Daily Skin Care Routine At Home So Your Skin Thanks You [7 easy steps]


Maintaining a skincare routine might seem an extremely challenging task.

It is so easy to get bogged down by the steps.

If you are thinking that it is a high maintenance job then jump into reality.


As it is much easier than you think.

With proper simple steps, you can have clear skin with effective skincare.

I can feel you if you are thinking that several things go into proper skincare.

But it is not too much if you get your basics right.

To take care of the health of your skin it is vital to know the order of applying certain product . . .

And questions like when and when not to.

Many people believe that skincare is only effective at night but that’s not the case.

For getting clear skin you need to have a proper morning and night routine.

By pampering your skin in the morning and the night you are ensuring a long term benefit.

You will not only enjoy the benefits today but also after the years to come.

So without further ado let’s see the proper routine:



Step#1 Cleanser


You need to start your morning with a cleanser.

Some basic properties of good cleanser:

  • Contains formulas that will keep your skin bright.
  • Own ingredients that will gently exfoliate your skin.
  • Keep dry skin moist for a long time.

Ingredients to look out for:

If you are questioning what ingredients should be present in a reliable face cleanser then go for ones which include: retinol, ceramides, vitamin C, glycerine, and other exfoliants.

To be more specific you should go for retinol or salicylic acid if you own oily or acne-prone skin.

For dry skin or sensitive skin aim for the one containing ceramides or glycerine.

Types of cleanser:

Now a question can easily pop into a head that which cleanser you should use.

There are several types of cleansers like oil-based cleansers and other ones.

I would recommend an oil-based cleanser because they are suitable for all skin types.

Many times people will use oil-based cleansing as part of a 2-step cleansing process.

People often regard it as a double cleansing because the use of an oil-based cleanser is often followed by the application of the gel.

Apart from Oil-based cleansers, you will find gel cleaners that tend to work best for Acne-prone oily skin.

A gel cleanser also works best for teenage skin.

You will not see anyone recommending you foaming cleanser if you own advice on dry sensitive skin.

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What is the difference between the face wash and cleanser?


If you are just starting with your skincare routine then there can be a possibility of you questioning that is face wash and cleanser the same?

Well if we talk about the surface level then: both of them work to clean your face but face wash comes under a foaming cleanser while cleanser owns the property of a lotion.

The basic common difference which you will see is that cleansers are non-foaming.

They do not need to get washed, instead simply wiped off.


Step 2: Toner


The next product which needs to be applied after a cleanser is toner.

This is a skincare essential that needs to be used regularly.

Many people get the confusion that what if they are not using excessive makeup on the skin?

Even then, is there a necessity of using a toner or cleanser? Well, the short answer is yes.

You should see these as essentials, as part of your skin cleansing process.

It’s because toners benefit your skin on a deeper level by getting rid of dead skin cells which then reveal cleaner and fresher skin.

Secondly, many people have this concern that if they have a very low pH cleanser do they need to use a toner then?

You need to understand that no matter how mild or gentle the cleanser is it can disrupt the barrier of skin which can cause dryness and breakout irritation.

Thirdly, never consider cleansing water or essence the same as a toner because they do not share the same functionality.

Both the essence and cleansing water will cleanse your skin but they will not balance out the pH value because they are not designed to do so.

The essence is applied after toner whereas cleansing water is applied after it. but they are optional.


If you are thinking that toner is just like water and it does not offer immediate effect then think twice!

It is not just the cleansing water but has a crucial role in the overall skincare routine.

You might have not known but using toner regularly and adding it to a skincare routine will give you a major impact on the appearance and overall.

How so? Let’s dive further into its features and properties:

  • Removes the last traces of impurities and dust that get stuck to your pores after you wash your face.
  • Tightens your pores to a great degree.
  • Brighten up your skin as the removal of dead skin cells automatically means the brightening of dull skin.
  • Will make your skin firmer and bring things in line. On a surface level, it makes sure that your skin becomes firmer and your pore gets shrunk.
  • Brings the pH level of skin back in line after the cleansing process.
  • Pushes your skin towards skin repair. (This goodness treatment is achieved by the absorption of nutrients and antioxidants that exfoliate the skin and control the blemishes from within.)

Cutting it short if you want to know what the purpose of a toner is then it is like a primer which will boost the effectiveness of the rest of your skincare.

Type of skin

Toner is essential for every type of skin whether you own an oily or dry skin.

Simply because it has the capability of maintaining a vibrant and youthful complexion because it is simply a tonic.

Many people have this common concern that their skin is sensitive so should they apply anything to their face?

Well having sensitive skin does not mean that you cannot I apply anything and have to miss these benefits.

Go for the milder product for maximum benefit in such cases.

Now let’s dig into the details and see which toner is the best.

Dry skin

Choose a hydrating toner with rose extract to get a moisturizing soothing benefit.

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Oily skin

The toner is great because it brightens your overall skin making it luminous.

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Combination skin

The toner can smoothen the dry patches and unclog the pores.

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Lancôme Tonique Confort Re-Hydrating Comforting Toner with Acacia Honey 13.5 oz/ 400 mL

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What should I look at when purchasing a toner?


Never go for Alcohol-based toners. You might have heard that alcohol-based toners make big pores look smaller.

Yes, it is true. But there are several problems in using alcohol-based toners because it strips the skin of the vital moisture.

Stripping of moisture is not only catastrophic for sensitive or dry skin, but also oily skins. The alcohol-based ones make oily skin symptoms get worse.

Toners are not capable of increasing your dryness unless you are using alcohol-based ones which are never recommended.

So what is the wise choice? Always go for an alcohol-free toner. You should go for water-based and other glycerine based tonics because these will work best for skin repairing.

They contain the extracts of citrus, green tea, rose & aloe vera.


As far as the application of the toner is concerned then you should use it twice a day.

If you cannot manage it twice then at least once is recommended.

  • The right way to use a toner is to wash the face gently with a cleanser and patting it dry.
  • You then need to put a little quantity of toner on the palm and apply it on the face.
  • If you do not want to involve your palm then you can moisten a cotton ball and then tap softly in circles on the surface of your face.
  • You need to give time for the toner to dry so do not immediately wipe it off.

Step 3: Serum


You must have heard the hype.

If you are clueless about what skin serums are then let’s equip you with the details.

The serum comes in small bottles and can cost you a decent amount.

People have a variety of opinions when it comes to serums as many say that they are moisturizing essence but some still feel the need of using moisturizers in the overall skincare routine.

If we compare serums with other skincare products then they own very small molecules and they comprise of only a few concentrated active ingredients.

Further, they do not have any additives like oils.

Because serums do not have these heavy ingredients they get easily, quickly, and deeply absorbed. 


  • The serums are highly concentrated and that is why they can penetrate deep down into the cellular level of your skin.
  • They are designed to absorb quickly and thus deliver a high concentration of ingredients in the skin.
  • These are best at directly repairing your skin cells which revitalize your overall look
  • These are used to intensify your whole skincare regimen. These have got you covered with proper hydration and brightening.


Now the question is what type of serum do you choose?

There are water-based and oil-based serums.

You will largely find markets saturated with water-based serums.

These are lighter in textures and that is why applied before any face creams.

On the contrary, oil-based serums are heavy with larger molecules and that is why applied on top for keeping the skin underneath moist and intact.

So you need to differentiate between the type of serum be it the water-based or oil-based.

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After preparing your skin with toner, when your skin is still damp, gently massage a small amount of serum onto the face in the area.

It is advisable that you only make use of one or two fingers so that the serum does not get wasted on your hands.

Serum Vs Moisturizers

Bear in mind that serums are not moisturizers.

They should not be replaced with one another.

There is no doubt that serum contains much fewer ingredients like hydraulic acid. But you will still need some sort of moisturizer for preventing moisture evaporating your skin.

You cannot skip the step of applying the layer of moisturizer. Why? As you need to keep the environmental irritants out of the pores.

If you are thinking that you can apply serum alone and not follow your skincare routine by applying moisturizer then here you will go wrong.

As the serum will hydrate your skin but they will not provide you with the same level of protective properties.

By following the application of moisturizer you will be adding a safety barrier.

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Step 4: Eye cream


Many people question why it is necessary to invest in eye cream when they can function with the use of a moisturizer.

You need to realize that the composition of a moisturizer is different and it is not suitable and efficient for under eyes.

Know that the area beneath your eyes is very delicate and thin and that is why you should be applying eye cream that is specifically designed to be gentle.

You need to treat the area under the eye with care because that is the first area that will show the signs of aging.

Another thing which you should get is that the moisturizers are not specifically designed to treat puffiness or dark circles.

Now, what you should look for in an eye cream. You will find several varieties of eye cream as they come in different forms like gel serums and cream.

Key ingredients

What should be present in your eye cream for treating specific problems?

  • Ceramide for hydration
  • Retinol for targeting wrinkles
  • Vitamin C for treating dark circles
  • Caffeine for reducing puffiness

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Types of eye cream

These different formulations can be confusing. So how to determine which eye cream is right for you?

You need to analyze your skin-specific problems and see whether crow eyes, fine lines, puffiness, or dark circles is the major-specific concern.


Step 5: Acne spot treatment


The next medication which needs to be included in your skincare routine is a spot treatment.

Such treatment creams are used for reducing the amount of acne producing bacteria.

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Step 6: Moisturizer


Next comes a moisturizer. Many people question what if they have oily skin?

Should they still be using moisturizer?

You need to realize that oily skin does not imply that you have a hydrated skin. These are very two different things.

Oily skin means your skin has overproduction of oil.

While hydration refers to the adequate water content present in your skin.

To ensure hydration it is vital to apply moisturizer on oily skin.


We have slightly talked about moisturizers when highlighting the use of serum. Let’s dig deep into it:

  • Moisturizers treat your skin by preventing it from drying out
  • They hold the water in the outermost layer of your skin
  • Without a moisturizer, your skin will start flaking

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Step 7: Sunscreen


The last product which needs to be included in your skincare routine is sunscreen.

If using your chemical sunscreen then you have to apply before moisturizer or because it needs to get absorbed into the skin deeply.

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In the nighttime routine, you have the addition of retinol and face oil. Other things stay same.  So what is the order?

You will be applying cleanser, toner, serums,  eye creams, sport treatments, moisturizer the same way as the day time routine. But you will be replacing the application of sunscreen with retinol & faceoil.


You might be aware that retinol is used for :

  • Boosting collagen
  • Cutting down fine lines
  • Improving skin tone
  • Reducing patches

That is why it is vital to use retinol every day in your skincare routine as it is a powerful antioxidant.

Never apply retinol in the sunlight or the morning routine because sunlight will diminish its power.

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Face oil


Face oils are a perfect solution for skincare.

They are made to work with your natural oils for keeping your skin at a balanced level.

You might be already aware of the fact that your skin is already making natural oils for preventing water loss.

Now face oil comes to AMP up the moisturizing game.

Face oil seals the moisturizer and adds an extra layer of nourishment and that is why it must be used as the last step of your skincare routine.

Many people prefer mixing face oils and moisturizers. But if you want a more effective result then go for giving them their separate spots.

There is a slight difference in the application of face water and moisturizer.

In moisturizer, you use the tip of your fingers whereas in face oil you use the whole palm in spreading the oil out.

If you are thinking that your skin is already oily then face oil will help you in combating oil production.

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