How to create an Action Plan [stick to routine & commit to a schedule]


 Sally once asked how to be successful?

Thousands of answers crossed my mind.

Set goals, make decisions, face challenges, enjoy risks, work harder, and God knows how many answers I had.

The answer which seemed complicated until a new thought invaded my mind – Be consistent.

Yeah, that was it.

Sally found it hard to let go of her 14 hours of sleep every day.

But through consistency she achieved it. Don’t know who Sally is?

New to my blog then: Got ya! Meet her here.

Through consistency, Sally is now capable of chasing twice as many mice as she used.

She is now capable of helping in doing dishes . . .

She feels like conquering the world. And you can too.


 If you are wondering the key to success then it lies in the system that you set for yourself. 

It all starts with a promise which you will do to yourself and remain faithful to it.
If you will be consistently doing the “right things” in your life then to pour the idea of consistency into your mindset.

You need to set the duration.

You will have to commit for 90s days to be successful.

It is so easy to get overwhelmed by things until you set priorities.

By setting a target of 90 days, you will be in essence promising yourself to shift from a planning mindset to a behavior-driven one. 

How To create an action plan without excessive planning?

One gets so caught up in just writing a chunk of lists which in essence seizes the real work. I am not against a to-do list.

I am against JUST to-do lists. Planning is a phase that, if done excessively, will become the biggest barrier between you and your goals.

Now your job is to do real planning before the 90 days challenge.

It does not imply that you are restricted to simply follow the plan.

You are free to make adjustments but set the initial goal.

Do you know what is the best part of success?

It is always messy.

It is a grind. The great news is that the duration of the race is just 90 days.

Why am I referring to 90 days as just?

Do you ask? Because this is the maximum time of achieving profound results from the little steps you make every day and the changes you do in your life.

It is commonly known that for anything to become a habit you need to do it for 21 days.

But for ensuring that the habits truly transform your life and give you results, you need to practice the habit for 90 days. 

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1- Understand the Stages

Let’s talk about the stages that you will have to go through to develop a successful habit and then gradually consistency.

  • Not knowing
  • Knowing
  • Trying consciously
  • Unconsciously achieving

If we talk about the not knowing stage then this is the stage where you can not do something and you are not even aware that you cannot do it.

Like a baby girl can not walk and she does not know that she can not walk.

The second stage is the knowing stage where the baby now realizes that she can not walk and is frustrated about the fact that she cannot walk.

The third stage is where she concentrates on walking, thinks about the act, and tries.

In the last stage of the unconscious achievement, not only can she walk but simultaneously converse, eat, and do other things.

Why did you need to know all this?

Yes, you can surely walk. But you have forgotten the stages through which you have gotten to know this act.

These stages are vital in the 90-day challenge as you will be making a shift from stage 1 to stage 4. Where stage 1 reflects a purposeless life, stage 2 demonstrates the identification of the goal, stage 3 represents your struggle in the 90 days, and then finally the last stage is of celebration!



2- Accept Vulnerabilities


You need a massive change in your life thus be ready to get exposed to the vulnerability. 

Remember, you will feel overwhelming emotions during this race.

One has to overcome several emotional challenges to reach that mark.

Rejection, fear, pain, hurt, and betrayal is those silent hidden players that are competing against you.

You have to beat them all, overcome them for feeling the bliss of the mark.

It is impractical to only expect yourself to be positive.

Every single moment won’t be the moment where you will feel your best.

Every day you won’t carry a song in your heart of a motivated smile on your face.

You will feel mad, frustrated, and give up.

And trust me, you will get several chances of quitting and that too more than once.

Imagine the worst!

Someone paying you to quit. Will you?

The answer lies in this question of mine: what if 90 days is all you have.

Is that payment greater than a life chance you deserve?

Remember, you might fail. But does that mean a 90-day challenge is futile?

No, it means that the plan could have been adjusted. . . there are certain right things still missing in the 90-day challenge. . . or there is a bigger plan out there for you.

Even by losing you are at least achieving something.

You are achieving the self-support system that winning is never capable of giving.

Losing does not make one a loser. One just lost. One is still the winner. Detach yourself from the outcome.

Be it losing or winning. Why? Because it is not about you.

You are a born winner, no event or challenge can change that. It was all about that try that you gave.

It just could have been either better, or different.

And once you get this, you will get the real breakthrough.

Drill in your head that even if you lose, you will never lose.

Shift your mindset about failure. Loss is not a loss.

Think like a winner.

Find your win even in your loss. I am sure that you are capable of doing that.

What is the reflection of your win?

Your response and habits.

If you will verge on this 90-day challenge then bear one thing in mind.

Don’t just hop on for winning, instead hop for RUNNING.

Gather the best of your resources, mental powers, and strength to run in one of the best runs of your life.

Compete against your Best.

If you do not want the words like “I wish I had” to waver on your lips 10 years from now then fight the feeling of vulnerability instead of evaluating the stadium without giving it a try.

how to create an action plan (2)

3- Create Not to-do list


The most effective tithing which makes 90-day challenges the winner is about trashing trivials.

By having a limited time on your plate, you will be in a better position of deciding what deserves your attention and what does not.

From a list of 100s, you can manage to choose 2 to 3 achievable duties.

Those 100s of things might be tempting, might shine brightly, but the question here is what does that deserve more priority than the few critical things at hand.


4- Know The Missing Piece in Success?


There are certain things that you are already doing to achieve the goal.

Right? Nodding your head? Well, in that case, the problem is the unconscious progress.

You have lost the count of the days since you started. This is how it looks like you are:

  • Wandering in confusion.
  • Doubting every milestone.
  • Questioning every decision.
  • Flipping the goals.
  • Changing the to-do lists.
  • Ignoring the patterns.
  • Not building the habits.

What is the bottom line, eisha? Do you ask?

Well, I want to differentiate conscious activity from unconscious activity.

You need to mark the boundaries because I bet:

“You will not get the same results doing the same activity compared to the person who sticks to a 90-day challenge.”

If the amount of work put in is equal between both the people then why is there a difference in results you ask?

Because the other one loses on energy, momentum, and most importantly the undeniable power of BELIEF.

A 90-day promise does not Try for the sake of Trying.

One believes.

The magic of belief in the eyes of the person verged on the challenge will not get reflected on the person who is kicking the tires for an extended period.

By taking the 90-day promise, you will develop the laser focus.

You will be capable of taking little decisions that will come up throughout the day.

The consciousness of doing the right activity and adopting the right behaviors is sure to boost self-confidence.

If someone says that it takes more than 90 days to transform from rags to riches – they lie.

If they say you cannot transform your body/self-image in 90 days – they are wrong.

The time is enough, only if you remain Conscious.

Own a Belief.

Focus on Purpose.


5- How to go about creating an action plan?


Year plan:

  • First-quarter: 90 DAY CHALLENGE
  • Second Quarter: Recharging Time
  • Third Quarter: 90 DAY CHALLENGE
  • Fourth Quarter: Recharging Time

Prior Challenge :

  • Set a clear objective.
  • Identify daily habits to adopt
  • Plan 2 to 3 critical daily behaviors
  • Implement changes immediately.
  • Gather positive affirmations for yourself to help you get through

Week One – Week Twelve

  • Implement
  • Multiply the intensity of daily activities as you progress
  • Observing the schedule gaps to fill with activities that support your goal / better approach is to remove schedule gaps.
  • Eliminate all distractions
  • Practice motivational Affirmations
  • Journal For Motivation
  • Go over your schedule to ensure the eradication of trivialities.
  • Review what’s working and what’s not Review after every week)
  • Make adjustments after review
  • Adjust

6- After 90 challenge:


What now after a 90-day promise?

The importance of a post plan can not be stressed enough.

This is the plan that will in essence not only solidify your efforts but boost your results.

Let’s say that you drive onto the fitness journey for 90 days.

Remember, you will lose more weight after 90 days than you will lose during those 90 days.

This benchmark will keep you going and help you notice the results especially after the challenge is over.

Because in essence, it is about the habits and patterns you will be carrying out from there.

So contemplate the long-lasting effects after the challenge.


1- Physical Recharge

This is the recharging time from where you will reaccumulate all the energy and stamina for getting past the yearly plan.

What you do right after grilling for 90 days is detrimental to success.

This is the time to prioritize your well being. Proper diet, exercise, and sleep will refresh you from the inside out.

You have to rebuild your physical strength. 

2- Emotional Recharge

Get an off for a week so you can practice mindfulness and experience new things.
Practice Triple J’s technique.

I have been stressing the importance of Triple G’s for quite a time.

It forced me to look at life from a different lens.

If you truly prioritize yourself before everything else, this is the gift that you deserve to give yourself.

Your thoughts and feelings need to get a channel.

And this is effectively provided by this technique.

There is no right or wrong way of journaling but there is surely an effective and ineffective way.

I have heavily invested myself in developing the technique.

Collected learning when life blew me off, Learnt from mentors, took great journaling courses, and here I am – an individual who finally feels completeness.
Recharging requires reflection.

Don’t forget to ease your mind while journaling, be it through this life-changing technique or any other.

This is how you recharge emotionally. 

3- Recharge mentally

You have to refresh yourself mentally. Increase your self-value, self-image, self-confidence, and self-worth by GROWING.

This is the time of self-growth.

You have to live with the market.

So boost your technical and soft skills.

Take your knowledge to another level. Invest in yourself, learn, study. Train yourself.


7- Start from today

Smash your goals girl. 


Before you gooo!

The Keynote which you have to digest here is the logic of 90 days.

Surprisingly there is more of an emotional decision attached to the 90-day promise than a logical decision.

This decision sweeps more from the heart than the head.

And we all know the heart is impatient! It wants to start today.

It wants you on the journey now.



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