19+ Insane Ways For How to Decorate Dorm Walls Beautifully [2021]


Wondering How to Decorate Dorm Walls?

Well, it is not an easy walk as one has to take care of several rules and regulations. Breaking any means of earning a frown from residential life couple with a surprise.

So if you are looking for some cool ways of decorating your walls without leaving any mark then this blog post has got you covered.

Below are some fun ways illustrating how you can utilize just a few pieces and make a difference.

Incorporating some of such ideas will transform any dull studying and relaxing space into something inviting.

The limited area should never be the reason for adding color, fun, and joy!


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1# How to Decorate Dorm Walls with String Lights


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I  am in love with these rooms of @musical_merdie and @sarah.cotner . Delicate wire-strung lights are definitely a way to go for they set up an entire mood.

Tack up twinkle light to create a statement piece by playing with its size, design, and assembling.



#2 Gallery wall


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Creating a gallery wall is super easy and fun.

This trend has been dominating the wall decoration ideas for quite a few years now – but it never gets old!

Grab the frames of various sizes, and place them in different layouts for adding a unique personality.

You can always coordinate with your roomie, incorporating two different personalities in a unique way.

By coordination, the overall space will look extremely cohesive.



#3 Dorm wall tapestry 


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You can transform any space by putting the least effort through tapestries.

They are insanely easy to put and super cozy to display.

Interestingly, you can always play with the side of the tapestry and choose the one which best aligns.

The inspiration above displays oversized, bohemian-inspired tapestry which instantly adds a unique punch to the whole room.



#4 Dorm room makeover ideas


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Add greenery to your dorm to instantly adding freshness to your dorm room.

You can choose the ones which require low light or go for the artificial option.

There are some impressive faux plants that do not require you to water.



#5 Macrame wall hanging 


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You can spice up your dorm room by adding a little of everything.

I love the vibrancy of this dorm room, as it is inspired by creativity.

The incorporation of flowers, macramé wall hanging, and photos all

You can make use of different artwork for adding a personality.

Get some gorgeous colorful illustrative art for making your wall appear customized.

 Add stylish and trendy prints with your favorite photos to add various textures into the same space.

You don’t always have to choose expensive products for standing out rather sometimes taking a simple route to steal the show.

If you love vintage-style you can also paste antique maps with different cutouts that suit your personality.



#6 Coastal Bohemian Dorm room


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Many people think in terms of color rather than focusing on texture which can drastically change The Appeal of the entire room.

You need to realize that playing only with colors will make your Dorm room even know much smaller.

Amp up the entire style of your place by wearing different materials, leather, and other fabrics.

The above inspiration of the coastal Bohemian Dorm room exactly encapsulates the texture with perfection. 

Tufted Dot Duvet Cover beach print.



#7 Grid Wall as dorm wall posters


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If you want to give your Dorm room a much more fun-filled appeal then the inspiration number teaches you exactly how.

The walls are beautifully vibrant and colorful.

Isn’t the alignment of all the pictures super cute you can also copy the style where you get one big iconic image bordered by several others. 

I love the incorporation of the organized gallery and the letters above the headboard, both the items following the same color code. 

Many people often prefer to use washi tape when displaying favorite photos on their walls.

If you are not a fan of wall frames then simply let washi tape to do work for you.

The Inspiration above is surely an artistic play where the letters light and print everything just sits well.


#8 Dorm room wallpaper


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I am in love with the wall of this room. We can see various textures all Incorporated within the same space.

Those tassels, fabric hanging, and removable wallpapers assisting in perfect harmony bring a wonderful appeal.



#9 Art as a dorm wall tapestry


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What is that one big thing that brings your eyes closer to this room? Yes, it is that art piece.

Apart from that gripping and gorgeous-looking artwork, I am also hooked on how it is bordered with string lights. 

Everything is super brilliant, chic, and stylish.

Sometimes large pieces of art just do the trick and you don’t have to do anything else. 

Such art portrait fabrics are often lightweight I don’t have to worry about them damaging the dorm room wall.



#10 Dorm room accessories: Neon Sign


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You might already have a decent idea of how neon light took the decor world by storm.  

Everyone is seeking inspiration and neon signs provide powerful motivation every day.

Amazon has Extremely cute and motivating signs that are best to keep your spirits high beautifying the entire space.



#11 How to decorate dorm room wall with Leaning Mirror


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Decorate your Dorm room with a mirror because it not only helps you to get your whole face beautified but it also helps in boosting the aesthetics of your room.

I will suggest you go with vertical Mirrors because they can make your dorm look much spacious. 

The above inspiration is a beautiful example of a cute little mirror that is bordered with string lights to bring out the most of its aesthetics.



#12 Wreath Dorm room accessories


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If you have not incorporated her breath new decor style that now is the time because it is that one pretty element that has the ability to breathe freshness.

 You will find several charming wreaths. with pretty designs made up of cotton silk flowers and other greenery.

Other rustic ones are offering a neutral white color palette.

The above example is a beautiful inspiration for a wreath with cutout letters and beautiful messages.

There are several letter banners available online and you can see which one speaks with your personality.

These letters reflect your own style if you are a fan of customization then this is the way to go.


#13 Star Art dorm room wall decor


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We will not agree that the biggest challenge anyone faces is to learn how to optimize the small space in a way that looks pleasing and functional at the same time.

The inspiration above perfectly captures how you can organize items while beautifying the space in the most stylish way possible.

I am in love with the geometric shelving because it dresses up the wall beautifully storing book frames and whatnot.

Also, Did you see how beautifully the string lights and those polaroid images decorated the wall diagonally? Inspirational!



#16 Dorm wall posters –Illustration


Dorm rooms can appear cold and stark so warm it up with photographs that remind you of crazy all times and fun-filled memories. I am so in love with this illustration hanging on the wall which is channeling all the attention to itself and uplifting the mood. Those string lights are further heightening the magic and bringing the best out of the room. 

Just see how a simple strand can lift up the mood.


#16 Botanical dorm room wall decor


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If you love Botanical design and nature then you will love such styling ideas.

This trendy piece can add playfulness to any wall.

Such designs reflect creativity, personalization, and that too without spending a good amount of money.



#17 Stylish dorm room wall decor


You will not agree more that this drum room is a place where you can showcase your personal style and that is why grab stylish pieces like the inspiration about to add a fresh appeal. 



#16 Botanical dorm room wall decor


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This room perfectly reflects that you cannot break the rule and paint the wall, I’ll Buy you can surely cover it with temporary wallpaper of choices.
Love every part of the inspiration above.
From that beautifully large macramé wall hanging to those pretty artificial flowers hanging.

The curtained style string lights are further accentuating the butterfly fabric wall hanging.

The textures dressing up the wall have this significant role in cohesively tying all the pieces together.

I am particularly referring to the texture of green plants sitting lazily in that cute small pot. 

#17 How to decorate dorm walls with curtains


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If you are looking for creative ways of dividing the room further tango for colorful patterns that can and playfulness to your Dorm room.

If you own a lofted bed then it’s ideal to hang curtains from the railing.

Whether you love your roommate or not much comfortable with the one, such curtains are playful additions.



#18 How to decorate dorm walls with Decals  



If you have not got a better wall with decals then now is time.

Add extra flair to the whole wall with decals as they provide an instant form to any neutral wall.

Many people use the decals for creating the look and feel of wallpaper by repeating a pattern and lining up several of them together.

You can try this hack if you want to dress up your walls with stylish decals.



#19 Tassel dorm room wall decor


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A tassel garland is a super cute way to pop your Dorm room with an accent of color, texture, and beauty.

Make your dorm room feel like home by adding such d I y items and projects to your wall.

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