Essential Oils to Grow Eyelashes Quickly [5 Best Oil for Eyelash Growth]



Interested in eyelash growth hacks?

This post provides comprehensive details regarding the best oils for growing eyelashes.

There are several reasons due to which eyelashes fall off. Many times the eyelash becomes thinner.

Some of the reasons include nutritional deficiency hormonal imbalance, eye infections and excessive use of makeup, etc.

If you are worried about the scanty growth of eyelashes then take the help of these oils for achieving thicker eyelashes.


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Coconut oil for lashes


Coconut oil has been used for several years as a magical beauty product.

You can apply coconut oil on eyelashes and follow the diy above to grow eyelashes with coconut oil.

Can you use coconut oil on lashes alone?

If you are not a fan of mixing different oils up then you can use coconut oil alone for eyelash growth.

Many people have this concern that how to grow eyelashes longer with coconut oil and can coconut oil grow eyelashes.

Well, you need to get one thing clear that coconut oil will not drastically make your eyelashes longer than the optimum level.

People have a strong perception and a common beauty believe that if they will apply coconut oil then they will get drastically with thicker lashes.

There is a little twist in this perception because there is a certain length to which your eyelash can grow.

Coconut oil will help you attain that maximum level.

Even this benefit is vital because many times are eyelashes will fall off without reaching the optimum level.

Your eyelashes maximum level of coconut oil offers different benefits like deep moisturizing and protection.

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Coconut oil vs. castor oil for eyelashes


There is huge popularity that your mind questions about coconut oil versus castor oil for eyelashes.

Well, coconut oil and castor oil both are best for eyelashes.

You might have even heard that castor oil has miraculously helped people to regain the scalp hair so there is no whole of doubt that the ingredients present within promoting the hair generating cells.

Some believe that coconut oil is the best option while others swear by castor oil.

A simple solution is that if you have been using castor oil then it’s better to switch to coconut oil and see if you find a difference in results.

You even use a combination of both in the serum for effective results.

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Is Coconut oil safe for the eyes?

Before the application of coconut oil on your lashes, it’s very important to address that is coconut oil safe for the eyes.

You need to bear in mind that coconut oil allergy is less but they still might occur.

If you are used to wearing eyelashes with adhesive then avoid wearing it because it can trigger other allergies and irritation.


Best coconut oil for eyelashes coconut oil for growing eyelashes

You can use virgin coconut oil around the eyes while being very careful.

Go for 100% organic coconut oil to prevent any sort of irritation or allergic reaction.

To make sure that coconut oil remains safe for your eyes be careful about the application process.

Now How to apply coconut oil to eyelashes?

You can either choose to use your fingers for applying coconut oil for eyelash growth or go with a mascara wand.

If you are going with your fingers and make sure your hands are washed.

After washing your hands, dip index finger in the container of oil and rub the coconut oil between the two index fingers.

Simply close your eyes and rub them gently over the lash lines.

If you prefer to apply coconut oil to lashes mascara wand then :

  • Dip the wand into the container of coconut oil and carefully apply to your lashes using mascara.
  • apply to Both the bottom and top lashes and with the use of a cotton swab just
  • remove the excessive oil for avoiding irritation.


Best practices to get long eyelashes with coconut oil

For optimum results apply the coconut oil before hitting the bed.

Always get a small amount of coconut oil rather than getting carried away as small goes a long way.

If you use coconut oil then don’t use other products as it may promote irritation.

Be consistent and do not skip your routine. 

Vitamin e oil for eyelashes

Applying Vitamin E oil for eyelashes consistency over some time can promote the thickness and health of your eyelashes.

If you are not aware then Vitamin E oil is naturally derived from vitamin-rich foods and vegetables like sweet potatoes avocados and almonds.

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Does vitamin e oil help eyelashes grow

You may have questioned at some point in your life that does Vitamin E oil help eyelashes grow.

Vitamin E on cell regeneration benefits so when applied to skin and hair, it promotes the repair and growth.

If you have not used Vitamin E oil for any purposes then you might not know that it is a very thick oil that can be used by mixing it with the oils.

But some people prefer the thinner consistency and that is why mix it with Vaseline coconut oil and JoJoba oil.


Using vitamin e oil for lashes

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Apply Vitamin E oil with a dropper if you’re choosing this best selling product or you can either choose to apply with the wand.

Before applying it you should know that it owns a thick consistency and that is why it is never preferred to be applied in the morning.

Else you will have difficulty in applying mascara or other products.

If you do not want results to slow down then it’s better to stay consistent for at least a month.

If you are not aware of the fun fact then Khole Kardashian uses vitamin E for eyelash growth.

She published in her lifestyle blog that it’s one of her favorite eyelash treatments which is not pricey.

You should be able to see the changes in a month or two for eyelash lengthening.


Olive oil for eyelash growth



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Were you waiting to know the role of olive oil for eyelash growth?

Instead of damaging your eyelashes with other makeup products, use this natural oil for strong and long lashes.


Does olive oil help eyelashes grow?

Olive oil for eyelash growth is a popular hack but you will not see results immediately as you’ll have to wait for at least two months.

Like with other oils you need to be careful when using olive oil for eyelash growth, especially with sensitive eyes.

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How to apply olive oil for eyelashes

If you are wondering that how to apply olive oil to eyelashes the process is similar to the application of other oils.

  • Leave the olive oil like the other oils overnight and then rinse in the morning with a damp and clean paper towel.
  • Apply olive oil with a mascara wand as it will coat the entire lash which becomes the most effective approach.

Is olive oil good for eyelashes?

Olive oil is safe for the eyes but still, you should take it off immediately if you experience any sort of irritation or itchiness.

Which olive oil you should choose for eyelash growth?

You need to buy an organic 100% pure product is after all you will be applying something closer to your sensitive eye area.

It is recommended that you go with cold compress olive oil because it contains only 1% of acid or contrary you can choose extra virgin olive oil.

You should also be increasing the amount of olive oil consumption in your daily diet for supplementing the regeneration of hair cells.

Eyelash growth DIY 

If you are interested in creating a magical solution for eyelash growth then certain ingredients are recommended.

If you use aloe vera gel, castor oil, and vitamin E oil together then it will promote healthy eyelash growth.

All these ingredients will make your eyelashes thicker and longer.

Let’s take a deep dive and see why these three products are recommended together by several experts.

This has been considered one of the most famous DIY recipes for eyelash growth.

Why use castor oil for eyelash growth?

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Castor oil is undoubtedly the most famous oil which pops up whenever we talk about the growth of hair.

Even my mother swears by it!

Her eyelashes were nonexistent I can assure you that but she noticed drastic results after application.

This is one of her experiments which she carried out before I was even born!

Castor oil is responsible for conditioning the lashes and make them soft and shiny.

This oil owns hair growth-promoting properties and that is why you will feel dense and thicker eyelashes after consistent use.

You will not agree more that lash fall is the most common issue which you will experience if you excessively use waterproof mascara or other eye products.

Don’t worry as castor oil has got you covered in this domain.

It strengthens the lash follicles which prevents the lash fall.

Vitamin E for lash growth

We have at large discussed above the benefits of Vitamin E oil for hair growth.

It promotes growth and makes them soft. If you are wondering eyelashes are more prone to breakage then don’t worry as vitamin e oil has got you covered with the breakage problem.


By offering strengthening property.

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Why use aloe vera for eyelash growth?

Aloe vera is another beauty ingredient that is considered a magical potion.

It is deemed as a remedy for every solution and most of the time it proves to be.

Aloe vera owns similar benefits like Vitamin E oil for making lashes smooth and soft.

Most importantly it forms a vital base of serum because of the preservative property.

If you will be using this serum consistently then it will condition the lash, promote hair growth, and reduce shedding.

Essential oils for eyelash growth

We have talked about all the carrier oil for promoting eyelash growth but let’s talk about the essential oils for eyelashes.

Oil serum for lashes is quite expensive so you can choose an alternative option of doing it yourself if you have time.

Many people despite having no time go after making their product because they are not a fan of preservatives which can cause huge allergy.

This will boost your hair growth not only after eyelashes but also eyebrows.

If you want to eliminate the use of chemicals in real life then the best approach is to go for natural ingredients.

The best part of the serum is that you can prepare it in large volume and then refill in the dropper bottle when needed.

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Eyelash growth serum diy essential oils

Many people get confused that what if the dropper bottle is different in size like 4 ounces.

Well, you need to play with proportions and simply double the recipe.

Shake the bottle so that the oil mix well together.

You can also transfer this serum into your mascara tube and use a mascara wand for the application.

Store in a cool dark place and apply is a night for maximum eyelash growth and I like thickness.


Eyelash essence


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If you are not actively looking for a solution for oil growth then you can instead use eyelash essence or serums.

What is the use of eyelash essence?

It provides strong moisture to damage eyelashes which strengthen their vitality.

They help in promoting the growth of lashes because it is rich in nutrients and remember that your eyelashes need nutrition.

Eyelash essence can also be used on eyebrows.



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