37+ Shabby Chic Décor Bedroom Ideas That Will Totally Blow Your Mind


Looking for inspiration for your next room?

Shabby chic decor bedroom deserves a look. This decor style is not only economical but at the same time quite economical and cozy.

By opting for shabby chic decor you will be breathing the air of romance in your room.

Careful placement of every rustic decor item reflects a unique story.

The best thing about shabby chic decor is its flexibility in aesthetics, as you can choose a modern style, traditional outlook, and even minimalistic one.

Below are few inspirations which will force you to complement the homey feeling.

You’ll find the traces of coziness, femininity, and vintage accents that are worth admiring.

Transform a dull bedroom into a quaint one by making some simple additions like laces, ruffles, soft hues, and textured fabrics!

Without further ado let’s dig into these cost-effective additions which have the potential to give you vintage appeal.

You’ll appreciate how simple upcycling and repurposing can sprinkle magic into your space. 


#1 Girly accessories


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 I am in love with this coffee maker. Incorporate girl coffee maker for a chic decor as well as functionality. 


 #2 Shabby chic bedrooms on a budget


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Isnot the white centre-piece setting up the vibe for the whole room! It surely does!


#3 Rustic shabby chic bedroom


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A simple way to instantly add a touch of shabby chic look is by painting the furniture with lots of white.

This color keeps the entire decor cohesive and offers an overall clean appeal.

So start by looking around the items which can be easily converted into white ones.


#4 Shabby chic bedroom wall decor


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Isn’t it a fairy tale setting?

Beautiful patterned mirror, cute light, baby-pink artificial roses, and those candles – all items work together to offer a perfect romantic look.

Work with a pastel pink combo and include beautiful dreamy light to experience a feeling like a princess.


#5 Shabby chic bedroom accessories


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It is a cute example showing how simple colors can offer a unique look.

Love these pastel colors which are working in synchrony with white, capturing the romantic essence of a shabby look.

I love that pastel star sitting proudly along the wall.


#6 Shabby chic bedroom ideas diy



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This birdcage offers a magical vibe.

If you happen to have an old birdcage then you can easily make it a source of happiness by adding an artificial candle or any light within.

You can play with the type of lighting for instance I prefer attaching string light randomly, such that they snake around the inside and outside bars, lighting every part beautifully.

You can spray the birdcage with either gold or silver, whoever sits well with your overall theme, to achieve an antique look.

Don’t forget to accompany such a decor item with several pretty roses, and other flowers of varying shades.

The best part is that this particular style is not only for adults, but it fits perfectly well even for a teenage room.


#7 Modern shabby chic bedroom



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Without doubt candlestick holders, instantly gives a romantic vibe.

You can play with the sizes of the candlestick for offering a unique look.

For instance, you can choose small white votive ones for elegant lighting.

Even the placement of candles plays a huge role in achieving a different type of look.

You can take inspiration from the idea above like how beautifully a pair stands tall with those flowers in the glass jar, enhancing a dreamy look.


#8 Shabby chic decor bedroom diy 


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Is not just a beautiful way to incorporate floral ceramic plates for creating a unique gallery wall.

Note the geometry of these plates, all matching perfectly with the design of the mirror.

These small tweaks in your design can drastically change the overall appeal.


#9 Pink Shabby chic decor


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Isn’t this chair with a pink velvet body and white-wooden legs just popping?

I also love the consistency in this look, every element is strategically placed to just match and create magic.

The inspiration above teaches us to pay attention to details, and that too in a budget.

Turn any plain white room into a shabby chic one by carefully selecting every picture frame, jewelry box, flower, and other decors, such that they match one theme.

A key tip: some of the items which do not match can be painted white.

If you feel like decorating a room with a particular item, but you quite do not appreciate its condition then simply take the assistance of white color.


#10 Cuteness personified!


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If you want to add your personality to shabby chic decor then take inspiration from the above idea.

The design truly captures the essence of the pink theme and floral touch.

The table beautifully holds decor pieces with antique design – that telephone!

If you truly want to give your room a shabby chic look then throw real or fabric roses into the vase.

Apart from the vase and telephone, that heart-shaped vintage frame is perfecting complementing the overall design.

Most importantly, floral wallpaper is ensuring that all the pieces fall cohesively to offer unique stylistic beauty.


#11 Shabby lamp decor


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Yes, that floral lamp! Did you see how a single lamp has the power of transforming the whole look?

It is perfectly blending with a blue-floral wallpaper.

So aim for such decor items that align with the theme and could be placed on your side table for enhancing the overall personality of the room.

You can go for the other alternatives, for instance, take any lamp and force it to follow the theme by attaching fabric flowers to the lampshade.

Remember lam adds a new textured layer to the overall aesthetics so ensure that it pops.

Like the inspiration above, this idea also makes use of floral wallpaper which, in my opinion, boosts the overall aesthetic dramatically.

If floral patterns are part of your decor style then try incorporating such lovely beauty.

Stick with the pastel theme when choosing the wallpaper.

The best part about such wallpaper is their inexpensiveness and the level of elegance they deliver to any room.

To elevate your room by picking any stunning wallpaper, be it just for a single vertical portion of your room.


#12 Grey shabby chic bedroom


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This bedroom is stunning in terms of its simplicity. It embeds the concept of minimalism in shabby chic decor.

That white lantern is so in trend!

Additionally are you following the theme of this room, vanilla, and pink!

Every element is complementing one another to bring out such a theme as a classic while.

The net-fabric draped over the headboard exposes a worth appreciating, contemporary style.


#13 Shabby chic bedroom furniture


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This inspiration offers a creative look at an upcycled armoire.

If you are inspired by this look then paint an old armoire with white color.

If you prefer a distressed look the sand down it once painted.

You can further opt for detailing the armoire to achieve a unique charm!

Overall, I’m impressed by the simplicity of this idea.


#14 Romantic vibes


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This inspiration perfectly encapsulates places to achieve an insanely romantic appeal! affordable trendy decor!


#15 Baby-pink candles


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 Isn’t this table simply beautiful?

The Pastel palette is mindfully followed from that nude-colored vase to baby-pink candles!

Even the size of the candles is super cute. Further, notice how lampshade offers a texture through the layers.


#16 Youthful canopy



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The youthful canopy, bed frame, and room theme – all shout a perfectly minimalist shabby chic bedroom decor.

This inspiration captures the essence of staying simple: by owning white floral bed sheets, white walls, and pastel pillowcases.


#17 Shabby clock


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This inspiration plays with creativity.

This vanity table reflects style from its arrangement of pastel flowers and white sleek lamp to the color of the mirror’s border.

I’m in love with the floral clock if you have not noticed it yet.


#18 Those Ruffles


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Everything in this inspiration owns tonal similarity.

I’m particularly drawn by the vintage mirror and floral ruffled pillows which are blending in with the delicately patterned fabric – offering simply an aesthetically pleasing appeal.

Isn’t this cool look simply easy to pull off?


#19 Floral lamp


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This cute little lamp with textured pink lampshade offers a unique visual interest!

Isn’t it a delightful pattern?

And those casually laying fabric flowers from a fantastic addition to achieving shabby chic bedroom decor.


#20 Rose chandelier


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I cannot just get enough of this creativity! Beauty at another level.

Rose chandelier and those candles deliver pure elegance.


#21 Creative wall clock


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Add a bit of sparkle by resting a combination of vintage frames and flower vases on your favorite corner.

The frames in this inspiration own an antique, elegant detailing that makes everything stand out even further.

Play with the creamy tones if you want to copy this inspiration!


#23 Mini-floral garden


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A beautiful mini garden is not it?

These simply beautiful vases with flowers have enhanced the elegance of this corner.


#24 Plush rug



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Incorporate a plush rug for shabby chic bedroom decor as the texture says a thousand stories!

The rug truly steals attention and stands out!


#25 Delicate chandelier


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Lit up your bedroom with a delicate chandelier!

A whimsical touch can further be elaborated by creating a beautiful art gallery.


#26 Vintage appeal


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Can you feel the vintage feel and that elegance of ruffles? I can!

Add these classic elements of decor to your overall shabby chic design.

Pink ruffled throw pillows are just lovely, boosting the stylish appeal.

Try these ideal additions to pepper your room with an amazing texture.


#27 Netted canopy with fairy lights


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From its antique bed till it’s netted canopy with fairy lights – everything falls in place! Its iron-wrought bed frame does wonders!

I am truly inspired by this white trendy look; I simply call it angelic!


#28 Canopy with leave strands


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I have seen that brilliant room decor always has one surprising touch, and in this case, it simply is a netted canopy with fairy lights.

The addition of these loosely hanging flowers pours in the breath of freshness and liveliness.

I can already feel the calming energy.

If you want to add a soft romantic feel that goes with the addition of a canopy above your bed along with a soft lighting effect the drape of string light offers nothing but magic!


#29 Shabby chic decor furniture





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This hope chest serves as an ideal piece of furniture that exemplifies the touch of shabby chic design.

I love the way it is distressing!


#30 Shabby chic decor accessories


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Ah, these laces!

You might be waiting for these!

Don’t forget to add a texture of laces for offering a classic shabby chic decor.


#31 Shabby chic decor furniture


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This inspiration adhered with a muted palette effortlessly.

I love the coolness this room offers along with plenty of texture.

The varying texture is what makes it stand out – especially that offered by the headboard.

Every element is elaborating the warmth of the distressed headboard.

I’m in love with the simplicity of the headboard’s design: the unequal vertical wooden white slates.


#32 Shabby chic decor Table




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Bless your space with an antique desk like in the inspiration above.

Notice how distressed it is with pretty blue color and floral pattern.


#33 Vintage center-piece


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Make this painted vintage bed frame the centerpiece of your shabby chic bedroom.

Paint the frame in this dusty blue color or choose an accent color to match your existing decor.

Sand down the frame after painting to give your bed a distressed look and to make the accents on the frame stand out.


#34 Modern Shabby chic decor bedroom


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Do you see the power of keeping things minimal and just play with texture?

I certainly did!

These loose linens, the ruffled fabric are effortless making this comfy bed irresistible.

This look is an epitome of a layered look!

Various fabrics are coming together cohesively, creating a perfect bedroom design.

If you want your fabric to do the trick, take inspiration from above!

You must be wondering why I haven’t commented on this cat yet! Such a poser she is!



#35 Shabby chic wall decor


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Wow, those wreaths . . .

if you are looking for inspiration for shabby chic wall decor then this tops the chart!


#36 Shabby bedroom wall decor 


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This floral shabby chic wall decor is breathtaking.

All these gorgeous flowers pour in a pure chic vibe.

Play with the hues and shades of pink to achieve such a cohesive theme!


#37 Shabby chic decor furniture


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The combination of this distressed shelf with these antique lanterns is just perfect! Isn’t it?


#38 Alice in the wonderland


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I don’t know why, but I’m reminded of the clock in Alice in wonderland!

For achieving a cool shabby chic look, play with the sizes and themes of the wall clock.


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