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Looking for love affirmations to manifest love?

But have you ever questioned Why use affirmations to manifest what we want?

Because one cannot deny the power they possess.

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Why not learn from the experts?

Why not invest in something that actually has the capability of tuning your life around.

Because you deserve the best. 

Affirmations are not just spoken words which you mindlessly chatter. Rather they are the seeds for your belief system.

The words you say are the reflection of your thought and they have the capability to sink into your subconscious mind.

You know that a difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful one is the manner in which one controls the subconscious mind.

This is one big heavy word and rightfully owns great importance.

It is the side of mind which holds “belief” and “belief” simply dictates your life . . . the action you take and the things you attract (law of attraction).

Why am I telling you all this?

Because one of the tools through which you reach your subconscious mind is “affirmation”.

It takes time to shape a belief.

If you will say today that the specific person is madly in love with you then it would not help much.


Because it takes repetition. It takes time to get this statement drilled into your head.

Once you start believing/affirming, the person is bound to fall madly in love with you, even if one is not initially.

These are all the games of science.

The like energy attracts the like energy and then you get hit by the realities matching the same frequencies.

Yes, it is very much scientific. Key thing:

Nature opens up ways for you BASED on your belief.

We have talked about why affirmation is a powerful tool to reach the subconscious mind that is to shape a belief through repetition.

We have also established then why it is vital it to control your subconscious mind that is to manifest only what and according to the beliefs.

So it all started with affirmation you say Eisha?

Well, yes.

And affirmation is not limited to the typical statements which you might have seen in the past.

The affirmation is anything you affirm by repeatedly.

If you constantly speak negatively about yourself then that affirmation is also going to sink into your subconscious mind.

Never joke around or demean yourself repeatedly as you are going to establish limited beliefs.


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Let’s talk something about love affirmations.

If you will repeatedly say negative things about your past relations and breakups then it is very likely that you will attract the same sort of energy.

Your words are loaded with creative power.


Well, this means that you are constantly creating things/realities through your words.

If you want to attract quality relations or situations then just affirm happy living things related to it, leaving all toxicity behind.

Are you like Eisha, not all things we say turn to reality?

Let me clear this confusion of yours.

Every word which comes to your mouth that is loaded with feeling and gets repeated is an affirmation.

An affirmation is a belief capable of making or breaking your life.

Spoken words have the capability of changing your feelings which in turn align you with your desires.

Let’s see some practice suggestions:

  • Prefer repeating the affirmations right after you wake up for setting the tone of the day
  • Include affirmations numerous times in your daily schedule.
  • Repeating them before sleeping as a subconscious mind is most receptive at night. This simply means that whatever you say is more likely to sink in faster.
  • In total repeat at least 15 times each day.
  • There are several ways of practicing affirmations. That is you can script them out, mentally repeat or both. I suggest going for both as that is effective.
  • This blogpost covers several affirmations, you can focus on a few of them per week.
  • Get the print of these affirmations here, so you easily repeat, remember, and paste on your wall.
  • You might not resonate with all the information listed below, so start with the ones which seem to evoke emotions, or make you feel positive.

You need to dissolve some barriers which might be hurdling your way for manifesting the love of your life or a specific person.

Repeating love affirmations correctly (that is with feelings) is not that simple because you will be challenged with the limiting thoughts.

You will meet with unworthiness, negativity, and doubt.

How to sort this problem?

By replacing these affirmations with something positive.

What is that SOMETHING?

Don’t crease your forehead girl, got you covered below with love affirmations:



  1. I affirm that the universe manifests my soulmate at the perfect time.
  2. The Law of Attraction works in the same way for each individual
  3. I now believe that i can completely change my life by altering by thoughts
  4. I am beginning a new journey and starting a process of manifesting my soulmate
  5. I believe in myself and I own the ability to manifest true and lasting love.
  6. I use my thoughts and feelings effectively for manifesting my soulmate.
  7. I am capable of attracting perfect scenarios and perfect love.
  8. I trust myself to attract the perfect partner.
  9. I can now sense my connection with the love around me.
  10. I own divinely inspired thoughts, words & actions.
  11. Whenever I see others in love I take it as a signal that love is getting closer to me.
  12. The Universe has always led me to my highest good and doing the same right now in the domain of love.
  13. I only send loving thoughts because they create my future
  14. I affirm that my feelings are capable of transforming my life
  15. Universe will deliver my soul mate at the perfect time.
  16. Everyone can experience love and romance.
  17. I am attracting love by creating it inwardly first.
  18. I am attaching the loving relationship I desire, easily and effortlessly.
  19. With the persistent law of attraction, I can create loving conditions.
  20. My ability to love is growing stronger each day.
  21. Universe has planned a fulfilling relationship with a loving partner for me.
  22. I know I will meet my soulmate at the perfect place and time.

To attract love in your life, a vital aspect which many miss out is their ability to prioritize themselves.

Self-love is the brick without which you will not find others falling in love with you.

Know you are worthy by birth and that is the only truth.

This blogpost specifically deals with the 219 self-worth affirmations.

Do not forget this one vital foundational step and affirm.

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  1. Confidence comes naturally to me
  2. I deserve love and respect
  3. I deserve an honest, sincere & affectionate soul mate.
  4. We all are entitled to love and romance and so am I.
  5. I am perfect and complete as is.
  6. I am worthy of a healthy & fulfilling relationship with someone special.
  7. I deserve all the romance and love which all other people are experiencing
  8. I am worthy of a loving relationship.
  9. I am deeply in love with myself.
  10. My love for myself is increasing each day
  11. I approve of myself as is

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With these sets of affirmations, you are telling the universe that you are ready.

  1. I have opened my heart for a fulfilling and loving relationship.
  2. I have a lot of space in my heart for a loving partner.
  3. I am allowing love to enter into my life right now.
  4. I am receptive to the love energy around me.
  5. I am accepting that romance is rightfully for me.
  6. I am trying to love more each day.
  7. I am choosing love to enter every part of my life.
  8. I am ready to fall deeply in love.
  9. I am aligning myself with the energy of love.
  10. I can feel that my soulmate is about to enter my life.
  11. I am receiving love easily and effortlessly.
  12. I will meet my soulmate very soon.
  13. I allow myself to fall in love
  14. My thoughts and actions are tuned with my intention of manifesting a soul mate.
  15. Falling in love is safe for me




  1. I am releasing all my limiting beliefs right now
  2. I am moving into a perfect life, fading away from the past
  3. I am releasing all the negative energies and thoughts
  4. I am believing only positive thoughts about me
  5. I am forgetting the past to manifest my soulmate
  6. I am releasing all the negativity that is preventing me from manifesting a loving relationship.
  7. I am clearing all emotionally draining people from my life.
  8. Nothing can prevent love from coming to me.
  9. I am trusting the wisdom of the Universe
  10. I allow myself to experience the intimacy & pleasure of a loving relationship.
  11. I am releasing those people who will never commit to me.
  12. Every situation that is not meant for me is fading away from my life.
  13. I am embracing the truth and releasing worn-out beliefs
  14. I attract only those people who respect me.
  15. I am not desperate about love. I releasing the desperation/
  16. I can choose what I want in a relationship.
  17. I will not allow my past to influence my future.
  18. I know a door closes to open a better one.



It is up to you to decide which affirmations you would add in your daily life.

These affirmations will turn into your belief system easily if you will choose the affirmations which make you feel most positive. 

  1. I am all set to manifest soulmate.
  2. True love is coming on my way
  3. I am attracting a romantic life partner who will emotionally get involved with me.
  4. I am attracting an affectionate life partner who is madly in love with me.
  5. My heart is all ready to receive love.
  6. Perfect love is coming to me now and I am thankful
  7. I am grateful for the loving experiences that fill my life with joy.
  8. I own all the personality and qualities that someone wants in a soul mate.
  9. I am attracting an affectionate spouse.
  10. I am ready to meet the love of my life.
  11. I am attracting a relationship based on mutual love and respect.
  12. I am all set to fall in love with someone who loves me as much as I love him.
  13. I am attracting a person who is ready for a serious relationship.
  14. I am sending out the love in the universe which I desire to experience.
  15. I can see myself in an amazing relationship filled with love and romance.
  16. The Universe is supporting my desire for a fulfilling relationship.
  17. Love is just coming to me
  18. Someone special is on my way
  19. I own the spirit of eternal love
  20. I am a magnet of an irresistible wonderful relationship
  21. I willing to share my life with an affectionate partner
  22. I use my mind to create my mind
  23. My future is full of boundless love
  24. I am meeting with loving opportunities each day
  25. Love is available to me in abundance
  26. I seek love and it is seeking me
  27. Love is my divine right
  28. I am focusing on just feeling, thoughts and expectations of love
  29. I and my soulmate are brought together magnetically by the energy of love
  30. My love reflects the respecs I have for myself
  31. I can reach true love
  32. I am sending more love and I am receiving more love
  33. I see the love in every situation
  34. Nothing is delayed manifestation of my partner
  35. My life is filled with loving people
  36. I was meant to have a relationship with a partner who loves and adores me unconditionally.
  37. I radiate the energy of love and it comes back to me
  38. I and my soul mate share an unbreakable bonds
  39. Thinking of love makes me happy
  40. My desire to manifest my soulmate is turning into reality
  41. I am giving more attention to love so I am attracting more love.
  42. My soul mate will support me in all loving ways.
  43. Now It’s time for me to fall in love.
  44. I am attracting the best one for myself
  45. I am attracting a perfect love
  46. I am in the right place at the right time to meet my soulmate.
  47. I am consciously and actively creating a loving reality.
  48. I am grateful for the fast entry of my soul mate in my life
  49. I am using my imagination for experiencing the love I desire
  50. I am thankful for the love that is moving in my life speedily
  51. Love finds me wherever I go.


Before you go Know This Secret:

Through this affirmation, you are making your wishes concrete.

But there are other powerful ways as well. . .

There is a world . . .

Where everything you want in life . . .

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And what you dream of…

Becomes reality.

These affirmations for manifesting your soulmate is not a filler.

But if you want proven help from an expert then here you go. 

Can’t wait to see what amazing, “dream world” you create! 


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