19 Will Power Strategies & Tips to recharge self discipline


Glad you have decided to uplevel your life by verging on the path of self-discipline.

By disciplining yourself, you are changing your whole lifestyle. I believe life’s too short to waste time.

Luckily there are a few small steps that you can start taking today. 

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1- Will power strategies: Become Unstuck 

To get self-disciplined you have to forbid the entry of “stuckness” and it all starts with your mind.

Do you know why people remain unmotivated?

Because they allow themselves to remain in the loop of stuckness.

If they would not feel like doing something then instead of getting out of that feeling, they will knit their existence into it.

The mindset of “life is not honest” is normal.

And sometimes, you are forced to think that way.

But remember that this thinking should not take over your goals and your life.

Don’t allow it to make you remain stuck. Remember that you are not your problems but bigger than them.


2- Will power strategies: Imagining


The best way of boosting your willpower is through the power of visualization.

This is an extremely useful tool that only successful people rightfully deploy.

I have been talking a lot about visualization for mindfully using the law of attraction.

If you need to manifest something in your life then begin by imagining.

Do not confuse this imagining by daydreaming. You are not a dreamer rather than a creator of your reality.

One of many quickest methods to enhance willpower is by making use of your creativeness.

Place yourself somewhere.

You need to do that.

Imagine yourself becoming the person whom you have always thought of becoming.

For developing stronger self-discipline in life, an ideal image of a perfect future should be carved into your subconscious mind.

Get out of the victim state through powerful imagination and create your dream reality.

Many people have trouble imagining their future selves. In that case, these things will surely help:

  • Try vision board (simply tear some pictures from the magazine which reminds you of your goal)
  • Meditate and sink into the perfect world
  • Play your favorite song into which could drive you into the imaginative world


3- Will power strategies: Developing realistic targets


To maintain your will power, you need to develop realistic goals.

I have been teaching to think big and at the same time of starting with small targets.

Eisha are you kidding me?

This may sound confusing but it is extremely powerful once you understand it. In the law of attraction, I teach to let your imagination run wild.

Go beyond the impossible but then “trust”. Know that you will have it one day or the other.

But at the same time, you need to recognize the small opportunities that the universe will be throwing your way. You need to then set the targets.

By setting small targets for so-called “impossible” goals, you will be training your mind.

Your mind will get that if you can achieve that smaller one, then larger ones are not as hard as you have thought.

Think big and start small.

A simple and effective trick is to set a measurable target.

Measurable targets are always time-framed.


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4- Will power strategies : Pink elephant alternatives


Find alternatives to pink elephants. Which element keeps you off your goal?

What is keeping you away from self-discipline? What weakens your will power?

The distractions.

You might have heard of the Pink elephant theory based on Fyodor Dostoevsky.

If I were to tell you that do not imagine an elephant in your head but do not visualize that color to be pink.

But you know what you will do?

Yes, you will exactly imagine a pink elephant.

Individuals are bound to think of the things which they are informed not to think of.

If you are trying to develop a will power to study then what are your distractions which you are not supposed to think of?


But you will exactly keep your mind preoccupied with it.

Similar is the case if you are trying to lose pounds.

You are not supposed to think of sodas and junkies but you will exactly keep dreaming about it.

So what is the solution?

Find alternatives. You need to replace what not to think of with fruitful substitutes.

If you are studying, force yourself to think of reviewing old assignments [yes, you will exactly think about it.]

For weight loss, think that you would think about the target areas which need weight reduction.

In short : distract the distractions


5- Will power strategies : Constructing Good Habits


To own a self-disciplined life, you need to construct great habits.

Your life will be in no time full of motivation if you will construct good habits.

Your habits are the assistant.

Maintaining willpower is not the story of passing the sea without a storm, rather it is about overcoming all such challenges.

So, to get past the storm you need to develop powerful habits.

What are some effective habits that you can adopt from today for a self-disciplined life?

  • Always remaining ahead of time for controlling stress
  • Becoming a morning lark to maximize your time
  • Become indifferent of what others will think
  • Become mindful of your eagerness
  • Train yourself
  • Eat a healthy, wholesome diet

6- Will power strategies : Training yourself


To strengthen your willpower and remain self-disciplined you need to train yourself.

By training yourself through different exercises you will be releasing comfortable hormones that would suppress the stress hormones.

If you are thinking of different ways of training yourself the go on for :

  • Jogging
  • Crunches
  • Biking
  • Strolling
  • Swimming

And this list will never end. The key is to look for a way of physically strengthening yourself.

By getting physically strong you will become mentally tough and self-disciplined.


7- Will power strategies : Getting to know yourself 

You will never be able to develop a stronger will power without knowing your true self.

Bear in mind that sometimes we are trying to find the answers to the problems, whose answers exist within us.

So verge on a journey of self-discovery.

You need to rediscover your values so that they could become a pivotal point of guiding your will power.

The best approach which I take into practice is journaling.

I have been doing journaling for manifestation and for rediscovering.

Pitiful is the life that fails to uncover who you are.

Here are 1000+ journal prompts for rediscovering yourself.

More over,  I do not refer things which I have no idea about—this is the journal which I have put together myself so would recommend checking it out for self discovery!

Talk to yourself and get self-disciplined.

There is nothing to get overwhelmed by. You can simply take 5 to 10 minutes out each day for scripting. 


8- Will power strategies : Handling stress


You will find your stress level increasing throughout the day.

Stress will be that invisible enemy that will threaten your will power at every stage. What will be the results?

An undisciplined life. You will get sunk into an emotional misery, sleep depletion, and poor diet. So what to do?

Find what works as your stress relievers.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Practice journaling techniques
  • Go for mindful meditation
  • Listen to charging-up songs
  • Grab a punching bag!

9- Will power strategies : Getting extra sleep


Many individuals deprive themselves of the necessity of sleep that is needed for the growing willpower and motivation.

Let’s get a little scientific here.

By getting sleep disadvantaged, you are impairing the prefrontal cortex.

What role does the prefrontal cortex play?

Well, this is in charge of growing your retention in discovering or studying apart from boosting the willpower.

Some tips:

  • Sleep no less than 6.5 hours, maximum of 8
  • Create a zen-like atmosphere – dim light to no light, no sound
  • Drink a cup of cherry juice
  • Take a heat to bathe to wake up with great vitality next morning

10- Will power strategies : Determining the obstacles


Prepare for the challenges and obstacles in advance.

You need to get hold of your life by foreseeing the obstacles.

Challenges are bound to strike so the wise option is to be well-prepared. If you will be prepared then the barriers will not harm you.

If you are wondering that in which domains you need to remain prepared then:

  • Your financial plan must be backed by one mean or the other
  • Your time. You need to be prepared that at any moment you can experience a lack of time thus how you manage your willpower going.

11- Will power strategies : Reviewing your routine


Self-discipline calls for the updated routine and that cannot be achieved by first getting the review.

You need to review and find what is going wrong.

Your life will remain stagnant if you will be caught up in the monotony of the old routine. Thus, to make your will power going you need to have a change.

  • Start by the modification process and that too little by little as you cannot change the routine completely in a day.
  • If you used to wake up at 8 then try 7 then 6 then 5 (yes, at 5. I wake up at five and it is a blessing)
  • Include journaling in the routine.
  • If you are not sure how to discipline yourself through journaling then I have written several blog posts.

12- Will power strategies : Being mindful of the self-talk


What you say to yourself directly affects the way you live. How so?

Well, if you are used to saying that

“I can’t do that . . . ” then there is a huge probability that you would not be able to do that.

Your self-talk is directly sinking into your subconscious mind.

Once your thought sinks into your subconscious mind they turn into belief.

And belief guides your life . . . it guides the action you take, it guides to miracles you attract.

So be mindful.

You can not have the strong will power of self-discipline if you will keep chattering about the impossibilities.

Do not limit yourself in any way thus replace your every negative suggestion with a positive one.

Even if you do not believe Or partially believe in the positive suggestion.

Even if you think that you would not be able to do . . . just repeat the affirmation that you can.

This repetition will change your life.

You will ultimately believe.

13- Will power strategies : Making use of affirmations


Talking about affirmations!

Most interesting topic as they have the capability of changing your whole lifestyle. Life is a bumpy road.

It will throw you down and force you to live. In such cases, you need to own power tools like affirmations.

This tool will make sure that you remain undamaged when life threatens to damage you.

Simply repeat the affirmations in the morning, throughout the day, and especially at night.

The key is to repeat with conviction.

Listed below are some examples.
1. This day is great, It will go great and I know it
2. No matter how time tests me, I will never quit.
3. I’m at peace with myself.
4. Life is simply beautiful.
5. I own the capability of achieving my goals

Please pin this family, for later reference

self discipline (2)


14- Will power strategies : Getting aware about the selection


Monitor your choices and see what is influencing your decision.

Which pivotal thoughts drive your actions, decisions, or choices.

This is extremely important in getting self-disciplined.

You need to review a thought before following it blindly else it will make you suck at self-management.

Don’t let your thoughts manage you.

If you have willed to make juice for yourself and ended up making an egg then see what influenced your will power.

17- Knowing your passion 

A self-disciplined life and a strong will power need persistence.

And one can never achieve persistence by an unknown driving passion.

You need to ask yourself your “why” else out of everything you do, several will remain incomplete.

You will find advanced willpower once you start taking pleasure in what you do!

16- Weeding out 


Your peace of mind can be destroyed as long as you have the poisonous energy surrounding you.

Thus, spend a good amount of time in identifying which act, and who is your energy drainer.

Don’t let your will power weaken. Remember every person to whom you tell your problems is not your friend.

Thus, effectively get them out of your life. Remember you are not obliged and you never were.

How to filter people?

Simply filter the people if they own the following attributes:

  • One will give negative feedback
  • One will make you feel down
  • Joke around about something related to you, without realizing the pain it causes
  • One who can never please or help you in any way when approached.
  • Did you get the idea? Great!
  • Journaling for success


17- Will power strategies : Your Reward


To get going, you need a reward. So simply reward yourself and never expect someone else to do that for you.

You deserve your present . . .

With every small accomplished target, you can reward yourself . . .

it can be as simple as dining at your favorite place! Little things matter!


18- Will power strategies : Calming Down

Sometimes simply learn to sit back and chill.

You do not have to put a strain on yourself.

Willpower is not about showing the world how much work you do. . . instead, it’s about managing everything in a balanced way.

It is about working, yet chilling and monitoring!

It is about living productively while not compromising on all the fun which life has to offer.




19- Will power strategies : Invest (Bonus)

If you truly want to achieve success then become a productivity powerhouse.

Let me tell you something :

I invested in myself for a better life. 

I have taken several audio books, best ebooks and courses.

I loved the investments because when I see myself now:

I have just more time for everything.

I used to rant that why God has just given 24 hours in a day.

My to-do list always used to get shifted on the next day.

And most importantly I was compromising fun in my life.

If you are asking yourself that why you need to become more productive then the answer is :

Because you deserve success in your career, and health in your lovely relationships.

Before you go know this secret:

Apart from owning strong will power strategies, learn to know yourself for better good in life. 

I deem that it is a way to sort your life’s problem without the aid of seeking external therapy.

People seek external sources for mindfulness and there is nothing wrong with it except for a fact that they are missing out on self-talk And self-discovery through the power of journaling.

This Journal will allow you to put things in perspective, to actually look at your inner dialogue.

 Lastly, do not forget to comment about which self discipline idea will you adopt in your life.



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