11 Insanely Helpful Goal Journal Template Guaranteed For Slaying Goals


Have you ever questioned yourself why some people achieve more while others do not?

The difference comes in the goal-setting plan.

There can be a possibility that you are working extremely hard but still not getting the results.

The root cause of such disappointment has to do with effective goal setting.

So if you want to achieve meaningful results then start with a goal journal.

By making a goal journal you will be:

  • Heading in the right specific direction
  • Knowing your priorities
  • Getting where you are heading
  • Create a well-defined goal so that you are in a position of achieving it

I will stress in this blog post why writing down your goals create a significant impact on your life.

You need to record your goal to plan and execute the rightfully.

Achievement is a proper plan so let’s dig in:

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5 Things to Remember when scripting in the goal journal


When starting a journal, know a few things.

You need to know that effective goals need to be written. If you are wondering why then know that anything in writing becomes concrete.

Effective goal setting is beyond daydreaming.

You need to give your dream a sense of reality by grabbing your pen and writing the goals down.

You need to know that there are certain ways of writing.

1# You need to get specific


Always write your goal in measurable terms. If you will not be defining the specific extreme then it will be hard to evaluate the progress.

There can be a possibility that you are thinking of learning a new skill like designing.

You cannot write your goal as: “learn to design”.

You need to get specific and write learning a design through a website like Coursera between June and July while spending at least 8 hours a week.

You need to attach a time frame like for this week or within 20 weeks within these days, any goal within the time frame is an example of measurable goals.

The keynote here is to set realistic deadlines.

You need to schedule enough time for reaching a goal but not a lot of time that you eventually lose interest.

2# Visualization technique


Many skip visualization techniques for writing goals but not for the fact that the law of attraction works.

While writing your goals you are in essence diverting energy towards your goal and everything in this universe is energy.

Reaching goals will become much easier because you’re putting in the energy and desire to attain it.

Scripting for manifestation works.

If your goal is to accomplish any sort of an award then after writing such a goal always visualize and see yourself walking across the stage and getting congratulated by several people enjoying the spotlight.

If you need to know more about the law of attraction then this guide has got you covered.

After involving the law of attraction mindfully, matching your frequencies, and setting out your intentions to the universe, it is the time for our next step.

3# Analyze effective goals


The best approach which you can take when writing your goals down is analyzing the potential problem attached to them.

There can be several problems that can be your limiting belief, the external logistics, or other environmental conditions you ask for.

You need to be already aware of certain things that can go wrong.

You will not be aware of all the problems but at least you can minimize some of them before they even occur.

4#Manageable goals


You need to ensure that your goals don’t overwhelm me.

You need to go with the divide and conquer method where you will be dividing a goal into manageable smaller components.

5# Review


The best thing about goal journals is that you can review the progress and maintain relevance.

Through a meaningful review, you can reward yourself for the milestones you’ve reached.

Goal journal:


So now you know that a well-constructed goal that will be going into your goal journal will have certain components.

It will have potential problems, measurables timeframe, and review of progress, etc.

We will now go into the step by step process of the components which should be present in your goals journal for the most effective meaningful results.

1# Identification of life areas


The interesting thing about the layout of this goal journal is that you are not restricted to the life areas in which you want to attain certain goals.

First of all narrow down your life areas, you can always add them later as well but start with a few life areas for which you have certain dreams in mind.

The life areas include:

  1. Professional
  2. Personal
  3. Spiritual
  4. Leisure
  5. Community/ social
  6. Family
  7. Physical health
  8. Financial
  9. Educational

Checkmark as many life areas as you want and apply the same template to each one of the life areas shared below.

2# Prioritization


Once you are aware of the broader things which you have to tackle, you easily get into the position of narrowing down the goals further.

This narrowed list gets achieved through prioritization.

Too many things on your platter will not allow you to pay attention to a single task. To tackle this issue you need to use your ability to prioritize your activities.

Ask yourself which life area is the most important to you right now?

The arrangement of the priority can differ from time to time but what is your current state of mind?

Which life area can give you the greatest return on your investment and that it was meant has nothing to do with the monetary gains only.

The return on investment can be your happiness.

Any goal which gives you the greatest sense of accomplishment for enjoyment will dictate your answer to the prioritizing list.

You can decide and identify the criteria for prioritizing your goals once that is in place you can get a proper order.

You can categorize your goals in the order of high to medium to low scale ones.

The basic benefit which you can take away from your goal journal is balancing your goals.

There can be a possibility that you are neglecting one area of your life while giving a great degree of importance to another.

While maintaining your goals you need to write the amount of time which is overall getting consumed.

Review your goals again and see the resources it is consuming.

There can be a possibility that for you your family comes first but that contradicts with the amount of energy and time you are giving to it.

3# Resource


Once you have the priority in place it is time to work on the resources that will be required to reach our goal.

There can be any professional goal and you may need resources like software hardware and other additional knowledge or expertise to reach that point of accomplishment.

Make the competing goals more compatible.

There can be certain goals that might require the same resource from you and at the same time you need to think about how many modified them in a manner that they become more compatible with each other.

If your goal is to get the highest GPA in university while maintaining a part-time job to analyze which you can make time-consuming goals compatible.

If you ask me about my way of dealing with the conflict then it has to do with merging two goals together.

I was supposed to give several hours a week to my research project and at the same time, I could not compromise the blogging journey.

So I cleverly handled both the goals by merging one into the other. I made my final thesis project regarding digital marketing.

Sometimes this liberty cannot be achieved but you should always look for the overlap and note in your goal journal.

If you have two conflicting goals with the same priority and cannot be resolved in any way through overlapping techniques then you need to review them again.

If your resources will compete then you will be wasting your time, energy as well as enthusiasm. Save any other goal for later maybe after the completion of the first one.

4# Obstacles


This is by far my favorite section of the goal journal.

You need to identify the stopping forces. Many people fail to even identify them let alone stays the task of overcoming it.

One of the most interesting things when working towards any goals are barriers.

Remember for a fact that whenever you decide to get something in life there will be a silent force that will always be acting against it and that can be in any manner.

That silent force can be in a form of your own limiting beliefs.

Showing the first and foremost process in overcoming these obstacles is their identification.

You need to identify them to fight and stop them from sapping your energy, time, and enthusiasm.

Before diving deeper into some of the common possible barriers let’s briefly touch upon them.

Your thinking pattern can go like:

  1. I doubt my skills
  2. I feel insecure
  3. I have so many goals to achieve my goals
  4. I need to change and it’s not easy

These are a few examples of your own limiting beliefs.

They can easily hinder your way, making you your enemy without you needing any other external force to let you down.

There are several ways through which you can program your mind and remove such limiting beliefs which are minimizing your efforts.

Few of them are:

  • Neuro-linguistic programming and it is not as complicated as its name! Through this study, you reshape your thinking pattern and change your mindset.
  • Journaling is one of the most effective methods through which you can overcome challenges.
  • Affirmations are another effective way of getting rid of limiting beliefs.

I have written a post for changing your mindset so you can reference the pieces.

Let’s dive into a few of the limiting beliefs in detail so that you get the basic idea of how to counter these.

If you own a presumption that I may fail then you need to question yourself when was the last time you failed?

If you are not recalling any such moment then you are sorted but if you do then again question yourself.

Was it truly a failure or did you learn something from that situation?

I am sure that you did learn something even if it was teeny tiny and if you did learn that cannot be a failure.

Never allow your mind to replay the incident of that ‘labeled’ failure which in essence is not even a failure.

The best role which you can take to view the whole situation is by taking an objective position.

If you will take the role of an observer then you will not harbor negative emotions and feelings attached.

You will then be in a better position to identify what went wrong and what could have been done better?

What opportunities do you still have?
I will highly advise you to be friends with your failures as they give you enthusiasm and an opportunity for growth.

You should be including this section in your goal journal and it has to do with your fear of failure.

Remember that failing means that you:

  • made an effort
  • experienced the flow of life
  • had a personal growth doubting your skills

If you are new to this site and will not know that I have been harboring self-confidence and self-belief for quite a time.

I believe that the flow of self-confidence is much more important than the flow of money.

Why because if you own self-confidence then you can achieve anything.

The most important factor which will boost your self-confidence is self-commitment.

Lack of commitment will ultimately weaken your confidence and you will be doubting not only your skills but also abilities.

You can boost your self-confidence through these questions which must be included in every journal.

So whenever you feel like doubting yourself just answer these.

5# Benefits


Writing down the benefits of achieving a goal as it is powerful.


Because sometimes you already think that you know the benefit but the answer is usually much deeper and more powerful.

You need to address what is in there for you.

You should be detailing this section to a great extent because it will serve as a motivating factor whenever you will lack enthusiasm or feel like giving up.

Be the seller of your goal benefits to yourself.

Take a much effective approach and write the benefit of your goal.

For instance, your goal is to get a promotion.

Now question yourself what is the benefit which you will be availing from such promotion.

You will start by stating the obvious.

You will script that it will boost your rank, increase your salary, give you more perks, get you more respect, etc.

Dive deeper into the surface they will benefit and see beyond.

You can state that you will explore and get the opportunity of working with international franchisees.

The other benefit can be that a certain portion of the income can be used as an investment for other business ventures.
So the sky’s the limit.

6# Change


To achieve certain goals you will have to change a few things.

Remember that change can be completely new to you and can sink you in anxiety. 

Trying new things has the potential of fearing you.

They can give an uncomfortable feeling.

Change is a challenge so take it as one.

Include these questions in your goal journal for overcoming the fear of change.

7# Interruptions


The thing missing in several goal journals is the interruption blocking element.

Identify what can be the possible interactions that can block your progress towards your goal.

Several times the interruptions are just trivial matters and they can quickly arise.

You need to evaluate them, label them as potential hindrances that we need to get out.

You need to question how do you control the introductions and what do they control you?

Write a concrete plan or write one-liners that show how you intend to handle interruptions swiftly.

These one-liners are your action plans which will dictate how you will minimize the interrupting

8# SWOT Analysis for optimization


You will not agree more that without a quantitative plan for your goals and nothing but just a hit or miss.

You will be running after things aimlessly and wasting time.

If you are wondering what is included in effective planning then it has to do self-audit.

In this way, you identify not only your strengths but also the areas which need certain improvement.

So you need to write these things for boosting up the productivity level to a great extent.

This is a quick self-audit which is systematic planning for ensuring that you not only deviate from your path but also make corrections when needed.

9# Relatedness for optimization


By now you are already aware that you will be following a planned part but what can you do to optimize the progress.

Many goal journals do not include the optimization process.

How can you make your plan better or optimize the opportunities?

You can optimize your goals by using the technique of relatedness.

What I see missing in the majority of the goal journal is this area.

When writing down goals, always see which activities relate to the goals you have planned.

You need to include the element of relatedness to maximize your achievement.

10# Help of others for optimization


Another element that you should include in your goal journal is the resource for less of others.

You need to question yourself as to who can assist you to reach your goal faster and better.

You need to think of the specific ways through which you can meet your needs through the help of others.

Ask yourself whose knowledge, gift, or skill can help you reach one or more goals.

Also, think about how you can be resourceful to others and what you can offer them.

You need to accept that challenge establishment goals are just the starting and there is a long way to go and hurdles to meet throughout the way.

You need to take responsibility rather than blaming others.

This element should be included in your goal journal that when things get tough how you will react and that reaction should definitely not be of sinking into a blaming track.

You need to write that instead of getting into a defensive mode what will you do to solve the problem like will you take any specific decision or work on a plan in a specific order.

Does your reaction get in the way of your potential success?

Write your reaction and are you willing to change that behavior?

If yes then how so?

11# Persistence


You should also dedicate a portion to your goal journal where you will be accountable for persistence.

You should know that persistence is one of the most important factors which will help you to reach your goal.

This goal journal will make you accountable so that you will opt for short time sacrifices for long-term successes or not.

A portion should be dedicated which could detail that on a scale from 1 to 10 how much the goal is important to you.

It is vital for you to measure your persistence level for each goal.

Next, you need to chart your progress regularly.

An ideal journal should have some sort of progress tracking element which should allow you to stay motivated.

You need to review your goals daily and mark them up with a motivating sticker. The sky’s the limit for the creativity which you can pour in here.

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