#1 Future Self Journaling Secret You Must-Know For Success & Happiness


Wondering how to get started with future self journaling? 

But first let’s read Sally’s story. (incase you do not know who sally is)

It was one fine night. Sally was lying on her bed, staring straight to the white-cemented ceiling above.

She wondered how good her life would be if she possessed the magic wand of a fairy godmother. The next morning when Sally woke up, her world changed.

Her eyes glittered like smithereens of glass and her smile stretched high like an elastic.

She didn’t get the magic wand but a magical answer in her dreams: Future Self Journaling. 

Yes, Future self journaling is magical.


 Future Self  Journaling  & Power of Subconscious Mind


Through this magical tool, you will be able to create conscious awareness and affect your living patterns around.

If you truly want to manifest miracles in your life then you have to connect with your subconscious mind and self journaling is one of the tools.

I have forgotten the count of times of mentioning the power of the subconscious mind.

It is my best friend as it works in my favor.

It can become your best friend only if you know how to reach unconsciousness and the mind that creates your reality.

Your body is hardware which functions according to the programmed software which is fed in your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is in essence, the mental software which controls your behavior, your reality, your life. But I have not programmed this software you ask?

Well, the programming has started taking place even before you were born.

It is called genetic programming. Certain behaviors and orders had been fed for long.


Sometimes it works negatively for us to do what has been chosen for us.

You then continued to program it in a theta hypnotic state as you grew up. Be it feeding social norms or language.

If you do not know already then one tends to spend 95% of the time in the subconscious.

Moreover, science has numerous times proved that subconscious is that link between you and infinite intelligence.

So that means every answer to your problem is already there.

You just need to ask the right questions. Everything already exists, it is just veiled from your reality.

Your happiness already exists.

You just need to find it by accessing the subconscious and then acting upon its signal. [sounds magical? Want to know the whole secret ]

I cannot stress enough what the subconscious mind can do to you in this article, so visit this link.

What is the link between the subconscious mind and future self journaling?

Any Guesses? Yeah, you got it right! Access.

Future self journaling is the tool to access the magical mind!

So how great it would be to access the subconscious level and shift some predefined notions, habits, physical behaviors, realities, and whatnot?

Yeah . . . Too great. Now I can see Sally’s smile on your face, as wide as the stretch of an elastic band {poor smile I know! But you get the idea}

By making use of future self journaling you will not only become more conscious but overall expand your consciousness.

Self journaling is a great way to visualize.

One deploys these techniques to create impressions in the subconscious mind.

We are literally feeding what we want. Have you ever been skeptical of visualization or other manifestation techniques?

Have you ever thought that “I can only achieve fortunes through hard work. Action Action Action”

Yes, I agree that you are the director of your life where you say roll camera action but ACTION is not the main thing. Are you like . . .

“what? Eisha has seriously gone nuts, or maybe she is writing this article at 4 am”

Trust the techniques to reach the subconscious

To get 100% of what you want in life, work with the special ratio: 80% is the power of all these techniques and 20% is the action required.

Again your subconscious has been programmed from childhood that, “You need to work extremely hard to achieve big goals.”

That’s not true. Just work smart by believing the ratio mentioned above.

I know that there is a comment thrown by your conscious mind who is yelling, “what is the guarantee this ratio works?”

My life results are a guarantee for me. Your life results will be a guarantee for you. Sally’s life results are guaranteed for her. Just believe and see the magic.

I am not giving you generic, typical advice which is a belief in the power of writing. No. Not at all.

I am saying belief in a specific power of writing where you are connecting with your higher self to achieve anything in life.

Most of you might know but I have had this journaling habit since I was 10. Yeah, you expected right!

I used to journal, “dear diary, today . . . Blah blah blah.” There is nothing wrong with this but such a way never worked in my favor of manifesting miracles. Why? As it is not intentional journaling. 

By now we know two things: Connect with the subconscious mind through future self journaling.

If you would not connect certain techniques with the way you journal then the words you write are nothing but a combination of 26 letters of the dictionary. {Yeah Truth with capital T}

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Future Self  Journaling & the law of attraction


If you have been exposed to the idea of the law of attraction then your ear might have vibrated the terms like

“C’mon tell the universe and forget. It will provide”

Trust me, there is more than just telling. Several questions in my head echoed, “Universe? Who is the universe! {I know funny}”

Guess what I found the answers. To simplify for you: Universe is the infinite intelligence {the source you believe}.

You connect with this universe through a subconscious mind. You connect the subconscious mind through several techniques where one of which is future self journaling.

Journaling -> Subconscious Mind → Infinite Intelligence = Magic.

Benefits of future self journaling_ (1)
Have I lost you? No? Great!

Future Self Journaling Secrets


When I first started mindful journaling, the most common process would have been just trying for the sake of trying.

But this was not my process. I believed from the very first word I wrote in the journal.

I believe that I have the power to design my life and my future. It was not just a shot. Future self journaling, for me, became the real deal.

But do not worry, even if you feel ridiculous about writing something you want. It is normal behavior {yeah I’m questioning my state now!}

Again if a voice is whispering something within you then it is fine. Trust me the voice will never whisper if you discover the secrets here.

However, even if you hear the whispers of, “it’s pointless” Then choose to ignore it.

Be consistent and you will start seeing the difference in your life. You will see subtle changes that will boost your belief. These will be the catalyst for manifesting desires.


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How to do future self journaling

I prefer you to have a physical journal rather than a notepad because there is something special about the things you can touch.

Yes, exactly that. I want you to feel it.

I want you to feel the texture of paper between your fingers, and smell the intoxicating scent of paper.

Remember, the importance of feeling.

The physical journal creates a connection. To connect emotionally.

Write about what you want. Feel what you want. Feel the moment of accomplishment now as now is what you have.

Question what actions will bring you closer to the goals.

Take actions. Manifest miracles. Continue journaling as you can ask infinity.

Observe what I have written. First of all, you will do that once you realize the power.

For instance, there are several journaling techniques I have let out in my tripe G’s method but I do not use each method every day.

I know what to use every day and what when needed.

You will also feel it. If we talk about your goal then you will feel to write it every day so that the message together with feeling gets imprinted in the subconscious mind.

Our brain makes several connections every day, we need to strengthen these connections and forsake some.

If you truly want to change the pathways {those connections} in the brain, you will have to write some desires every single day.

Importance of Repetition

The key here is repetition. Plus, it hardly takes 5 minutes to write a future self journal.

To get you started. Write down what sort of person you want to become. You need to ask questions about the life you envision. It can have countless tentacles.

For instance, you can journal about the house you want, the clothes you want to fill your wardrobe to get filled with, the looks which you want to achieve, the relationship which you want to manifest, the healthy lifestyle which you want to live.

You have to build a picture of your ideal existence.

You need to ask the right questions to yourself for getting the right results.

You can ask what particular behaviors you need to change for becoming a future version of yourself.

What opportunities will you have today to reach closer to your goal?

Questions +Emotions

What makes these questions different from the different questions?

The integration of feelings. Your emotions. You have no idea how powerful the emotions are.

These emotions leave imprints on your brain.

The emotions reach directly to your subconscious mind, making a desire to manifest quicker.

You will surely see progress. We humans have no idea of what we are capable of.

Through future self journaling, you are in true essence coming out of victimized reality and instead of creating a reality for yourself.

Always journal in the morning as your subconscious mind is receptive in mornings and it is the ideal time in setting intentions.

Don’t take it as a job which you have to complete, rather incorporate it into your life as a good habit. {I know we all have few, so why not add this in!}

Benefits of future self journaling/intentional journaling:


There are several benefits of self journaling, let’s look into some: 

  • People connected to future selves win three areas if compared with people who do not: future, gratification, and health.
  • By connecting to the future self you are less likely to follow the path leading towards your goal. Journaling solves the mental work which is needed for achieving goals.
  • You have no idea how empowering the experience will be when you will re-read the messages. Find what you have achieved since writing a goal and a long journey you have covered. It will give you a reflection. It is a mirror of comparison. By comparing your past self with your present self, you are getting a record of every small achievement or change you have made. You become more mindful of your actions. Awareness makes you more accountable. It helps you overcome the fears of conquering goals. Summing this point up, future self journaling allows us to envision the goal, crystallize our desires, and shape the future.
  • It will allow you to live in the present {thinking as if you achieved the results and acting like that, remember you are not faking it but practicing and training your subconscious mind} which is the best technique for attracting desires.
  • Through future self journaling, you will not only know what you want, but you will also know what you do not want.
  • By knowing what you do not want, you will actually be attracting only positives in your life. You will only be vibrating pure positive energies and as everything is energy, you will also get hit by the same energy in the form of favorable results.
  • Like if you stay content with the shitty jobs where you are undervalued then the universe{yes, the infinite intelligence} will exactly throw the same shitty opportunities for you. Like attracts like.

Some additional benefits of intentional journaling:

  • The other benefit of using future self journaling is for changing the behavior and habits. If you want to control your anger issues you can self journal.
  • You can journal to create habits, destroy habits, and change them. To get you started, here are the questions: I don’t like anger issues, what emotion can I replace and act at the time when someone makes me angry?
  • I don’t like the cloud of depression following me, what can I do next to avoid feeling depressed? What reaction shall I have when something makes me depressed?  3 step process: Identity behavior you want to change, affirmation to change, what action you can take to change.
  • It ensures that you do not neglect the negative habits instead do not repeat the same mistakes. Instead of romanticizing about the past, one rewires the attitude which one will adopt if encounters a similar problem.
  • The best part is that you will find yourself. You will be amazed that you didn’t know a lot about you. You will be amazed by your desires, and the type of questions you will ask.
  • Again remember that your life is not limited. It is not limited to the work you do. Your results are not directly proportional to the number of hours you put into something.
  •  Several studies show that writing to a future self makes you a good decision-maker.
  •  It’s fun

future journaling (2) (1)

Things To Remember In Future Self-Journaling


  •  Remember you have nothing to lose, but infinity to gain.
  •  Get that there are certain ways in which I do not suggest journaling as it can negatively affect your mood and your life. You do not need your negative experiences to overpower you thus be mindful of what you journal. With years of experience, I have created triple GGG which is a strong super technique.
  • You might find resistance. As future self journaling might be a new activity for you. Know your brain. Your brain is very lazy and it does not appreciate changes. It will motivate you even before you start.
  • Know You are trying to break the conventional pattern of thinking, so don’t think it will be extremely easy{but it’s 100% possible} It is okay to feel blocked, anxious, scared, or resistant. But do not continue to be on that path. You will overcome, as this is part of the process.
  • You might have heard that future self journaling can be done via recording a video and voice message which you will hear a few times after. But I urge you to get what you want on paper. I urge you not to the future self journal for just fun but with the intention of a miraculous future. The intention is the keyword here.
  • Remember I shared above my journaling routine when I was 10. So what has changed since then: intentions. The intention has changed so does the results.
  • If you are truly all in for making positive changes by raising awareness about yourself the future self journaling is the ingredient. By attuning more to present in a conversational style, you are attracting a miraculous future.

future self journaling (1)

Wrapping up Future Self Journaling / Intentional Journaling

Now my lovely decoders, you have to commit.

Yes, commit to a future self journal for a successful and miraculous life.

You will see the effects, just believe. Stick to it. Be it one question, or goal.

Start small but start today.

You will see things happening that you have written days ago or it can even take hours {who knows?}.

You need to be religious in journaling else it will not work for you.

The best part is that you will notice patterns of your life. You will see emotional patterns and the thinking patterns which are vital for stability in life.

You don’t have to focus on being right or perfect {does perfection exist anyway?}

I have shared my knowledge and I want to know what do you think about this strategy of attracting a miraculous future.



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