6 Insanely Funny Bathroom Guest Books You'll Love | Toilet Guestbook


If you are looking for a hilarious gift that your friends and family will instantly love then a bathroom guestbook should be your go-to option. Interestingly, toilet guestbooks can be gifted on any occasion not only restricted as a perfect housewarming gift.

Whether you are seeking a pretty gag gift, dirty Santa gift, white elephant gift, Christmas, or birthday gift. Scan these 6 funny bathroom guestbooks which are designed with detailed interiors.

These are not conventional guest books where a guest will ink down one’s thought, rather they are pieces of entertainment for they own funny poop jokes which will make the time spent inside your bathroom worthwhile.

These books will be cherished by all those with a naughty sense of humor.

The books below own a trendy and hilarious cover which you will love.

The guest will love the prompts which will force them to use their brain cells while their outstanding performance.

What more?

Well, there is ample doodle space available in each book which will allow them to explore their inner artist while they simply potty like a rockstar—especially, the constipated fellows will love to spark their creativity.

All the books listed are 8.25 x 6 inches which makes them a perfect size for small bathrooms.

With matte finish softcover and elegant colors, these guestbooks form a perfect novelty gift for sparkling memorable conversations.


1. Bathroom guestbook- have a nice poop: Funny Bathroom Journal to Write In | Perfect & Unique House Warming Gift| Elegant Sign-in book

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2. No place like home to poop but you can try bathroom guestbook| Funny Bathroom Accessories & Gift Ideas With Elegant Cover Design

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3. Bathroom guestbook poop loading: Funny Book With Hilarious Toilet Jokes – A Funny House Warming Gift | Unique Elegant Cover Design (White Elephant & Gag Gifts Ideas)

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4. I’m so glad we can talk about poop together Bathroom guestbook: Funny House Warming Gag White Elephant Gift Idea | Classy Black Cover bathroom accessory

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5. I didn’t poop i peed Bathroom guestbook: Funny House Warming, Christmas & Birthday Gift

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6. I just had the best poop, I’m feeling amazing Bathroom Guestbook: Classy Bathroom Guestbook and Housewarming White Elephant Gag Gift

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