How to Wake up Early & How to get up Early? | Waking up at 5 am


“There is no sunrise so beautiful that it is worth waking me up to see it.” 

Wondering how to wake up early?  

Have you ever questioned yourself that generally how many sunsets have you lost?


It is not only sunset which you are losing on but on several things. 

Waking up early is a blessing for you to conquer your entire day. 

I used to be a night owl. Now I do not even need an alarm for waking up at 4. 

What changed. I learned. I learnt from the experts. 

I invested in myself for a better life. 

I have taken several audio books, best ebooks and courses.  

I loved the investments because when I see myself now: I have just more time for everything. 

I used to rant that why God has just given 24 hours in a day. 

My to-do list always used to get shifted on the next day.

And most importantly I was compromising fun in my life.

If you are asking yourself that why you need to become more productive then the answer is :

Because you deserve success in your career, and health in your lovely relationships. 

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 Back to this blogpost. 

But sadly it is not an easy peasy process, the rather true effort is required from your end.

This post will help you to catch the sunrise, to become mindful, and to slay your goals.

This post will help you so that by the end of the day you do not stare yourself helplessly in the mirror, recalling the disappointments of the day.

Let’s dig in.


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Benefit of waking up early? 

When I was studying political philosophy I came across several common human motives that drive our lives.

Those motives are so common that we tend to ignore them completely.

If I question you, why do you do what you do? You will surely have thousands of answers to it.

The same is the case with me.

But the ultimate answer is to FEEL GOOD.

We do everything in our lives to feel good. The utmost pleasure as Machiavelli framed it.

Every small action is controlled by how we are going to feel.

Interesting and very important.

The problem here is that switching to the morning routine, out of sudden, nowhere offers the experience of feeling good.

Initially waking up super early goes against the intrinsic nature of feeling good or being joyful.

But once you train yourself for it, there is no joyous feeling than conquering the gigantic milestone when half the world is sleeping.

Remember the point here is that you will not initially “feel good” and find it hard.

But this feeling will drastically shift if you:

  • Commit to wake up early & make it a habit
  • Conquer great milestones
  • Become productive
  • Be able to make more time of those 24 hours for your family, friends and loved ones

So this means waking up early is of the root cause of feeling good and of happiness?

You got me, girl!

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how to wake up early (1) (1)

How to practically wake up early?

You need to catch the cycle. The cycle of creating habits. Bear in mind that habit is a loop.

How to create that loop? An extremely simple form of RAR.

Reminder, Action, and Reward.

Do you need to identify each ingredient in the formula for creating the loop? I am simply saying:

  • the alarm going off can be a reminder,
  • the action has to be turning off the alarm!
  • the reward? Your favorite shake/meal [choose it for yourself but please get creative as the reward has to shake you off the bed! Don’t make your reward as brushing your teeth! ]

You need to spend a good chunk of time making the RAR formula workable. You need to decide the loop. And remember it is a loop thus no elimination is possible.

The best part is that you can use this formula for creating any habit in your life.

For now, our habit is waking up early. This loop is effective why? as it becomes your automatic response because of repetition.

The most common trap which we all fall into is the 10-minute trap where we use alarms in between.

Yes, the kind of mercy time. And guess what happens after that mercy time?

You eye yourself with such mercy that never let you hop out of the bed!

You can cater to such traps by installing any wake-up app like the sleep cycle until you master the RAR formula!

Step 2 of waking up at 5 am:

The second step in waking up early is creating a morning routine.

Let’s continue from the reward we left with.

Now your reward becomes your Reminder

  • Reminder: Get the reward
  • Action: Have 20 minutes of your Alone time(i will tell you why this alone time is fuel in your life)
  • Reward: Check phone notifications

You can adjust the time period of the 20 minutes as per your need. It is a blessing for you.
This task is long enough so you can complete it and short enough so it transforms into a habit.

Questioning what to do in these magical minutes. I call these the extra minutes in which life gifts me.

Why? This time is of self-reflection.

This is the time where the subconscious mind is more active than the conscious mind.

And if you have been reading this blog then you know that the subconscious mind has infinite power.

It is connected with the higher self and has all the potential answers which you are seeking elsewhere.

If you want to know what my 20 minutes look like then follow these 4 steps. (there is no restriction, you can add as many steps by extending these magical minutes in 40)

Plug your fav song for inspiration & enjoy the sunrise

  • Visualize
  • Journal
  • Plan 

Before we jump into step 3 let’s give time as to why visualization, journaling, and planning has the potential of transforming your life.

I am a true believer in the law of attraction.

I have manifested countless things through this natural process that exist to make any wish come true.

People are already practicing the law of attraction in their lives, but they are practicing it unconsciously.

The day they become conscious of the process, magic will happen.

No one denies the law of gravity, but the law of attraction receives little acknowledgment. WHY? Because We do not have any 9.81 to support the law.

If one needs proof, one has to experience it. No other way!

And the good news is that both visualization and journaling are extremely powerful tools for practicing the law of attraction.

When you visualize, you are in essence setting a clear intention.

You are telling the universe (the God, or higher intelligence you believe in).

By visualization, you are transforming your thoughts into feelings. Simply close your eyes and think of your desires.

Think about the emotions attached. Feel the want. Experience joy.

It is a conscious meditation.

Then you begin journaling.

I am much of a fan of journaling for manifestation.

I DO it for getting answers when I am confused and I get them.

I do journaling to affirm that my goals are getting accomplished. When I was 12, yes I used to do diaries, but it never helped me. There is no right or wrong way of journaling but surely there is an effective way.

A way through which you could manifest what you desire.
I have worked my sweat in developing the triple G’s technique. So what is the point?

Use my proven way of personal & professional success or deploy any method which brings you close to your goal.

Write in detailed what you have visualized, make your wish more concrete

You can simply journal the affirmations like “I am achieving all the goals”

Lastly, Make your to-do list and write them in the order of priority.


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Step 3 of waking up at 5am:

Now, this is the step where you actually conquer your mornings. Always start with the hardest tasks.

Remember, that your brain will tempt you to get started with the easiest task first.

But that is the trap. Sometimes our brain can become our worst enemy. Why do I say so? Because it is lazy.

It works on connections and patterns. When we decide to accomplish the hardest, it will signal reluctance.

It will be least willing if you will do something completely new. (as there will be no pattern for it to follow)

It will scare you before you even start. What is the solution?

Become aware of this threat.

Laugh at its suggestions. Do you know what it will suggest?

It will ask you to spend the first two precious morning hours checking email? If it does that you question your brain . . . are you serious?!

The fear of doing the hardest will go the moment you START it

Just start!

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Step 4 of waking up at 5am:

The final step to waking up early is to create an evening routine.

Remember your evening routine is capable of spilling the milk on your efforts. Thus, you need to pay attention to your latter-day.

Your evening routine will be actually driving your personal goals. So customize it accordingly.

Munching till 12, getting entertained till late night would not let you complete the habit loop.

So what is your RAR for the evening?

  • Reminder: You should have an alarm for 9 pm
  • Action: Shut everything and prepare your bed
  • Reward: Treat yourself with a good book

Reward here can be anything. It could be an episode of a series (remember not a complete series!!!)

Anything that you can spend your 30-40 minutes to. If you ask what my reward looks like then:

I generally read a book (mostly think & grow rich . . . yes I am a fan of re-reading)

I journal again for manifestation with the techniques I am obsessed with (hardly takes me 5 minutes).

Put my phone on the airplane mode

Sleep yeyii finally!


Key Points of how to get up early

Now, remember that you are making a system for yourself.

The steps which I have mentioned are tracking your goals while giving you plenty of fun time to relax.

Why do I call it a system? Because now everything is fed into your mind.

It is fed that you have to wake up early, spend 20 minutes mindfully, dig into the tasks, and then live a rewarding evening.

I know what is floating around your head. It has to do with the To-do list.

Don’t worry if you could not achieve whatever you wrote in the planner.

After all, no one has ever died with an empty to-do list . . .

YOU WILL ALWAYS have things left, undone. It is not finishing the endline. It is about participating in that race.

It is about competing with your best self.

It is simply about running for a fulfilled life while actually living. (it is not a mindless chase, where you do not prioritize other things)

Yes, there will be times when someone will come over.

There will be times where you will have to attend certain events. What to do?

Prepare for those times by strengthening your loop habit of waking up early.

Even if you rarely have to sleep at 12, even then wake up as per your routine.

Don’t worry as you can compensate for the missed hours by taking a nap in the afternoon.

Blueprint of How to wake up early

Step 1: Waking Up

Reminder: ____________

Action: __________

Reward: _________

Step 2: 20 Minutes Routine

Reminder: ____________

Action: __________

Reward: _________

Step 3: Actual Milestones

Step 4: Evening Routine

Reminder: ____________

Action: __________

Reward: _________

Before you goo

You need to become a high performer.

Because if you study high performers in any field.

You will find that all achievers had a super productive morning routine in common.

Prepare yourself for the productive routine through the practical steps detailed above.

Tell me you are up for this loop? Is it really that hard?

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