15+ Amazing Junk Journaling Ideas To Try Today (Junk Journal Supplies)


If you are looking for some junk journal ideas inspiration this post has got you covered with the details.

Getting inspired by the creative process which leads to your next magical creation.

Inspiration is also a therapeutic process that forces you to look around from different perspectives.

Ready to look at the world from a different lens? 

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Junk Journaling Ideas 1#:

If you are looking for a therapeutic session with yourself then take time from your busy schedule and prepare a beautiful spread like the one above.

Love the spread because the idea gives a very vintage feel.

This journal’s spread will drive you away from the monotony of this life to a different era.

Grab any photo with a black and white trend as this was the classical fashion in the 50s and 60s.

Paste pictures of any beautiful dress with frills and laces.

Explore the gold antique tones to make them look richer.

The Assembly of random notes and musical symbols gives this spread a calming feel.

Moreover, you can mix and match the labels to fill in the blank spaces in the journal.

Junk Journaling Ideas 2#:

This rosy collage with the perfect hues and tones is all set to inspire you, especially the cute little rabbit sitting on a hot air balloon.

It owns an interesting assembly of different pieces which is coming together in a beautiful collage.

The first step of assembling assembly according to your mood.

Once you are done with a thoughtful arrangement you can simply glue the items together.

This is not ready yet because now it is all set for going under a sieving machine.

Junk journaling is all about getting fun so you can get as messy as you want in the stitching process.

If you have not done some fabrics before then simply take this inspiration as a call.

Grab your mom’s machine even if you’re scared! See some random tutorials or ask your mom for your help. 


Junk Journaling Ideas 2#:

You can grab some inspiration from this beautiful pink and white vintage linen junk journal.

The size of this journal is around 19 by 15 cm so you can fit in some tea-stained paper or even plain papers for some cool pretty effect.

If you are not much interested in sewing or in how to play around with fabrics then you can always grab some premade fabrics online.

Below are some beautiful inspirations which you can use today.

These are intricate designs that are shown to inspire your creativity.

Junk Journaling Ideas 3#:

This journal reminds me of being closer to nature. If you want to feel the blessings this mother nature has given you then discover it through a new lens by your junk journal.

I love the tones of this journal and that texture which turns out to be perfect remembrance of old good days.

The wooden touch will sink you back in the woodland, making you recall all the stunning forest lores.

If you are confused about what to put inside then you can make a flora and fauna theme journal out of it.

You can load it with birds butterflies and all the botanical see love.

The feather decorated already gives it a lovely touch perfect for the theme.

Ready to get whisked away into a dreamy nature world with this journal?

Junk Journaling Ideas 4#:

To all the flower lovers this is a perfect inspiration which you can take today.


I am in love with the colors which are complementing each other in perfect synchrony.

If you are looking for a spring journal then this could be a great fit because it is so youthful.

I can already feel the flowers blossoming.

You might be confused about what cover you use for re-creating such a beautiful junk journal.

You can simply grab your old bedsheets or invest in some cool floral designs linked below.

Junk Journaling Ideas 5#:

Contrary to the previous one this journal owns a slightly darker and richer color scheme.

You can add a golden polish to lighten up the mood.

Such journals are best for the fall autumn season where you want to sink back in reflection and wait for the weather to heal you from within.

I love the assembly of carbon touch, cardboard paper, magazine cutouts, floral patterns, and random stitches.

All these elements come together perfectly to give a mystical appeal.

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Junk Journal Idea 6#:

The junk journaling process does not have to be complicated.

You can even just grab some loose fabric pieces and tie them together for creating your pages.

Scrap some fabrics that match your mood in terms of color and patterns.

You can solely tie the fabric together in terms of textures.

Junk Journal Idea 7#:

This journal is one of the perfect examples of inspirational assembly.

Sometimes the journal page itself tells you where it wants to go.

I have fallen in love with the light color scheme of this inspiration.

You can play with pastel colors like peach sky blue yellow for a relaxing and peaceful feel.

Graf some random laces, stitch some cool pockets and wait for the collage to heal you.

The theme takes me to a dreamy world.

You can also incorporate digital stamps creatively into a journal for a different appeal.


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Junk Journal Idea 8#:

The distinct features which dominate the design of the journal are buttons.

Button reminds me of the good old days and brings back all the nostalgic memories.

If you love the feel of the button then allow them to dangle freely.

You can also get creative with placement and add them in a manner that requires their opening for flipping a page.

Get a soft cover for this journal and preferably the fabrics.

Gather an assortment of different laces for boosting up the aesthetics of loosely placed fabrics.

Junk Journal Idea 9#:

This journal provides a beautiful play of stencil stamping.

Glue all the pieces up for painting with a pen or inking out different colors with liquid.


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Junk Journal Idea 10#:

I am so in love with the theme of this junk journal.

It has beautiful nude neutral colors that are aesthetically pleasing.

This is a different type of junk journal as you can see the mesh of different magazine cutouts, motivational quotes, pictures, and floral stickers.

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If you want your junk journal to inspire and motivate you then this is a perfect example.

I am already in love with the quotes that it’s the little things in life and being so busy in life that you have no time to hate.

Extremely powerful.

It is all about mixing and matching different flowers labels frames and image stickers while clinging to the color scheme and journal theme.

Junk Journal Idea 11#:

This is a fun example of a travel journal where you literally dump everything as you do in a junk journal.

Create a junk journal around your recent vacation where you will be dumping all the stickers, patterns, images, powerful quotes, fun typography, or souvenirs if any.

If you own a passion for discovery and exploration then for a junk journal which also incorporates different world maps.

You can grab different maps from online stores to give beautiful nostalgic appeal.

Junk Journal Idea 12#:

Alice in the wonderland junk journal is a cute and perfect example of a loving gift you can give to anyone.

If your close one is in love with his character or you find a person curious, intelligent, and as wise as Alice then I think this junk journal became the perfect gift.

Give this junk journal to an explorer or wanderer as it reflects that you have put in the thought.

If you are the lost Alice then make it for yourself and keep adding new explorations of your life within it.

If you are wanting what you can add to this beautiful bundle then go for envelopes, cute little bottles, stamps, and playing cards.

You can create texture effects by inking them out for a distressed look.

You can create a much more distressed appeal by tearing the paper pieces or images very randomly.

You can make envelopes from scratch or get them from any online shop to fill it in whatever you want to.

Junk Journal Idea 13#:

What is the best thing you can do in the summer?

Create a journal that reflects the vision of warm weather, seashore, crowded shorelines, rich colorful seashells, swimsuits, and everything that goes into a happy summer day.

As far as the cover of the summer journal is concerned the neck is embellished with seashells and other watercolored prints.

I am in love with the pop of a metal embellishment on top.

It rhymed!

You can grab any little souvenirs from the shore and use this popping up technique for making your junk journal much special.

Junk Journal Idea 14#:

This is the perfect example of another seasonal junk journal.

You can make a cover by grabbing any old book and sewing through the spine.

You can add the embroidery floss for getting a more casual and special look.

You can make a cover image by printing it on vallum and then sewing it over the piece.

This scrap of lace adds some beautiful and delicate touch to the overall design of this junk journal you can further at a few bright buttons for completing the look.

Junk Journal Idea 15#:

Lastly, this junk journal can be inspired by your favorite character or book and in this case, it is undoubtedly Emma.

You can make the cover with layers of beautiful images of women.

Grab beautiful laces and adorn the cover aesthetically.

Further, you can add different postcards coupled with embroidered fabric pockets.

Lastly, you can create a simple and beautiful touch by adding beats.

I hope you are inspired enough to start digging into junk journaling.


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