21+ Exciting Gifts for Left handers That Will Make Them Say, I Love it!


Being left-handed myself it is very interesting for me to recommend the gifts for left handers!

Amazing products are available out in the market which can be gifted to the left-handed people to make their life more easier and convenient.

Apart from functionality certain products exist just for making left-handed feel special.

So if you are a left-handed person or looking for a gift for your left-handed buddy then this blog post has got you covered.

Below are some cool things apart from scissors! I did not include that intentionally because we live in a right-handed world and had to adjust.

So if someone gave me a left-hand scissor now then I would not know how to even hold that!


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1# Resume portfolio

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It is extremely handy because it’s designed for those who need to carry tablets or other essentials.

I like how it is a mindful formulation when it comes to the design of the product.

One just needs to rotate it by 180 degrees to easily use it as a left-handed person.

The design change is very small but this makes it different from traditional portfolios.

If you are looking out for a gift for a college student or for someone who has entered professional life then this gift for the left is the best bet.

You will find slots for the cards, pens, and flaps. If you wish to gift a portfolio with practical design and good functionality then this works great.

2# Day planners for left-handed: Weekly planner

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This is an awesome left-handed student planner. If you want to make your left-handed friend feel special then go for a tailor-made gift like this calendar.

Your friend will love how planning pages fall on the left side while the binding is on the right.

Apart from offering productivity features this calendar and planner offer a feeling of connectedness.

The planner is relatable to the left because it contains all the famous quotations and inspiring words from famous left-handers.

So if you want to provide your friend with the dosage of motivation which I believe is the best gift you can give to anyone then it should be your option.

Furthermore one is also sure to love the size of this because it will have room for additional notes.

3# T-shirt gifts for left-handed


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Check Price on Amazon

A left-handed knows that one is living in a world where everything is made while keeping right-handed people in mind.

But with these types of customized shirts, they will be forced to flip their perception.

These types of shirts are sure to complement any lefty on its own.

Let me tell you a secret that left-handed people hold pride in being left-handed so you can provide a way to channel such pride through these special shirts and words.

Remember you will not be gifting a shirt but a feeling of being special.

4# Left handed mugs: Handwarmer mugs


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If you have not yet explored the handwarmer mug then is time.

These are not traditional coffee mugs as they are designed with ergonomic pockets for you to safely wrap your fingers around.

These mugs offer a variety of designs and colors that you can choose from.

Get a left-handed so that you can enjoy the warmth from the mug for longer durations.

If your friend is a coffee or tea lover then this is a perfect gift.

5# Witty Left handed mugs:

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6# Creative Left handed mugs:

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7# Left handed binders & Left Handed Notebooks


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Being a lefty it becomes a struggle to rest the wrist on awkward metal spirals.

I believe that wide-ruled lines should be introduced for making notes easier.

Luckily certain notebooks provide this liberty!

To check the notebook out as a lefty will truly appreciate the use.

8# Books for left handed person


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Book lover is your friend a book lover?

Then why not give something related to one’s trait?

You can give this book by Melissa who explains how a person turns out to be left-handed and several factors that dominate the trait.

This book is for someone who loves the scientific and social logical background behind one’s features.

If you believe that your friend will get fascinated by such knowledge then why not make one feel special?

9# Left handed writing tools: Gel Pens


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If you believe that your friend feels difficulty in smudging the writing then drag one out of the annoyance by gifting the resistance pen.

If your friend is into crafts and loves stationery then I believe that one will truly appreciate gel pens which hardly take a second to dry.

10# Left handed pens: Ergonomic gel pens


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Solving the problem along the same lines of smudging and smearing gift, you can gift s left-handed friend this ergonomic angle pen.

If you will examine how your friend writes then you will find that one bent the fingers in a certain way.

So I can surely say that the left-handed pen will get appreciated because it is designed to fit the left hand.

The funny part is that your friend might never have felt that they need one but they will surely fall in love with this product.

After this pen, they will never complain that the world needs to catch up with lefties.

If you are questioning what makes it different from a right-handed pen that this is contoured for the left hand which makes it comfortable for it rather than for the right hand.

If you want to provide your friend with comfort writing then this is a well worth gift.

11# Left-handed computers / Laptop tray

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In this modern age, a person spends a lot of time on the computer and that is why a laptop bed tray is essential.

Spending several hours at work and taking a toll on health.

If your friend is a workaholic then I believe that that one will appreciate this laptop bed which is specially designed for lefties.

It offers a comfortable position so that the health could hold up well while matching up with the productivity level.

12# Left-handed peripherals: Keyboard

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Working with technology doesn’t have to be tiresome for the lefties and that is why this computer keyboard is designed for lefties.

It offers several decent keyboard features like a numeric keypad being on the left side of right.

Being left-handed myself I can surely say that a numeric keyboard on the right-hand side has never served any purpose for me.

This is an appreciative design.

Every lefty wants a keyboard that would allow the mouse to be closely placed with the keyboard and this keyboard offers just that.

13# Left-handed peripherals: Mouse


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Apart from the keyboard, you can gift a mouse that is specially designed for the lefties.

There can be a possibility that your left-handed friend is used to using a mouse with the right hand but sometimes the right-hand needs a break and that is when such wireless options come in as a blessing in disguise.

This mouse provides comfort as well as proficiency.

14# Left-handed writing tools for Calligraphy


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It is not a fact but my observation that leftists love words.

Every left-handed that I have met loves the art of calligraphy or typography as they are insanely creative people.

This pen can bring out the best writing skills of any left-handed person and that too while offering a great level of comfort.

If your friend makes heavy use of notebooks then gift a person with notebooks specifically designed for lefties.

A lefty will not complain but a spiral often makes clean writing quite a hard nut to crack.

A person not only gets several pen marks but also compromises the comfort similar is the case with this journal it offers a great way of keeping a hand safe by offering a practical design.

It will surely fall in love with the sassy title. The cover is sure to make all the right-handed smiles.

15# Luxury gifts for lefties


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Women you can get for class with the gifting a watch that owns left pushers.

This leather watch is beautifully designed with a round dial and rose-tone indices.

16# Left-handed kitchen tools: Gifts for kitchen lovers


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17# Left-handed kitchen tools: can opener

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18# Left-handed kitchen tools:

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19# Left-handed kitchen tools:

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If a left-handed person is someone who loves to dig into cooking then these kitchen utensils will come in handy.

If you are wondering what makes these utensils different from the ones designed for the right-hand ones then examining them closely I will give you the idea about their angles.

Each spatula and spoon is angled in a way that makes it easier for the left-handed to scrape or stir.

If you want to make the cooking process more convenient for a left-handed person then this is an ideal gift.

There are other quite handy useful utensils specially designed for a left-handed person like two cup last measuring cups.

With this cup, a left-hand person does not have to move one’s head around to be the measurement.

I think that baking is all about measurement and taking such measurements should not be a hard chore for lefties.

Then the last item which I think can form a convenient gift for left-handers is the can openers.

You will not agree more that opening can is a dangerous daily task and especially for any lefty owing to the sharp metal lid.

Rather than getting a left-handed can opener for a leftie, I would suggest to get rid of the old fashion one and try electric ones.

They surprisingly work well, are easy to use, and much more fun.

This can opener is not a perfect gift for only left-hand people who face difficulty but also for right-handed.

The convenience it offers is beyond expectations because you just have to push the button and you are done!


20# Guitar for a left-handed music lover


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21# Customized gift for Left-handed:

Apart from these gifts if you are wondering how you can make your left-handed person feel more special then I have prepared some printables for you and assets for wall hanging you can get them printed, framed, and gift to the left-handed person.

Being left-handed myself I can guarantee that a leftie will love these dosages of motivation.

One will feel this additional gift much relatable, customized, and extremely special.

If you like the idea then hop on to the list for getting the freebies.

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