15+ Girly Bedrooms Ideas You'll Love to Copy Today


Looking for girly bedroom ideas?

These are 15+ girly decor ideas for your inspiration.

Girly decor does not mean going all pink, rather it means carefully selecting each piece in a way that gives off feminine vibes.

Let’s dive into some inspiring ideas and copy.


1# Cool Inspiration for girly bedroom ideas



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Isn’t this such a cool inspiration?

If you have a vacant corner and you are thinking about how to dress it up then take the assistance of floating shelves.

They are not only useful but also aesthetically pleasing. If you will mount them in a fun way then they are bound to look sophisticated.

In the inspiration above they the shelves are functional and pretty.

You can use white floating shelves to organize books, magazines, or display image frames.

The mounted table also saves space and adds a cool look— I also own such a table thus highly recommend it. Pink muted chairs further simply pour perfection.


2# Girly Study Table


Focusing seems really hard, especially with a boring study table. So why not decide to spice it up?

You can make the table more appealing by taking a vintage, antique room.

I love how this wooden table, with partitioned shelves and drawers, put forth a lovely structure.

Grab such tables that act as centrepieces and beautify the aesthetics. I’m loving how this style is blending with the overall white space.

The wooden stand-alone shelf above also adds a cool touch.


2# Chalk board


The girly room doesn’t always mean to stick with pink—rather you can choose muted colors like grey or white.

I like the inspiration and how it took the assistance of simple colors instead of a bright approach.

The addition of chalkboard without a doubt is pouring simplicity and eye-catching details.

If you are not aware then chalkboards have been long used as decor in country homes—luckily they have found their way to the modern bedrooms as well. In the inspiration above, see how this chalkboard boosts the aesthetics by contrasting black and white color palette.

Many people also prefer to dedicate a whole portion of the wall to the chalkboard, and you can try it if you want to get super creative.

3# Girly Bedroom Decor Idea


Colors set the tone of the entire room and the inspiration above justifies the statement.

I am in love with this decor idea which is simply playing with adjacent nude colors.

The rainbow wall hanging also pours a great touch of playfulness.

The polka-dot baby pink mat pours even more cuteness—the throw way does wonder in contributing to the overall outlook of this idea.

4# Structured Wooden Shelves


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If you are tired of the muted palette then try something bold and go for the black big wall.

Structured wooden shelves, instead of blending within the wall, are standing out and fighting for domination.

The texture of shelves is boosted by black background and neon sign decor further spice things up.

Apart from majestic wall shelves, one is bound to appreciate the boho vibe flowing out of different decor items.


5# Girly bedroom ideas with wallpaper


You might not agree more but wall stickers are one of the great ways of decorating any space—for they set up the entire theme be it cute or bold.

Available at quite a reasonable cost, the wallpaper pours a unique design element.

Decals are gaining mass popularity and enjoying an upward trend.

Even in the inspiration above you can witness how a simple wallpaper is creating a fun-filled joyful visual effect, owning the potential of releasing tiredness.

Choose the one which matches your personality, be it artistic or warm.


5# Girly Decor Lights & Stars


If you have a spare portion of your room then do not hesitate to turn it into space you relax in.

Get cute curtains to separate a relaxing area and adorn them with softly glowing lights, I am in love with the celestial hangings—the moon, and the stars are beautifying the entire space.

If you want to create a magical space then take inspiration from the area above.


6# Textures for girly bedroom decor ideas


Textures and textures! The inspiration above is beautifully playing with an earthy color palette and textures.

I am admiring the gigantic wall hanging dominating the space behind, along with the cute hat that is effortlessly hung.

The wooden space and a touch of string light are inviting me in! Not to forget those little leaves which are breathing freshness.


7# Muted Wall decor


This wall is an ideal example of muted wall decor. The different sized frames are adding a fun personality.

You can go with any garland to beautify your wall be it tassel garlands or pom-pom ones.

Simply cute and minimal wall design is transforming the vibe of the entire room.


8# Velvet Curtains for girly decor


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I know you love these velvet curtains and velvet cushions. Yes, both the colors and textures took my heart!

Who says that you cannot decorate a small space as you wish? The inspiration above simply shows that you have all the liberty to style your room and reflect your personality.

This room is girly yet mature. The muted neutral accessories are all vibrating sophistication. The furry chandelier is just spot on in completely a chic design.


9# Go all pink for feminine decor


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That’s how we define girly! If you love pink then this idea is sure to inspire.

From the seating area to pink frames, from translucent curtains to pink bedding—everything is just perfect.

The black vertical retro style wall hanging is adding a heavy contrast, making the entire room reflect chicness.


10# Minimalistic Approach for girly bedroom decor


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The advantage of the white bedroom is the liberty you get in styling it. The whole space is minimalistic yet girly.

You can add artificial flowers to beautify your place and boost the overall aesthetics. Huge circular mirror wall hanging does wonders in this inspiration.


11# Gold Decor


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I am basically a huge fan of gold decor because it simply shouts a different degree of sophistication.

But the combination of pink with gold is just magical and you can probably sense it through the inspiration above.

The golden tray and circular mirror are reflecting beauty and style.

Those white flowers are adding a soothing effect and thus pure golden candles are pouring chicness. I am in love with candles, wouldn’t dare to lit them!


12# Girly bedroom ideas: Furry Rugs


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If you have a huge bedroom in which you can incorporate a living room then take inspiration from the above idea.

The large wall clock is diverting the attention towards itself. It is quite large but still minimalistic.

Try adding a wall clock design like the inspiration above which is not only serving for showing the time, but also acting as a centrepiece.

Choose a wall clock that is capable of adding a whole new character to your room.

Further, I can truly appreciate the work of textures at play.

A large-sized furry rug is vibrating calmness and tranquillity.

The pink rug is truly livening up the whole space by pouting an artistic vibe. Further, you can use a pink velvet pillow to complete the look for perfection!


12# Panelling


Simply stunning! This room is beautifully designed. There are several things one is bound to appreciate in this girly room.

Do you notice how for a chiller vibe the duvets and pillows are kept of varied textures? The mixing of material is surely at play.

I cannot stop myself from appreciating the panelling, as the wooden accents are adding a classic vibe.

Velvet rugs, pillows, and headboards all create simply perfection. Lastly, that chandelier!

The sleek design of the chandelier is super classy and sits well with the overall space.


13# Super cute decals


Yes, the heart decals are super cute in this girl bedroom wall decoration.

You will find such pretty decals easily on amazon. setting the vibe of the room.

The rectangular framed mirror together with these lights are reflecting an energetic vibe.

If you already possess a mirror then try upgrading its design by ornating it with gold and string lights.

This room offers a much cleaner appeal by incorporating white shelves dressed with different decor items.

The fury mat and pink velvet seat are working in synchrony to deliver a unique charm and of course not to forget those silk curtains.

Everything is simply shabby chic and romantic.


14# Nude Decor

If you love playing with nudes then this is a way to go!

Nude decor heavily relies on textures to bring the best out of the color palette and this is what we exactly see in this inspiration.

I appreciate how this room poses a little bit of everything and yet it appears so harmonized!

Every single decor item in this room is adding its personality to the room.

For instance, that old ladder draped around with string light! The boho hangings and huge green leaves are giving coastal vibes.

This room is an ideal room for someone who loves lights, like me! The canopy and led lights are beautifying the rooms.

The neon sign is further giving out a soft glowing light. Those candles in the antique cage and boho lanterns are multiplying the magic.

I am sure no one can get enough in the dark of the beauty which this room has to offer.


14# Floral furry hanging


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If you have spare space in your room then the inspiration above is ideal.

The muted palette and textures all sit well together perfectly.

The floral hanging is just love, even I am thinking of incorporating it to dress up a portion of my wall.

Those golden, sleek geometric shelves are boosting the aesthetics of this room and literally pouring sophistication.

The cute little white lantern is also dreamy.

How can I forget the hammock in focus, attached with a rich white flower string and laden with white furry back, this hammock to die for!


14# Led Lights & super cute bedding


If you have been wondering how to spice up an area above your headboard then simply take the assistance of led lights.

The lights will boost up the coziness and textures of the cushions. The bed adds a great mood with its solid headboard reflecting romantic radiance.

The beautiful glow is crisping the textures of this iconic girly bed sheet.


15# Floral Decal & statement


The flowery decals carefully and strategically positioned towards the corner of the room is simply beautiful. I have seen this type of placement trending in the decor world.

Apart from the gorgeous floral wall decal, a chic heel frame is adding a big statement to the whole room.

Eyelash cushions and white shelves are further blossoming the air of romance.

Careful placement of pink items is breathing the air of sheer elegance.

Circular mirrors and that white mini table are all contributing towards a perfect shabby chic look.


16# Light Canopies



Canopies with light are always dreamy, magical, and my favourite.

The drapes of fairy lights at the head are the way to go with decor girl.

The simple, clean and modern decor is pouring gorgeousness.

The white translucent curtains are floral bedding that seems to offer comfort beyond description.

If you want to achieve minimalism coupled with magic—this decor is a deal!


16# Girly Bedroom Ideas: Grey Mirror


If you have not yet tried a match of grey and baby pink then now is time.

When these two colors come together, they simply reflect magic, joy, and grace.

The gray bordered mirror reflects the domination of light pink decor, promising a different kind of sparkle.

Another thing to take away from this girly decor is the varied sizes of mirrors you can play around with to achieve different types of looks.

Here the oval shape looks just lovely!

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