifestation techniques like me.

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Back to this blogpost!

There is no hole of doubt that the law of attraction is a law just like a law of vibration.

And it all starts with your thoughts.

To brief it let me reiterate the cycle which I am detailing on this blog repeatedly.


Mindful Thoughts? 

Be mindful of your thoughts as they have the potential of getting converted into a reality.

You need to bear in mind that not every thought you think turns magically into a reality.

There are other ingredients which you need to have at your disposal for a miraculous manifestation recipe.

If you repeatedly think something then it sinks into your subconscious mind as a belief.

That belief evokes a certain feeling and as a result you vibrate energy.

That energy attracts miracles as everything in this universe is energy.

For getting a better understanding of this whole manifestation process , I highly suggest you check this out.

Once you develop a faith that the law of attraction is real and you can manifest anything in life then it is time to deploy some techniques.

Yes, you guessed it right.

One of such techniques is journaling. Isn’t it overwhelming that you are capable of creating any reality you want through some effortless process?

Yes, I can see you nodding your head.

Before digging straight into the manifestation process, I dive into some vital basics.

If you want to maximize the results then be mindful of the time when you journal for manifestation.

If you are doing gratitude journaling or any other sort then feel free to perform scripting at any time.

But if you are doing journaling for manifestation then I will urge you to do it either right before bed or right after you wake up?

Questioning why?

Well, aware about the power of your subconscious mind? If yes, then you are on the right track.

Subconscious mind is the king.

It has all the answers. It is the invisible guide that will tell you why and how of things.

During the times mentioned above, your subconscious mind is most alert.

It will take me forever to explain what the subconscious mind is capable of.

The better route from here is to scan this article for befriending subconscious minds.

Back to this post now! We have settled the time for journaling, next?

Bear these things in mind:

  • Be clear for setting a right intention
  • Detail a specific desire
  • Be grateful for what you have so you can attract more of such abundance.
  • Trust what you write. Have Faith. Have unconditional belief. 

Let’s get scripting with journal prompts for success:

If you are questioning why the above steps are important then bear in mind that you have to stick by the steps in order to enter a correct vibrational frequency.

Now do not get caught up in perfecting scripting.

Let the answers naturally flow.

Don’t use logic and negate the answers.

Remember judging a thought is not an appreciable approach in manifesting. So let it be.

 Let’s dig in but before that: 


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Manifesting Journal Prompts


  1. I can simplify my life by
  2. I am achieving this goal. It is important for me because
  3. My future self is . . . .
  4. I need this more in my life and i am going closer to it by
  5. My intuition speaks to me by… The inner guidance is helping me by these signals
  6. I am given $50,000 and i am spending it as
  7. My intention for today is . . . i am building momentum, re-aligning myself as . . .
  8. The thoughts/feelings which I am focusing on for manifestation today is . . . .
  9. These are the actions where my attention is flowing for creating a better future
  10. I am doing this today for inner growth & happiness
  11. I am grateful for these things in life and i am manifesting more of them
  12. I am excited to manifest this in my life. I am celebrating these future things in this way today . . .
  13. If i were to write a love note to universe/higher self/God then it would be like
  14. I want to have this impact on the world
  15. I am controlling my thoughts by
  16. I am cultivating more joy in my life by
  17. I am giving this type of energy to others
  18. My dream life looks like
  19. My life is different now because i belief everything is possible like
  20. I am this in the next 5 years of my life
  21. I am like this in the next 10 years of my life
  22. My goal for this year is
  23. My relation with money is
  24. I am excited to manifest this in my life
  25. I am succeeding because
  26. I have full potential of doing this because
  27. I am a positive person because
  28. I am changing these habits to
  29. I am ready to manifest my dream life and the thing which proves this is . . .
  30. The 20 affirmations that I repeat every day is
  31. I feel abundant when
  32. I am proud of myself. If I were to write a thank you letter to myself then it would be . . .
  33. I am earning my dream money which is . . .
  34. This is the message that i am willing to share with the world
    These are the decisions which i can take today to manifest my dream life
  35. These are the ways through which I am a money magnet.
  36. I am holding onto these 5 values
  37. These are the 3 things is have achieved in the past year and i am celebrating it by
  38. I am ready to commit to this
    My sole mission for next year is
  39. My ideal partner is . . .
  40. I show love to my ideal partner by
  41. I feel loved when
  42. I am lovable because
  43. This is what i am willing to receive
  44. I am willing to release
  45. My desire list for today is (it can be as simple as enjoying a meal with friends)
  46. My desire list for this week/month is
  47. The desire list for this year is (buying a house/car)
  48. I desire this
  49. Financial achievements which i have are
  50. I see my relationship in the last 6 months as
  51. This is the last time when i found a new opportunity to manifest money
  52. I need this more in my life
  53. I can see myself making more money through this means, and this is the means which i am avoiding for years
  54. I made these mistakes and i
  55. I am proud of . . .
  56. If i know that i would not fail then it would do . . . and right now i am doing
  57. My favorite mantra is . . .
  58. I am practising financial self care by . . .
  59. I can see my dream vacation
  60. My ideal way of generating income is
  61. My biggest goal for now is . . .
  62. I am being true to myself by
  63. I am expressing my love to others by
  64. I am being abundant by
  65. The qualities i am associating with abundance is
  66. I am embracing a wealthy lifestyle by
  67. My mindset is changing by
  68. I deserve abundance because
  69. I feel abundance in
  70. I am attracting miracles by
  71. I affirm that the love i want is
  72. I affirm the man i want to be like
  73. I affirm the kind of relationship i enjoy is.




journal prompts 2


Before You Go:  


In manifesting journaling what are you in essence doing? 

You are putting out your desires but already affirming it.

 Through this affirmation you are making the wishes concrete.

 Apart from writing down what you want, I highly encourage you to speak out your desires aloud before you sleep.

 Before going to bed, you will have to read the desires out loud.

 For a quicker manifestation, I highly encourage you to take the aid of visualization.

 You have to visualize whatever you want.

 Feel the desires as you think of them. Go in a meditative state as you lay back to sleep.

 Take your law of attraction efforts to next level. For instant manifestation learn from the experts here.



 Tell me what you manifested Or you want to {by commenting below you can make your intention more concrete and then detach from the outcome – powerful right! }



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