4 Ridiculously Powerful Steps To Manifest Your Dreams, Desires & Goals


Wondering how to manifest your dreams? 

Before diving into the steps to manifest any desire, scan this story.

While flipping her hair away which threatened to obscure the view, Sally introduced herself to the crowd with a wide smile.

Adjusting mic in her hand, she gathered her overwhelmed self together and greeted the audience.

Applauds traveled as tides, piercing through her ears reaching her heart already saturated with pride.

The sound of applauds suddenly began fading, gradually blending with an awful-pitched tring tring.

And then tring tring did not stop until Sally crushed her dream – a life which she lived for a few moments.

Guess who Sally is? 

Meet her here. 

Are you like Sally?

How many times have your dreams become victims of the morning sun and got hunted by that same annoying alarm clock?

Lost the count? Well, good news.

Start counting those times as today you find a recipe to cook your dreams into reality.

Yes, manifesting-dreams can not get any simpler.

Even if you never had any such dream and you have always stayed a day-dreamer. 

Before we go further let me clear. 

What is a manifestation?

It is the fulfillment of your desire. Consider You are a traveler who has to get from point A to point B. Point A is your dream and B is the miraculous reality. Let’s see the steps you need to take for covering such a distance.


Four-Step Formula of Manifesting Dreams

For manifesting your dream, for manifesting your desires or for manifesting your goals, remember one key point: You are not a victim rather you are a creator of your reality.

I totally understand that it is so hard to transition from a victimized state to a creator state because our subconscious has been programmed in such a way.

The most common mindset which you will find yourself surrounded with is the victimized state.

Where people will surrender the circumstances, without realizing that they have been creating the very circumstances.

It might sound odd at first but it is reality.

It is the game of your mindset.

You will have to empower your reality and believe i can be anything i want to be.

Get your thoughts manifested

Remember that the answer of how to get anything you want lies in your mind. How? Through your mind.

I can understand that it might seem hard to believe that I can be anything I want to be.

But Let me tell you why you are not a victim but a creator in simple terms.

Average human being has . . . thoughts every day, and sadly most of them are not positive.

Half of them are painful memories of the past and a few negative thoughts.

All those thoughts with strong emotion hit your subconscious mind which then creates a similar reality for you.

As this is what you have been attracting all the way. And then one question why the circumstances never change.

The short answer is that because your thoughts do not change.

The same thought + same emotion enters the subconscious mind producing the same old results. [If you are not aware of the science of your subconscious mind then I highly suggest you look here]

So let me sum up the point:

With the same old constant thoughts, you will only be able to manifest the same old constant past in the present and future.

Your circumstances thus will experience no flux. For manifesting your dreams, you need to have that flux, you need to have that change.

To manifest the wildest dream, just follow the simple recipe detailed below.

The whole process detailed in this article is extremely easy.


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Step 1. Let Go Of Past [Negative Thoughts & Resistance]

There are certain prerequisites for using the formula to manifest your dreams.

You can not attract positive, happy things in your mind if it’s cluttered.

Your mind is just like a glass full of water. If you want to pour in new molecules of water then existing molecules have to overflow and vacant space.

Your past, and the negative thoughts, all create resistance.

You have to let go of the resistance to welcome new thoughts else your brain will not be receptive to hosting them. 

By resisting, you will be fueling. So let go but your conscious mind will not make it easy for you.

I am not much fond of this conscious mind {I know I have bais!}.

Resistance from Conscious mind

One needs to be extremely careful when listening to the conscious mind and when not to.

Sometimes, it will behave worse than a jealous girl who has a crush on your boyfriend.

Yeah. It can become your enemy & act as a barrier to manifest your dreams.  So simply do not allow it too.

Whenever you focus on a bright positive future, it will throw your past in the face.

It with utmost accuracy provides you with a “logical” reason as to why your thoughts are impossible to achieve.

And there are 90% of the chances that you will listen to this so-called logical voice, as after all, we are all rational creatures, and then mourn the demise of your dreams.

You will further sink into your past, the pain will then self-replicate as the virus {your conscious mind here} has done the task.

If you are wondering why your mind will turn against you in manifest your dreams. Or why the conscious mind resist instant manifestation.

Then the answer is simple.

Your brain loves patterns.

It is afraid to make new connections. Thus one finds it so hard to make a change in life.

Thus, it becomes so hard to change a habit. Yes, it is so hard to make the first step toward a new step as your brain will have to create new impressions, new wiring.

If you try to disrupt the pattern then you will find resistance.

But the key here is your persistence {wow it rhymed!}

Overcoming Regrets & Fears to manifest your dreams

There are several techniques to let go of the pain points which seem to have built a permanent nest in your head.

You can implement such a neuro-linguistic technique to detach from your past resistance that will just breed resistance.

The worst ghost of the past is regret. Yes, fear is also on the list.

You will have to deal with these ghosts once and for all so that they stop bothering you.

Get rid of this ghost who possesses every potential of robbing your present from you. To live mindfully, you need to dispose of such baggage.

Power of manifestation lies in disposal. 

Remember you are not your past. You are not your thoughts.

You are just energy. You are capable of infinity.

So if by now, you have decided to clear away the clutter through practical means then let’s jump to the next ingredient in the recipe.

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manifest your dreamss

Step 2. Set A Goal to Manifest A Goal


Know Unclear Goals to manifest your dreams:

Now assume that Sally has performed an exorcism and gotten rid of her past ghost, from all of them.

The step which follows is the clear identification of your dreams.

There is a huge probability that at the age of 8 you want to be a teacher, then by 12, you decide to become a doctor, by 15 your interest shifts towards becoming an engineer and then finally towards the end of teenage you settle for being a fashion designer.

But wait.

What was your dream again? Yes, that is the problem.

The unclarity.

Same is the case with other wish. 

We ourselves do not know what we want. We even forget our dreams because we never pay attention to them, deeming them impossible to achieve.

How many times have you question how to manifest what you want? But do you really know your want?

I question what is your desire? Who do you desire? What is your goal? What house, relation, career, or health do you desire?

  • You really have to be good in the identification process.
  • Desire countless things but remember the frequency with which you desire each thing must be high in intensity and the same.
  • Stick to one career goal, one type of dream house, one specific car, one specific person, and a specific lifestyle so forth. As you can’t fry eggs and omelets from the same egg, you will have to be focused, decisive, and clear in your choices.

Unknown Goals lowers power of manifestation

Let’s address another side of this step of finding a goal. You have absolutely no idea what is your biggest dream.

It is quite normal to not see the desire in dreams or to simply daydream. In either case, do not worry. As there is a powerful tool that you can employ for this task.


 Yes, you have heard me right.

I am not talking about the diary type of journaling where you were narrating your whole day, yes I have been there so I know that.

I have diaries and diaries filled for that. But that practice did not give me the vision which self journaling did.

If you are not yet aware of the miracle of my triple G’s journaling technique specifically designed for manifestation then this you need to check that out. This article covers all about journaling in detail.

There is a special, most powerful technique I cover in my course for identifying the goal and your “WHY”.

Journaling truly taps into the subconscious mind and gets the answers to the vital question like why you desire something for wisdom, harmony, or prosperity.

I just want you to reach your perfect answers through any of your preferred ways.

I would like to address here that people do not trust the power of the universe and thus would dream according to their circumstances.

Are you like,

“Umm, it took me two years to buy that car so that means it will take me about 5 more years to get my dream house. Yes, so now I dream of that house”.

Please, if that is your practice then forsake it.

No matter how much you love the calculations.

You have to ask more than you need, more than you think you are capable of, more than you think you can ever get.

Practical steps to manifest dreams into reality

So how to go about manifesting your dreams if you have no idea what you want?

  • Start Journaling
  • Do not take cues from the circumstances else you will not be able to tap into the true power of manifestation. Just remember infinity.

After figuring out your goal, take an avatar of an eagle. Steal the laser focus which this beauty poses.

You need to give your attention to the goal.

You have to have a strong focus which brings further steps for manifesting your dreams.

Step 3. Manifest your dream by Internal Efforts

To manifest your desires you need to fuel your subconscious mind with a similar idea. You have to feed it and input your desire for deliberately attracting your goals.

This process is what I love because you are finally taking action. You are doing something to shift your mindset to 180 degrees.

Placing the desires at the back of the head would not get you anywhere so let’s see which actions will actually work.


Remember thoughts manifest so think positive.

 To manifest your dreams be mindful of the thoughts as they should be positive.

The universe, the infinite intelligence, or the source {whatever you call it} does not process things in negatives. So how to go about?

  • Don’t think 24/7 about what you don’t want rather think what you want. If you think that you do not want to pile up bills by the end of the month, then guess what you will attract just that.
  • Change the formulation of your thought and give it a positive shift.
  • Think that you want this amount of cheque by the end of the month, and you guessed it right, the universe will get into work for manifesting that. {Yes, there are certain conditions like presence of belief and emotion}

Visualization to manifest your dreams

I cannot stress enough the power of visualization to manifest your dreams as it frees you from the Newtonian world you are living in.

In this Newtonian world, we are bound by time and space but through visualization techniques, we transcend such dimensions.

Through visualization one is capable of evoking feelings and emotion is the engine of the subconscious mind.

Now how to practice visualization to manifest your dreams?

I would advise you to visualize the accomplishment of your dream before you sleep and after you wake up. Why? As during these states, the subconscious mind is extremely active and thus is receptive to your suggestions.

You do not have to go overboard. Even 5 minutes of a good deep visualization is better than the long surface level visualization.

It is all about the intensity.

Let’s into some basic deep steps to manifest your dreams:

  • Spend at least five minutes each day. The visualization can be short but it should have several details.
  • Visualize where you are standing, what you are doing.
  • Feel your sense and note the experiences of the touch, hear, taste, and smell. Remember Sally? She was touching her hair in the dream. She was hearing the applause. In short, she was visualizing in her dreams and engrossing all her senses.
  • Visualize before sleeping.  If you will visualize before bed then it is most likely that you will have the same dream related to your desire.
  • Again, after waking up {even before brushing your teeth}, you need to visualize for triggering and strengthening the image of the goal into the subconscious mind. So Connect.

Some Key Notes:

The most important factor in visualization is feeling good.

We have been wrongly reprogrammed where our mind thinks that the cause and effect principle is the only principle.

But you do not have to cause something for an effect.

Are you waiting to be happy?

Will you be happy after achieving your dreams?

These limitations are set by yourself.

Learn to feel good without attaching cause to it.

Remember then the effect will automatically follow.

Don’t hold your happiness and put yourself into pause mode.

I urge you to resume it now.

We have made happiness the destination, the effect but it, in essence, is independent of any such categorization.

This emotion can exist irrespective of any cause.

It is upon us to decide.

So feel good throughout the visualization and throughout the day.

If you are questioning how to be happy.

The answer is by living in the present moment.

Touch the present moment on a deeper level, experience the layer, feel the smell, sounds, and sights right now.

To feel happy act as if your dream has manifested. By acting means walking, thinking, dressing, feeling, and deciding in a way of your future-accomplished self.

Are you like, “Eisha, are you suggesting that I fake it till you make it?”

Well, no.

  • PRACTICE until you make it.
  • TRAIN your brain till you make it.
  • I am suggesting to make a HABIT of being happy to become a powerhouse of attraction.

Start living the dreams in the present moment, start behaving and acting like an achiever.

Yes, the inner conflict will intrude but you need to avoid it else it can ruin the positive energy which you will be vibrating on.

By acting as if you have accomplished your dreams you will in essence tune the frequencies.

Sounds complicated?

Well, let me explain to you through an example.

Manifestation frequencies and energies

There are several radio stations and each radio station works on a particular level of frequency.

To listen to your favorite show, you will have to tap into the specific radio station.

Similarly, to get your favorite things in life, you will have to match up with the energy of your dreams.

Your energy {emotions/thoughts/belief/intention} has to align with the energy where your dreams exist.

The manifestation of your dreams is nothing but the alignment of frequencies/energies.

manifest your dreamssss

Step 4. Manifest your dreams by Physical Actions

There are certain physical actions you can take for manifesting your desires.

Journaling to manifest your dreams

You can again make use of the journaling tool for manifesting your desires. Yes, this tool is absolutely vital.

Mindfully journaling is not only capable of goal clearing, but it is also capable of feeding the thoughts to dreams.

Life does not follow any rule but you can deploy certain rules for making magnificent life rules.

And such a vital rule is journaling. You can master the right way of future self-journaling with my triple G’s technique.

You might have heard of gratitude journaling but there is the right attitude of doing it for manifesting the dreams faster.

It is more than just developing an affirmative statement.

If you are not aware of the affirmations then these are extremely powerful for reprogramming your subconscious mind and attract what you dream.

One writes numerous empowering beliefs that make one closer to the big goal.

Some of such common affirmations are: I am financially independent. I am complete. I am financially secure.

I am divinely guided. I am powerful. But there is a lot more powerful stuff to explore in journaling other than just affirmations.

Journaling is a great way of channeling energy in the right direction.

I do not suggest keeping a worry list, as I suggest powerful alternatives instead.

Do check the life-changing stuff out here. If you want to skip it for now then simply journal every day and write on paper all your visualizations.

Write it, make it solid, make it permanent.

Practice diaphragmatic breathing.

You want to achieve mind and heart synchrony while inputting and feeding your dreams to your subconscious mind.

To achieve such mind and body coherence pay attention to the breathing practice.

  • Practise belly breathing {we are attuned to breathe from our chest}.
  • You have to exhale much longer than the inhale { For instance if your inhale is 8 counts then exhale must be 10}. Your aim is to activate a parasympathetic nervous system, a system responsible for rest response.
  • Start and end your day with contentment and this can be achieved by altering your breathing patterns.
  • Follow the breathing process with meditation.

Many people ignore the power of meditation as they get so wrapped up in determining right and wrong methods.

Yes, there is a right and wrong method. The right method is the one which will work for you.

You need to meditate to quieten the monkey mind within. Meditation is a helpful tool in shifting your focus from one attention point to the other.

Live Your Dream for manifesting your desires


This simply means that you treat your dreams like guests. Expect them so you have to do the preparation.

If you have been working to manifest your dream partner then shop things for the one like a t-shirt.

What if you are working towards attracting abundance? Well, then write yourself a cheque!

I hope you got the idea where the whole purpose is finding ways of living the dream.

Don’t just expect, but live them. For manifesting love, start complimenting yourself like your one and only will do.

For manifesting wealth, shift your identity and dress like you would dress when abundant.

By performing such acts and actually living the moment will multiply the vibration within you, boosting the attraction opportunities.

Manifest Your Dreams

Final Words For Manifesting desire & Manifesting dreams

Yes, finally you made it till the end. A lot to digest but it is simple is not it?

Simplify your lives and magnify the results.

One thing which is extremely vital to manifest your dreams is to celebrate small wins.

First, recognize the wondering things which are unfolding and then appreciate.

By continuing the practice detailed above, you will be able to manifest things daily.

So be mindful of it.

Remember that you have to detach for manifesting your desires.

Do you like this girl crazy?

First, she asked me to focus all the energy and attention on a desire or goal and now she is suggesting detachment.

Well, clearly I am not. You have to let go of all the attachment with the OUTCOMES.

Direct your attention to the infinite desires but detach with the outcome.

Detaching is vital as remember you are not expecting anything but living the dream itself.

If you will truly live the desire then it is, in essence, the detachment because you are not waiting.

If you will strongly get attached then you are limiting the possibilities which the universe can get you.


Thing to remember for instant manifestation

The problem which people face is, “I want results fast.”

By anchoring time with your dream, you are narrowing the chances instead of cultivating an open mind.

Just release your dreams if you face detachment issues,
“Something better is manifesting right now. I am ready to receive my good.”

Yes, turn towards divine guidance, infinite intelligence.

Your soul is capable of seeing what you as a matter can not.

So ask the universe for the direction of your goals.

Ask the right questions, and you will truly receive the answers to your subconscious mind.

These answers which you will receive is what people call intuition.

Make your intuitive factor extremely strong. How?

By identifying that the answers which you will receive will be from infinite intelligence.

Even if they seem to be irrational. I have this whole course designed for uncovering such mind-blowing techniques.

Lastly, remember that you are energy thus you have to treat everything as energy. One can not attract abundance by possessing energy of lack. Shift your lack. Switch that state.

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Can’t wait to see what amazing, “dream world” you create! 

Comments time, So Ready to manifest your dream?

What you are willing to manifest today. Make a wish down below and send it to the universe. Take action now, where commenting is the first small step. 

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