20 Best Hacks of How to look sophisticated & How to look classy and rich?


Wondering how to look classy every time? How to look sophisticated everyday?

Well, this blogpost has got you covered with the essentials.

Surprisingly, you do not have to do a lot to make a great difference.

The magic lies in all the little things which you can incorporate in your daily routine.

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Without further ado let’s dig in:


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#1 How to look sophisticated with Fabrics?


Let’s talk about a simple guide of choosing clothes for boosting classiness.

Ensure that you have spotless clothes.

They must be well-pressed. Instead of investing in several seasonal items, it is wise to invest in timeless wardrobe pieces.

I will suggest you invest in a quality fabric that won’t wrinkle easily.

Many people prefer cotton but it is not a wise idea.

Rather invest in satin, silk or cashmere as these are considered quality fabrice and give classy appeal.

The best part about these items is that they will look expensive no matter how simple or basic they are.


#2 When in Doubt, Wear White


If you have absolutely no idea how to style yourself in a certain outfit then the best bet is to change the outfit itself!

Replace it with a simple white jumpsuit.

If you do not know yet then many people consider white dresses a simple weapon. . . which is always there in the closet.


#3 Wear More Black to look Sophisticated


We have talked about wearing white when you are absolutely lost. But we have talked about black!

If I will start writing about adding black in your look then I am sure it will take up your whole evening.

Do not forget that carrying black signifies confidence and maturity.

Ladies black is love so whenever you get the opportunity just add it up in your look.

Talking about me? My whole look itself is mostly black!


#4 Get Structured Bag to look Rich


Have you invested in a structured bag yet?

If not then now is the time to make elegance part of you.

A beautiful structured bag can be a bit pricey but trust me it is a timeless item to cherish.

You should ideally get a chic structured bag of neutral shades like of black, white or tan so that they could accompany you in all seasons. 

Protip: When choosing a purse, pick the ones with chain straps that don’t discolor.


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#5 Neck Scarf to look Expensive


Have you paired neck scarfs with your clothes yet?

If not then now is the time.

Yes, it may just seem a simple accessory but it has the potential of boosting classiness in your overall look.

For adding sophistication you should invest in some cute neck scarves.



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#6 How to look sophisticated with Camel Coat


What comes to your mind when the word Fall season floats across?

Camel coat? Ah, nothing can beauty an expensive-looking camel coat in this season for a classy look.

Remember I am saying expensive looking!

It does not have to be all expensive.

Talking about fall, one pro tip for adding a pinch of classiness is investing in turtlenecks.



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#7 Pointed-Toed Shoes


If you have not yet experienced the magic of pointed toed shoes then now is the time.

Upon writing this, I am recalling my favorite pointed-toed shoes. . . they have all worn out now.

So it reminds me to invest in them myself.

Girl, if you are looking for intentional classiness then toed shoes are the way to go.

Pro-tip: Stay away from platform heels! As they can ruin the classiness . . .



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#8 Get Quality Leather Goods

Ah, Leather equals classiness. I am sure you know this but you keep forgetting.

So what is the drill?

Choose leather shoes, bags, or purses for creating the aura of wealth around you.



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#9 How to look sophisticated by Moisturizing


Get serious about skin care please! Have you been guilty of owning a dull dry skin?

A simple moisturizer has the potential of keeping your skin young and fresh.

It hardly takes a couple of minutes to get your skin all hydrated.

So make sure you are investing in a good moisturizing which is pampering your skin for you.



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hacks to look classy

#10 Exfoliate to look Elegant


If you have not tapped into the power of exfoliation yet then now is time.

This is a very simple grooming tip but it can help you dramatically in the long run.

Everyone wants to delay the aging process, don’t we girls?


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#11 Maintain your hair to look Classy


It is great to follow hair trends but are you actually maintaining the health of your hair?

Ensure that your hair stays healthy and glossy each time. Invest in the best hair products for a long-lasting health.

What comes under the health of your hair?

Strength, cleanliness and glossiness.

Never go out with an oily scalp.

If you are absolutely running out of time then invest in a good dry shampoo.



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#12 How to look Classy with Red Lips?


Do nothing, just wear red lipstick.

I am sure you have heard this advice!

To give yourself an instant classic look you can finish off by applying the bold red.

Why do people stress on this color?

Well, this adds confidence and confidence means classiness.

Go for matte red which lasts long.



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#13 Get Tasteful Accessories to look Classy


Everything that matches your outfit is not supposed to be part of your accessories for the day.

Instead, get tasteful.

Yes, choose your rings, earring, and necklace wisely as they reflect the classiness.

Go for the accessories which will have a hard time in discoloring.

Just stay simple.

Yes, you do not need diamonds.

If you talk about me then I never pair a necklace and earring together.

I choose one of them, the one that brings the best in my overall look.

(Completely personal preference)

I stay minimal when it comes to accessories because remember that you are a centerpiece, not those flashy accessories.


#14 Get A Quality Watch


Have you ever noticed that whenever an actress has to portray a classy character, she will always have a quality wristwatch for boosting the very appeal?

I have noticed that zillion times and that is the truth.

You will find a rocking wrist watch adding elegance and confidence to the overall appeal.



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#15 Invest in decent sunglasses


Quality sunglasses can elevate your classiness to an undeniable level.

So what’s the drill?

Invest in classy looking glasses that complement the shape of your face.

Be mindful of the color of sunglasses.

They should resonate with your overall personality.


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#16 How To look Sophisticated with Makeup?


Is too much makeup your best friend?

Sadly, It is the enemy of classiness girls.

Stay away from too much of it. Rather try a light foundation.

You do not have to apply everything. . .

Choose your preference and a minimal prioritize makeup look, else you will be compromising a wealthy look.

It is not necessary to pair lipstick with blush and liner etc. Choose your preference.

#17 Fix Your Teeth


Remember, I was hinting to pay attention to details?

Yes, I am stressing again that details matter.

So you cannot ignore your teeth hygiene.

Ensure a perfect smile by taking care of your teeth.



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#18 Be particular about your Perfume


You will pass by . . . but your traces will be felt!

This is not a deep line of some poetry but rather an impact of your signature perfume.

You need to smell nice.

There is no other way out.

Many people do not realize that their smells tell a lot about them.

So to ensure an elegant personality go for a signature cologne or perfume.

Even basic body mist can do the job if it reflects you.


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#19 Pay Attention To Details


If you think that people notice the prominent stuff on your overall look then you are only partially right.

Because the real observation lies in the details.

You have to pay attention to details.

So you are all dressed up into nice shoes, expensive clothes, and bold makeup but . . . people are just staring at your chipped nails.

Not so cool!

So take care of the nails. Paint them and do the essentials.

Even the color of your nail paint speaks a thousand words so be cautious of picking the colors.


#20 How to look classy by Prioritizing?


Wear only one statement piece.

Whether it’s the shoes or the bag, make one item stand out.

Try not to layer too many pieces.

They’ll cancel each other out.

And you’ll end up looking like a mobile thrift shop.

Too many logos on your clothes do not help. 


Before you go Know This Secret for how to look sophisticated . . . 

Get into the habit of taking care of yourself.

The best advice you can follow to always look classy is valuing yourself.


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Well, back to this post, have other suggestions to look sophisticated, classy and expensive?

Feel free to drop them in the comment section.

I’ll be waiting . . .



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