37+ Insanely Cute Ideas for How to Decorate the Room with Simple Things


Wondering  How to Decorate the Room with Simple Things?

  Well, decorating a room with simple things is a challenge within itself, but it is absolutely worth a shot.

The bedroom is not only a place where you sleep but also a space that recharges you from within. 

Even simple decor items have the potential of treating you with an awesome mood.

Smart choices from paint color to the window treatment, from tasteful chic accessories to dreamy furniture all reflect your personality thus deserves a decent deal of attention.

You do not always need fancy, expensive items rather simple items that complement the overall aesthetics of your room.

To help you showcase your design style, this blog post has got you covered with ideas that own a minimalist set up.

Ready for inspiration to transform your bedroom? Enjoy:

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#1 Beautiful frames


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Frames! These have the potential of flipping the whole outlook of your room and that too with minimal effort.

If you are not a fan of photo frames then no biggie!

Just capture a few inspiring words within. You can play with the color palette for making effective decor.

The super cute frames will provide you with everyday inspiration and the best part is they are a fun project.

Get fancy and choose the frames which blend with the overall design of your room.

You can try these frames for enhancing the appearance of the room.

I personally am a huge fan of frames thus have an entire wall dedicated to them.

#2 Signature lamp


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I just love everything about this minimal side table. The positioning of every object plays out so well.

This simple idea of pairing lamps with huge leaves offers a serene feel.

I am also drawn towards not only the mirror work of the vase but also towards the size.

Get bold with your side table and instead of planting objects of the same sizes try varying ones. This simple modern side table just looks lovely.

#3 Perfect Harmony


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This room gives lovely vibes. If you have a lamp placed on your side table then don’t shy away from including your favorite candle.

The inclusion of both the sources of light offers a joy-filled mood and that too while advocating simplicity.

Interestingly, the color coordination of the lamp, candle, and table all play out perfectly.

#4 Spiral plant hanger


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I’m so in love with this spiral plant hanger. You can nail the trend of having these plants by playing with their positions. Why this trend is loved?

Well, because it breathes life into moderns spaces.

The natural textures offer a clean aesthetic to any room, without compromising the simplicity.

You can even try hanging the plants instead of wall art, just a suggestion for getting more creative as it will draw more eyes near.

This indeed is one of the best options to offer a sense of comfort to any space.

Luscious greenery has the potential to compensate for the harshness of manmade materials.

#5 How to Decorate the Room With Simple Things: Rattan mirror


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Decorate your room with a simple object like a perfect rattan mirror.

You will mostly find square or circular shapes of a mirror, but if you prefer a diamond one like above then simply change the hook side and hang it diagonally.

If any of your walls is empty then such inspiration offers a perfect solution.

#6 Touch of green


If you talk about me then I am not a gardener and have absolutely no knowledge. But plants offer great help in an uplifting mood.

Try snake plants, spider plants, or aloe vera plants (any which complements the aesthetic of your room).

If you are like me and cannot take the responsibility of maintaining the plants then amazon offers some lovely natural looking synthetic options.

#7 Perfection with black & white


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I like just everything about this room. From the positioning of each item to their color palette.

Pairing white and black with neutral colors surely brought the room to life.

The shape of this mirror is absolutely fabulous.

#8 Tassles


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These objects perfectly sit well if you question how to decorate your room with simple things.

There are several ways through which you can style a single tassel.

Get creative with this object for giving a unique touch to your room.

For instance, you can place it over your books, hang it over a door-knob or match it with any aesthetic object (like a lamp)

#9 Multi-tier plants


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Multi-tier plants work so well.

Find a creative place for their placement to draw maximum attention.

#10 Rose-Gold decor


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Everything is just so perfect about this room. It is simply beautiful.

I am drawn by the shelves, light, and mirror.

The color of every element in this room perfectly sits with a dreamy theme.

For instance, the rose gold vase instantly catches my attention.

Sometimes it is more about the colors than the items themselves.

#11 Desk organization


This room surely nails in simplicity.

Make your room as functional as you can and that too without compromising the aesthetic.

I love the plant sitting there and harmonizing every object.

#12 Attractive Mat 


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Simple room decor also needs a fun-filled doormat which in essence sets the mood of the entire room.

The idea of using a layered doormat is beyond cute.

For instance, you can get “The Buffalo check” one from Amazon and top it with any other which resonates with your mood.

#13 Soothing candles


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Candles are indeed magical for they reflect serenity, relaxation, peace, and romance.

You can instantly add an elegant touch to your room by decorating creatively.

Try decorating them in statement lanterns, wine goblets, or terrariums. The options are just endless.

#14 Relaxing corner


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This space simply reflects perfection. This corner offers happy vibes and that too with minimal objects.
The simple room decor is achieved with playful, varying textures.
I am in love with the circular rug and brown hammock. 
Also, see how a large plant towards the corner balances the earthy textures.

#15 Feather duster 


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Are you like what? Don’t they serve different purposes? Well, you decide! This is the best thing about decorating your room with just everyday simple things. The feather duster is best to serve neutral decor. A white feather duster is a prime example of simple things made beautiful.


#16 Gold mirror


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Mirror mirror on the wall! who is the prettiest of them all? I’m in love with these gold mirrors and even I own one!

If you want to add a vintage tint to your space then spice it up with this mirror.

#17 Minimal vase


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Sometimes, you only need one vase to achieve that magic. This particular vase clearly offers an autumn vibe.

Go for the vases which reflect minimal decor as only then they will be capable of drawing maximum attention.

Such simple objects have the potential of setting the mood of the entire day! Minimalism at its perfection.

#18 Gorgeous Wreath

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Instantly add a beautiful touch to your room by adding a gorgeous wreath above the headboard.

They add a touch of sweetness and coziness to any room. Check this one for a more rustic appeal.

#19 Ceramic vase


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This inspiration speaks well of how what goes into the vase is as important as how the vase looks. I love the softness this object offers.

You can try ceramic vases with neutral colors to balance the overall hardness of different materials floating across.

Try adding a feather or two within for constantly changing the vibe of the entire room.

#20 Catchy signs


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I am a huge fan of signboards for they add a motivating touch to any room.

Words have the potential to create a whole lot of difference not only to your day but also to the entire theme of your room.

There are some awesome signs available on amazon.

You can even diy few to set the tone!

#21 Simplicity personified


Every object perfectly resonates with the definition of simplicity.

I love the fairy lights and throws galore.

The stair adds a unique texture so if you have any such playful item with you, then make it handy in your simple room decor project.

This inspiration makes me realize the importance of cushion design, it sits perfectly well with the color of the bedside tables.

#22 Corner shelf

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Is the corner of your bedroom empty? Spice them up with a beautiful loving corner shelf!

This particular example inspires in terms of wood tones and accents. I am already obsessing over the stems and amber vase.

This stunning styling deserves a thorough look.

#23 Perfection


This decor is simply beautiful owing to the careful placement of simple objects and the thoughtful selection of colors.

The huge plant vase at the top is soothing and the frames over the bed are inspiring.

Perfect mirror lighting accentuates the chic look even further.

#24 How to Decorate the Room With Simple Things like Celestial hanging


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I am in love with this simple moon phase garland decor.

If you need something simple yet dreamy to add to your room then this is the perfect call.

I especially love this bohemian dreamcatcher.

#25 Mismatched frames


Play with the sizes and alignment of frames to create a fun-filled wall.

#26 How to Decorate the Room With Simple Things: Neon sign


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These neon signs are love, especially for a hardworking, fearless woman who believes in herself!

Inspire yourself with these neon signs which have the capability of resonating your room with your personality and mindset.

Indeed light up any space with such mood elevators.

#27 Triangular shelves


I am in love with the triangular shelves and the neutral palette of this room.

Even the string adds a playful touch to the entire space.

#28 Decorate the Room With Simple Things: Wall sticker


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I am a huge fan of stickers and they truly top my list when it comes to how to decorate your room with simple things.

Amazon provides some great stickers for setting the motivational tone of the room.

#29 Jewelry stand


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Grab a stylish jewelry box that is not only functional but also handy in boosting the aesthetics of your room.

#30 Resting area


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This inspiration by the urban wall is beyond awesome.

I am in love with the placement of a hammock with real cacti. Even the mini cactus garden decals stand out.

The macrame, eye mirror, and circular throw away also offer distinguished appeal.

#31 Knotted jars


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Accessorize your room with knotted jars and turn them into lanterns. They surely offer serene appeal.

#32 Wooden shelf


Every element fits so well from the colors to that accent wall.

The shelf and simple assortment of objects add a cute touch to the entire room.

If any corner of your room is craving attention then you just need a colored sofa that works well with the entire theme, a rich-looking lamp, and intelligent shelf decor.

#33 Cozy space


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Fan of floating desks and shelves?

Me too! I love how this inspiration offers a cozy place, along with the site of greenery.

You add the touch of such a natural vibe by incorporating the eucalyptus plant or pothos plant.

#34 Perfect setup


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I am so in love with this perfect set up. Every object harmonizes the other be it that small, cute pumpkin or a huge, beautiful vase.

The space is perfectly minimalist with some simple elegant objects like a wood sign, and of course lovely circular mirror.

#35 Gorgeousness


You can also play with some shades and hues of the same color to get absolutely gorgeous outlook!

#36 Comfy pillows


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Simple things to decorate your room also include playful, trendy ,and comfy cushions.

Remember, it is all about the little things which make it different.

If you talk about me then I am really careful of the cushion cover as it has to go with the overall mood I aim to achieve. I own a glittery one.

#37 Curtain


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You might have not realized but a simple change of curtains can completely alter the overall outlook.

Grab a statement curtain that reflects you!

This post was all about How to Decorate the Room with Simple Things. Enjoyed? Inspired? Share your thoughts below!

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