21 Things to do to be Productive | what to do when bored at night at home?


Wondering Things to Do to Be Productive at night?

Who said that only mornings are made to be productive?

You can take most out of night.

Many times, with the sinking of the sun, people will be lethargic.

They repeatedly question what they should do until sleep overtakes.

If you are looking for some things to do to be productive then this blogpost has got you covered.

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21 Things To Do To Be Productive

Let’s dig into 21 things to do to be productive:

#1 Think about a side hustle

One of the best Things to Do to Be Productive is jotting down the ideas of side hustle.

Most of the creative ideas hit us all at night.


Because our subconscious mind is most active.

If you ask about me then I have this separate spreadsheet where I type in all the business ideas that strike.

You can start a profitable blog too.

So, you might not be in the best position of working at night but you can surely plan for business ventures ahead.


#2 Design your inspiration board


Have you tried crafting an inspiration board yet as a productive thing to do?

If not then now is the time!

You need to realize that visualization is a strong tool.

Yes, it will never go in waste.

By making an inspiration board , you will become more successful, driven, and focused. 

#3 Try a productive online course


My favorite thing to do to be productive!

Now girl, let me reinforce a fact.

This world has gotten a lot more competitive.

Yes, more than you think, so you need to run with the rat race.

Invest in yourself and boost your skills so that you have a competitive edge over someone who shares the same degree as you.

There are several platforms like udemy, coursera.

If you are not interested in the course which will boost your resume then choose the other fun courses.

Girls there do several paintings , calligraphy, coding and other courses.

Excuse me for including coding in the fun section but indeed it is a productive thing to do.


#4 Find a volunteering gig.


This is one of the fun things to do to be productive before dozing off!

Find yourself a volunteering gig.

Let me tap my tale, I was randomly finding volunteering gigs two years ago.

And guess what?

I found one near my locality. One random browsing activity enabled me to help some awesome people.

I made great friends while feeling the utmost satisfaction.

So browse the internet for good. 

#5 Craft your five year plan


This is such a helpful way of decluttering your mind.

And yet a productive thing to do when bored.

Sometimes thoughts related to the future do not let you sleep.

The best way in this regard is to make your mind exercise for clarity.

Yes, design a clarity plan of five year.

Where do you see yourself?


#6 Reconnect with an old friend


If you will be reconnecting with an old friend then i will term it as a productive act.

So what to do when bored at night?

Make this heartwarming gesture and relive the old times.

Cherish the memories before it gets late.


#7 Write a letter to your future self


I remember writing a letter to my future self in the beginning of my freshmen year.

Ah. . . have not read it yet!

The thought alone is exciting to me.

If you are wondering what to fill in the letter to your future self then just fill it with emotions, random questions and advice.

Most important thing is to seal and hide it.

My letter is still with my university!


#8 Maximise your planner


Question yourself: are you making use of your planner to its full potential?

This without doubt is one of the effective things to do to feel productive.

This is the everyday planner for making your product productive.


#9 Scrap booking?


It might seem outdated but it is one of the great ways of creating wonderful memories.

Next time when you question yourself that what to do when bored at night in your room then answer “scrap-booking”!


#10 Learn Vocabulary for productivity


I am fond of creating cards . . . vocabulary cards.

Yes, I do not know why.

Now I realize that those phrases have made my academic writing a lot better.

So what’s the drill for you to feel productive?

Learn at least five words each night! Or three to begin with.


#11 Learn a new language


You clearly know that learning a new language takes time.

You would not be able to learn another language in a day or two.

So why not incorporate such an act in a daily night routine as one of the things to do to be productive?

Because consistency will thrive results. Learn a few phrases every night.

Just expand your vocabulary.


#12 Watch a TED talk


It is fulfilling to sleep each day with full motivation.

TED talks provide great wisdom.

You can get rid of the tiredness of the whole day by consuming the content of the ted talk.

Take 15 minutes out to get super inspired & to feel productive.


#13 Clean up your Laptop to feel productive


When was the last time you got time for cleaning your laptop?

Don’t remember it right?

Same pinch!

Well, it is time for tidying your laptop.

I enjoy the title of owning the most disorganized laptop.

Do you too? Well, now is the time to get rid of the crazy cluttered.

Take a few minutes out and try organizing the folders.

Let’s do it !


#14 Backup Everything and I mean everything



Another productive thing which you can do apart from organizing your laptop is creating backup of every device you possess.

I cannot cry enough!

I have lost my phone’s data thrice . . .

I have learnt the very hard way but it is vital for higher productivity.

Backup your college files and other vital stuff. If you do not have the backup device then here is the recommendation.


#15 Go for a homemade face mask when bored


Another productive thing you can try right now is the application of a homemade face mask.

Utilize your time girl by treating your skin in the best possible way.

If you do not have time for preparing homemade masks then shop this recommendation online.


#16 Dump electronics to be productive


The best gift which you can give yourself is unplugging and disconnecting. What?

All the electronics. Keep all the electronics away, else you will be mindlessly scrolling for hours.

I never check my emails at night as they have the potential of boosting my stress levels.


#17 Read a book/listen an audiobook


I love reading books at night. For me, the book has to be of self-development and this can surely vary.

I never watch tv at night because the word productivity keeps swinging in my head.

Or simply because I do not have a habit of it! I re-read the book and grow rich until I doze off!

You can find a favorite book and make the night more productive.


#18 Update your resume for productivity


It is a great time for updating your resume.

Throughout the day just work on gaining new skills and by the time night strikes: just fill up your resume.

Yes, update your resume so you could keep track of what is yet to accomplish and has been accomplished.


#19 Apply to jobs/internships


Night time is generally a great time for advancing your career.

Even if you have just started college, make it a habit of applying to different places.

You can land up into a great internship or a permanent job.

Just think, you are applying to two places each night . . . this adds up to 14*4= jobs application in a month.

Super productive tactic. It is a great way to check what is hot in the market.


#20 Carry a Manifestation Journal


I am here talking about journaling for manifestation. You do not have a manifestation journal yet?

Missing a lot on then girl. What is it?.

Well, what if i tell you that whatever you script within has the potential of becoming true?

Amazing isn’t it?

Learn more about it here. 

productive thing to do before bed (1)


#21 Start a Bullet journal




Try this bullet journal from amazon if Are you that creative artist who wants to maximize productivity.

Bullet journal is for you.

Establish this activity in your night routine and you will not look back.

You can track your moods . . . habits and what not girl. 


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