34 Genius Ideas For How To Decorate Bedroom Walls [you'll love them all]


If you have been seeking inspiration for how to decorate bedroom walls then this blog post may inspire you.

Minimalism has been topping the trend, a vacant wall does not reflect this trend rather incompleteness.

For me, wall decor has been always exciting as so much is aesthetically achieved with little effort.

You can fill your empty wall with creative decor. There are several ways to achieve space curation be it through magnificent wall art, oversized painting, professional photography, statement piece, or unique wall hangings, etc.

If you intend to give a wow factor to your wall then some simple fixes are to your rescue.

This blog post offers a compilation of some thrilling inspiration that can force your hands to take action this afternoon!

A bedroom is the most personalized space, undoubtedly, most customized. Let’s dig into a variety of decor styles that will help you hunt your next project.

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#1 How to decorate bedroom walls with a colorful clock


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You will not agree more that your bedroom wall is the best place to throw an iconic wall clock and this inspiration above just reflects that.

Different types of wall clocks add a different touch to your space – they speak a lot about your personality and heavily influence the type of look you want to achieve.

Ranging from industrial, modern to vintage, sophisticated, wall clocks make the perfect functional decor.

I love the inspiration above as it reinforces the power of big. You will notice how large, color full clock has set the tone of this entire bedroom.

Decorating the wall with a large clock means offering an impressive and eye-catching look. Oversized clocks on amazon have a different impact and can be overpowering, which helps in breathing life into your room.

The positioning of the wall clock also affects the overall aesthetic, designers recommend placing it towards the east side.


#2 Woven Wall Hanging


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Considered woven wall hanging? If not yet then acknowledge your inner hippie!

If you are an artistic soul, then you would love this craft to be part of your wall. The above inspiration demonstrates how a 3 piece of modern macrame wall hanging can do wonders.

The above inspiration consists of boho canvas yarn wall hanging owning gray, light brown, and beige color, which is a perfect fit for bedroom owning neutral themes.

Tassel woven art has always had a special place in my heart, thus I am in love with the above inspiration.


#3 Little of everything


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A bedroom is a space where you usually spend most of your time.

So space needs to be perfect in your eyes, and such perfection is achieved if it resonates with your personality.

The idea above demonstrates a wall owning several pieces of sentimental objects and collectible.

The frame hung, interesting signboards installed and flowers displayed all reflect the same happiness.

All these art pieces, when incorporated in the modern wall design, surely breathe a new spark into the room.


#4 How to decorate bedroom walls with Cute Gallery


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This gallery wall looks gorgeous! Is not it a classic way of filling a dull, empty wall and turning it into a magnificent view?

The best thing about gallery walls is their ability to offer vast customization fitting your taste.

This organized gallery offers perfect harmony by altering the alignment of hanging framed art. The mindful spaces between the frames magnify the stylistic appeal.


#5 A Mini Jungle


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Are you a fan of shady woods?

If yes, set up a jungle then! Let these creepers crawl on the wall – right above the headboard of your bed. I will love the woody feel.


#6 Paper Lanterns


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Lucy has totally nailed in decorating this wall. The paper lanterns add a whole new dimension to this room.

I love how all the colors are melting together in one another. The wall painting of course the theme of this whole room.

If you are aiming for a colorful interior then this inspiration deserves a close look!


#7 How to decorate bedroom walls with Creative pieces


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This is what I call everything or something and that too sitting perfectly well.

You can truly try sprawling your wall with different pieces of everything, be it vintage pictures, intriguing quotes, family photos, celestial signs, paintings, or hand-drawn sketches.

All such pieces work together in synchrony to offer an unrefined raw look – indeed a different level of sophisticated decor.


#8 Macrame wall hangings


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Own a flair for bohemian? You will love the inclusion of such an item on your wall then it will surely add that poppy texture that you desire.

This particular style incorporates plants beautifully, adding a whimsical touch.

Add a splash of fun to your lighter and neutral walls and boost the trendiness of any space with macrame wall hangings.


#9 Extra-large accent wall hanging


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I’m a fan of pieces that possess the potential of standing out on their own as this one does.

By adding an extra-large accent wall hanging, you will be elevating the traditional simplicity.

Such a natural wall hanging ensures decorating the bedroom wall without distancing from the calming boho spirit.

If you still haven’t found a focal point in your room then this can be a perfect fit – a macrame full headboard piece.

You can even play with the colors to fit the overall theme of your room – simply dip dye the ends!


#10 Boho chic wall hanging


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Have immediately fallen in love with this haven’t you? You might prefer a simplified inspiration and here is just that!

Boho chic wall hanging that shines.

It truly owns a traditional easy design which enables it to slip into any bedroom and that too without causing any fuss – yes a piece that perfectly blends with different interior design styles.

The pop of orange and yellow makes it shine!


#11 Intricate Hanging


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I love this pattern-focused hanging, truly a great inspiration to incorporate, – subtle details that make this delicate piece extremely beautiful.

This piece with braids surely pours in a great texture ensuring contemporary energy!


#12 Star hangings


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Add a burst of playfulness in your bedroom by befriending string light, wall plants, and star hangings.

Apart from these prominent objects, the wall paint truly stands out! Varied-sized circles and their colors pop up the entire wall, completing the look.


#13 How to decorate bedroom walls with wall mirrors


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I’m obsessed with multi-purpose, I literally repurpose everything!

If your hat is just sitting in your cupboard, then drag it out and throw it as a wall hanging for, indeed, an inspiring contemporary look.

Additionally, dress up your wall with mirrors of all sizes for creating a stunning appeal.


#14 Celestial hanging


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Enhance your walls by incorporating the elements of nature.

You might know that celestial wall hangings have been in everyone’s favorite basket!

So what are you waiting to fill your room with nature’s aura?

This reminds me of a beautiful moon phase garland on amazon, best of adding a subtle celestial appeal.

The simple embellished offers comfort, delight, and an overall fascinating look.


#15 Statement mirror


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A wall is incomplete without a statement mirror.

The placement of a huge mirror gives the optical illusion of spaciousness.

So try finding your favorite pieces if you have not. I’m also with this bohemian knotted plant owning a stunning rustic color.


#16 Illustrative art


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You might have changed painting and photographs in the past, but if you want to go for a more minimalistic yet sophisticated appeal then try illustrative art.

Such designs enhance the elegance, especially the designs with a neutral color palette. Go unrefined and raw for topping the stylistic game!


#17 Inspirational hangings


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You will not agree more that we all have those inspirational hangings, don’t we? The powerful reminders which keep us going, If your room owns none then you might want to add such motivation as an art piece shown in the wall decor idea above.


#18 Fabric Wall hanging


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This is such a cute design! You can incorporate such fabric pouch wall hanging for adding a layer of spice in your room.

This wall decor is great for inspiration for it offers various textures like bamboo and cotton!


#19 How to decorate bedroom walls with Pom-poms


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These bright fluffy pom-poms add a whimsical touch and unique softness, balancing the harshness of wall frames. Add coziness, cuteness, and colors all together with these magical pom poms.


#20 Pom-Pom Garland


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If you are wondering some ideas to attach such a string of pom-pom to the wall then a simple placemat does the magic!

You can also attack such pom-pom garlands on windows, curtains, and wreaths, all such placement will draw attention to your fun-filled wall.


#21 Bright Pom-pom decor


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You can add a pompom to what not I wonder! From rugs to cushions pillows, and surely as wall decor.

If you have not tried adding a string of colorful pompom to your room then try for it to accent a cheerful feel.

This bright accessory is capable of lifting your mood. I am so in love with this red pompom for it offers a whimsical and creative touch, capable of adding fun to any space.


#22 Pom-pom hanging


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I’m in love with this cheerful inspiration above. It truly captures the stylish idea through this creative hanging.

You can hang such pompons even on a balcony door, or on your ladder for splashing the color of your preferences. You can also use this inspiration for creating your own color chandelier with tassels and wooden beads to transform your space.


#23 Decorate bedroom walls with String Lights


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You will not agree more that few decorative items instantly create a magical effect and one such item is string light.

Their twinkling aesthetic is capable of boosting the coziness of any room, especially if added over the walls and headboard.

Truly, they offer an incomparable celestial appeal.


#24 How to decorate bedroom walls with photos 


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These mismatched frames’ inspiration does wonder to this wall!

I love the idea of how frames of varied-sizes have been mixed up to offer an extra visual interest.

You can try this inspiration by opting for a combination of orange, modern, and vintage frames.

The variation also adds a whole new level of texture to this wall, qualifying it as a great galley.

Lastly, customization is incomplete without your initial so pop it over.


#25 Decorate bedroom walls with floating shelves


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Floating shelves on the wall are extremely cute!

Even if you are in a particular bookshelf in the corner, try incorporating floating shelves for pushing in magazines or decor items. This inspiration above reflects how a sleek, streamlined shape offers a new level of simplicity and elegance.

Additionally, floating shelves are often best places to show off artifacts if you have any!


#26 Go all green


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Go all green! Why? Because interior decor is incomplete without a dash of this color! Plants can surely outperform any other decorative item if strategically placed.

Create magic and spruce up your wall artistically by hanging various climbing plants. This room is indeed beautiful for it definitely defines what inspiration is.


#27 Minimalistic style


This is such a minimalistic way of decorating floating shelves.

I love the alignment of the shelves, frames, decorative items, cute vases, gold initial and circular mirrors – the wall sits well together bringing in balanced harmony.


#28 Wooden Shelf


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You can get creative with the shape of the shelf if tired of the typical one!


#29 Decorate bedroom walls with Initials


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Letters! Initials!! Remember how we agreed that the bedroom is the most personalized and customized space. These initials just reflect that.


#30 Hexagonal Shelf


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This hexagonal shelf and quote frame enrichens the wall with woody textures -totally love.


#31 Wreath


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I am in love with this botanical style. Incorporate nature pallets in your room and feel the magic around, simply stunning wreath style. Add a tint of romance with floral wreaths in your room.


#32 Statement plant


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Everything about this wall is just so perfect. The white mirror, huge signature plant, and cute celestial sign all sit perfectly!

Orange, green, and white colors all melt together creating perfect elegance!


#33 Cute Tapestry


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Hanging a tapestry is an insanely cute way of dressing blank walls – as it shows off unique designs and that too effortlessly.

Tapestries offer you a great way of hanging any inspiring screen-printing to create magic.


#34 Pretty Wallpaper to decorate bedroom walls


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If you have not tried wallpaper yet then now is the time to go all bold with different decorative patterned wallpapers.

A wallpaper instantly draws attention, helping to maintain an interesting outlook.


Final Thoughts on how to decorate bedroom walls


Wrapping it all up! I sincerely hope that the idea presented above inspired you to get creative with wall hangings.

This blogpost just provided you with a jumpstart so you could pick up those hammer and nails!

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