11 Powerful Steps To Keep a Manifestation Journal [Manifest Anything]


Are you wondering what a manifestation journal is?

It’s a Journal that owns the potential of making every wish come true.

Now there is no power in the journal itself but it is the method that sparks the mindful law of attraction.

People have been using scripting techniques for ages.

Even when I was a kid I used to write in my diary, but this method has evolved!

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with this format of storytelling but it is not the scripting for the law of attraction.

Manifestation journal Is not a normal diary where you could activate your creative neurons and ink out fancy stories of your life.

Rather it is a completely different process where you are writing the future as though it has already happened.

Contrary to the normal diaries you will not be narrating your past events rather write the future ones.

In scripting for the law of attraction, you write your future as though you are already living.

For instance, if you wish to have a beautiful car then you will write something as,
‘I am so happy that now I can drive in a car which I long for’

One of the powerful elements which are explored in manifestation journal is feeling.

We will talk about the elements in detail below.

But you need to know the basic difference: Manifestation journal is incomplete without evoking emotions and feelings.

Why scripting for the law of attraction work


Now, this is a very common question that tortures makes your brain cells: why does manifestation journal work?

If you are reading this blog post then you must be having a decent idea that everything in the world vibrates with certain frequencies.

Your dreams have frequencies and your wishes have frequencies.

If such frequencies will match with your current reality then manifestation happens.

Yes, this is the simplest way I can explain the law of attraction to you.

So what do you need?

Yes, you need those matching frequencies, and through journaling you are activating the frequencies by scripting.

Let’s explore further why manifestation journals are a powerful medium for manifesting anything you want.

Words for manifestation


You might be already aware of the importance of words.

They are uplifting and inspiring but at the same time hurting and disappointing.

Due to this very reason, one is mindful of using the correct words in day to day life and similar is a case with the law of attraction.

By making the right words in your journal you will be giving the energy a path to flow to the Universe.

If you want to attract positive energy and positive elements in your life then you have to realize the power of the right words.

Scripting works because it makes use of powerful positive words in a certain way.



Manifestation journals ensure that there is no confusion in your life concerning what you want.

Many times in life we don’t truly know what we want and that is the number 1 blockage for a successful life.

I have seen several people who will desire something today and will change their dream to something else tomorrow.

If you are on the list of such people then you need to bring clarity to what you want and a manifestation journal will help you with just that.

Manifestation journal ensures that you are not messing up with the confused energy and focus you send out to the universe.

Through this journal and scripting for Law of Attraction, you will maintain focus on your desire through consistent practice.

Manifestation list is extremely powerful because writing allows you to know your wants.

You will get the motivation through a clear purpose in life.

With clear goals, you will get directions to your efforts, without getting overwhelmed.

Keeping a journal will help you stay true to your primary goal.



As a human doubting often comes second nature.

In such cases, a manifestation journal helps in clearing the doubt.

Most of the time people desire but that desire is suppressed in no time when the question is how will it ever happen.

Such comments are fueled by that will never happen no matter what.

These presumptions and doubts kill the manifestation process before it even begins.

Most likely you will find yourself questioning that I want this but I don’t have the means.

This statement usually pops up when you think about a desire but it vanishes when you’re writing it down.

Questioning why is that so?

It’s because when you are scripting your attention narrows down towards the desire instead of the doubt.

The connection of your pen and your heart is so strong that it stops the
doubtful chatter of your mind.

Remember that your desires need attention and manifestation journals ensure it.

Some of the self-doubt statements are:



I have already brief the role of energy and feelings above what you need to know that energy that emanates from your feeling is extremely important.

So make sure that it is always positive.

When you are focusing your attention on writing your desire through proper choice of words, you are in essence drawing in the energy that is vibrating at the same rate.

If you will be writing from a state of high vibrational energy-positive feeling then you are likely to attract it.

Activation of the subconscious mind


If you have been researching a lot about the Law of Attraction then you must have come across the term subconscious mind.

It is the Mind where all the power lies.

To manifest any desire you need to get it into a subconscious mind because it has the connection with ultimate intelligence.

The ideas or thoughts residing in your subconscious mind form your belief system.

That belief system dictates not only your actions but all the miracles.

I have an entire blog post dedicated to the activation of the subconscious mind.

It might sound complicated but the process is easy and scientific.

If you are questioning what is the link of manifestation journal with the subconscious mind then this is one of the tools to reach there.

If you want to unlock the immense potential of your subconscious mind then daily scripting is one of the ways.

Everything you script does not reach your subconscious mind but it is the everyday practice repetition that makes the difference.

It is the daily consistent practice that plants the seeds of your desire deep into the subconscious mind.

Remember that the writing process does not activate your subconscious mind for a short period of time but it ensures that your mind is at work when you are asleep.

Steps To Manifest Anything You Want


Now that you know why manifestation journals work for the law of attraction let’s dig into the steps involved in the process.

1# Get a Manifestation journal

The first and the foremost step which you need to take is to get a physical space for writing.

You should be serious about the writing process and should not rely on the pieces of loosely hanging paper.

Get a new journal to use as a manifestation journal.

Keep it Different from a bullet journal or the affirmation journal which you might be keeping.

Dedicate this exclusively for scripting.

2# Time of the day


Next, you need to be mindful about the time when you are writing for manifestation.

It is very important to script before hitting the bed or right after waking up.

If you are wondering why these timings are recommended?

These are those times when your subconscious mind is most active.

Remember that one of the major components of attracting anything you want is your subconscious mind.

Your ultimate goal should be to feed your desires into your subconscious mind and that is why these timings are recommended.

Your mind operates in theta waves during these hours.

Without complicating it further, just know that this state where your mind is not fully awake is fully asleep and that is why it isn’t very easy for you to reach your subconscious mind and feed anything you want.

3# Space


Choose a quiet space where you can easily go into a meditative state.

Remember that before directly jumping into the scripting process you need to clear your head and thus a clean separate space is vital.

Do you want to know an additional tip for optimum results?

Choose a space where you do not normally sit or practice other actions.

Find any spot at your place which could solely be associated with your manifestation journal practice.

This is again optional but does wonders in clearing away distractions.

For tapping into your soul sink into the meditative state for at least five minutes before inking about anything on the paper.

4# Meditation


Meditation is vital because without it the negative energy can hinder the process of journaling.

So get out of the resistance into a much more calmer state for better focus and conductivity of favorable energy.

5# Set an intention


Manifestation needs to be extremely specific about what you want in life.

The goal should not be general but as narrow as possible.

Just think back and question what you want to change in your life and why.

Dig deeper and also question how you will feel when you will receive all those results.

This is not an action plan or a vision board.

Remember that setting your goal through manifestations journal is not the same as setting a goal on your goal journal.

These both are extremely different things when you are writing down on the manifestation journal you have to be as detailed as possible and after is exactly what you want to manifest in that goal.

If you want a new job if that is your goal you have to be extremely specific that what is not a job you want what should be the payment promotion another package is the location and everything has to be inclusive in the plan.

You don’t want to confuse the universe, so ask exactly what you want and define in detail.

I am stressing the “detail” portion because many people tend to skip this and write one to two liners which are not enough to activate your feelings and the visualization process which we will talk about in the next step.



The better details you have in mind for your desire the better you will be able to visualize it.

The visualization process should evoke feelings. If you desire application then apart from visualizing what you will be wearing, who you will be with you need to also visualize the feeling and experience.

Visualize that you will be satisfied, excited, and joyful.

7#Write down In Manifestation Journal


Finally comes the point where you will be grabbing a pen and scripting something on the paper.

Never straight away jump into the writing process.

It would not be beneficial as your feelings then wouldn’t pour out of you.

You need to spend quite a decent time fantasizing about your goals.

This fantasizing is extremely vital as then your writing will be automatic and details will get onto the paper due to your conscious thought which will help you manifest.

Remember that never force the words out of you as it is not a healthy practice for writing anything down in the manifestation journal.

You don’t have to be continuous.

If you lose your vision then invite it again.

Simply close your eyes to see those details.

Recapture the energy before continuing the scripting process.

Now there are few things which? You need to keep in mind while scripting.

  • Make use of the word that will keep you positive. This is vital to maintain a connection with your intuitive state.
  • Make sure that you are not writing anything negative. It’s because if you will be writing negative things then you will lose the state of empowerment.
  • Negative things will put you in a state of lack and that is the worst state to start scripting in.
  • Exclude all the negative sources which will hamper the process.
  • Next, remember to write in the present tense as if you have already achieved.
    For instance, if you wish to manifest a new job then write I am loving my new job. Write that I am thankful for the opportunity I am given etc.

Bonus tip

Many people often have difficulty in writing in the present.

Their mind cannot simply register the scenario which is different from the current reality.

In such cases, you can try writing in the past tense in a form of a story which we can easily digestible for many people.

Write down how you achieved something.

For instance, you can gain something by writing.

I remember I got a new job last year and I am thankful for it.

This tip is useful because it takes the previous point in your life to manifest the future.

Many people cannot believe the things written in the present but they can easily do so when things are written in the past.

Write in whatever tense you believe in.

Believing the statement is the key to manifestation.



You might find it hard to digest but time does not exist.

It simply exists in our minds and that is why the time it takes for a dream to come true depends only on the clarity of the intention set and its relation to our subconscious mind.

The ideal relation which your intention should share with your subconscious mind has to do with strong belief.

Never have limited belief and it will hold you back from receiving what the universe has to throw at you.

Now you may question that fears and doubts are natural.

Yes, they are normal but you cannot stick them to your head. You simply need to acknowledge those fears but devoid them of any meaning.

Any thought which doesn’t serve you just gets its meaning and it will never harm you.

Now you know that for manifestation there is no time constraint because it doesn’t actually exist except in your mind.

You also know that the trick to manifest anything faster has a direct correlation with the bond between subconscious and intention setting.

Apart from these two facts, I also know that writing down a time frame for the satisfaction of a conscious mind will help.

You can write a statement like I am earning this amount of money in the next few months  .  .  . in the next few days etc.

You can even give your intentions a concrete timeframe like in the next six months . . .  the next three months.

9# Gratitude


Once you have set up their intention in the manifestation journal, now is the time for gratitude.

You need to keep vibrational energy high and such positive energy automatically emanates when you show gratitude for the things you have.

You can dedicate a gratitude portion in the manifestation journal where you list down the things you are grateful for and speak thankyou thankyou thankyou into existence.

Whenever you will close an intention from the state of gratitude rather from the state of fear, you put yourself in a better position to manifest anything you want.

To get you started be grateful for whatever you have been it home, family and loved ones, etc.

This is the ideal way to close the intention where you again go to a meditative state and thank the Universe for giving you presents.

You can even practice small acts of kindness for staying in the loop of gratitude in your normal daily routine.

Remember that your ultimate goal is to stay in the high vibrational energy be it through gratitude or any other domains like exercise meditation diet or kindness etc.

10# Resolve


This step is where you are forgetting everything you have written so far!

You have to detach yourself and forget.

If you will indulge yourself in the constant pondering then it will not help you rather work against you.

Thinking about what you have written is so harmful that you have no idea. Why?

By thinking you are giving your conscious mind a chance to interrupt your positive vibration energy by challenging your intentions.

The logical part of your mind will act as an optical and analyze your intentions and whatever you have written will hinder your overall progress to attain the desired dreams.

If you’re having a hard time forgetting then just consider it as a note of Magic.

Magic has already been put to work. You need to let go and trust the process.

Believing becomes so hard if you will constantly think about it because the logical mind will open up the room for doubt. you need to believe in a few things:

  • trust your gut
  • believe you deserve
  • trust in divine timings

11# Hustle


One of the most important aspects which people forget in the process of manifestation is to hustle for their goal.

Yes, you need to put yourself in a correct mindset and in a direction to work.

You might be questioning right now what the purpose of the manifestation journal is if I have to hustle myself? Got you!

By involving the universe in your intentions you are sure to unfold paths and opportunities which will strike your way.

You need to take the first move for the universe to help you.

For instance, if you want to manifest love then you need to get out of your house and interact with new people.

Some sort of interaction is vital be it through social media in other forms.

If you want to manifest dream jobs and you have to send out your CV in other applications to a respective corporation leave the rest to the universe.

If you want to attract abundance then take the first step and start something.

Be it a small business or any other venture.

So you get the point and that is to take action towards your goals daily for manifesting dreams faster. 

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Hope you have enjoyed these manifestation journal methods for morning or bedtime reprogramming manifestation.

Remember to use these tricks effectively for how to write a manifestation statement in manifestation journal.

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