37+ Cool Things To Put On Desk [Exciting Office Desk Must-Haves 2021]


Workspace . . . Ah It is a space where you spend most of a day and that is why it should be the source of joy, happiness, and inspiration.

A goodwill space will not only keep energized but also more productive. That is why it is very important to replace all generic office supplies with inspires you and brings out the spark which sometimes gets missing.

Everyone deserves a desk that encourages them to work even harder which results in a fulfilled great day.

Great workspace is essential for me because it boosts the productivity which interns amplify self-confidence and self-belief to do something great in life.

If you have been following this blog then you might know that I talk all about self-belief.

Coming back to this blog post, I have compiled a few ideas for inspiration regarding some cool things to put on the desk.

Let’s make the inspiration come to you. Let’s dig in.


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1- Goal Digger Frame


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Other cool things to put on the desk are these cute signs, frames, and journals which shouts, “goal digger!”.

I have fallen in love with these cute motivational dosages.

2-String lights


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One of the next cool things to put on the desk is the string light. Who says that you need to wait for the holidays in order to enjoy the magical atmosphere which fairy light creates?

If you like a dreamy outlook for the desk then grab a few from amazon to make your workspace comfier.

3-Task lamps



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Never strain your eyes by relying on the laptop’s light in the late evening sessions. Rather grab good quality reliable task lamps to fill the need.

I have been guilty of using only bare minimum light sources. Trust me it has given nothing but high eye blood pressure and free uninvited medications.
Get the task lamp of any finish you want (black and blonde are my personal favorite though).

You may prefer to match the overall aesthetics. I recommend the amazon task lamps as they offer adjustable height and a USB port.

Pro tip: you can combine both the task lamps and the string lights to make your desk appeal drastically lively.

4-Washi tapes!


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These cool things to put on the desk are my absolute favorite.

The use of washi tapes is not restricted to bullet journals or junk journals etc. You can own the assortment for comparing and organizing different studies or work documents. Get creative girl!

5- The desktop background

Now next you need to own a desktop background that actually sets the scene.

I cannot stress enough the importance of owning a good background as it has the ability to transport you from one place to another.

Play with different backgrounds and see what resonates with your mood. You can take some really good inspiration from the picture above.

Get a world map, motivational frames, or photo strings. Different photos will make your desk look both bold and interesting.

The idea is to make your space as fresh as possible so that the work begins to excite you.

You can also hang in the photos of your achievement to maintain the stream of confidence going! Grab any motivation that could hit you directly.

6- Vision board

I am a huge fan of the law of attraction. I have been talking about it at large on this blog. We all practice the law of attraction anyway, the difference is that some are mindful while others are not.

If you believe that you attract what you constantly think of then I will highly suggest you to make a vision board as a background.

Paste the frames of your wants.

7- Laptop Stand



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There can be a probability that you get extremely tired sitting down and stretching your hands towards the laptop.

Sitting down and staring at the laptop screen from the same level can be a pain and that is why it is vital to improving your posture by investing in a decent laptop stand.

The laptop stand elevates the keyboard and promotes a better posture so that you can work and boost your productivity level.

With the laptop stand you will not feel much strained at the end of the day.

If you have been experiencing a pain in the neck then it is one of the signs to accessorize your desk with a laptop stand.
Their awesome laptop stand is available on amazon.

8- Candle Light Holders


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When was the last time you accessorized your desk with the lighting? It truly gives off lovely vibes.

Grab some light my fire candle holders for not only lighting your room but also lifting your own mood.

Feel free to experiment and add spice with different desk candles.

9- Calendar

Getting a beautiful compact calendar can help you keep track of the days and your productivity on your own.

One might argue that the calendar is present everywhere. Be it on your phone or laptop.

But you will not agree more that having a physical calendar in front of your eyes is very handy and useful to keep you organized no matter how many deadlines you have set on google calendar and other online digital platforms.

I myself am a fan of google calendar but having a physical calendar will make things even more convenient.

Plus girl, striking off things on the calendar gives you a sense of magical accomplishment doesn’t it?

So make your desk, even more, cuter and remain more productive by picking the best one available on the amazon.

10- Organizing set


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One of the next cool things to put on your desk is the desk organizing set.

Getting an organizing set is always a wise decision because it will keep your documents in one place without distorting the color coordination.

You can place your magazines, papers, and other mails into different slots while matching the entire look of your desk.

You do not have to go for a boring pick and choose only a black one because Amazon offers a great variety and range of options which you can choose from.

Even go for an acrylic organizer set where you can put all the necessities of your desk into neat compartments.

11- Himalayan salt lamp

If you have not tried the Himalayan salt lamp then this is an absolute treat.

Get a super high-quality lamp from amazon. The lamps are not only incredibly beautiful but amazingly soothing.

The best part is that you can choose the intensity of light depending on your mood.

You might have already heard of the several healing benefits which the Himalayan salt offers. Include this piece of beauty to give your desk a unique overall look.

Get the authentic Himalayan lamp salt of the shape of your choice from amazon.

I am a fan of all these items which tend to calm our nerves and provide a peaceful serene environment.

12- Animal  stapler

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Have you been using the same stapler which you bought two-three years ago?

You can just add spice to your desk with cute little animal staplers from amazon.

This shape is personally loved because the shark symbolizes several things.

You can attack your goals the same way a this animal attacks its prey.

13- Cute Cat Pens


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Make note-taking a much more fun process by utilizing making use of cat pens.

You will likely want to write with them – the best recipe for turning boring note-taking into a fun-filled task.


14- Reusable usable smart notebook



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If you are someone who learns better by scripting things out at the same time you eco-friendly methods that I will suggest you have a smart notebook.

Simply write retain and erase! Saving paper cannot be easier!

15- Blue light blocking glasses


This accessory should be on your desk as you need to prevent your eyes from getting dry.

I myself experienced tiredness and dryness and thus I highly suggest this for maximum productivity.

Else you have to take breaks and pauses from your work which will affect your overall workflow.

16- EyeGlass holder

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We talked about eyeglasses and that gets naturally followed by a super cute eyeglass holder.

These are few inspirations available on amazon which can make your dress look extremely attractive while serving the purpose.

If you are more concerned with the aesthetic then you can choose the wooden case holder but I personally will suggest you go for a holder that has a furry interior so that your glasses remain protected from any potential scratch.

17- Desk foot hammock


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I am a huge fan of comfort when it comes to working and that is why I cannot stress more the importance of a foot hammock.

Create a more relaxing environment and workspace by placing the hammock underneath.

There are several of them available in a variety of designs that you are not compromising the aesthetics of the overall workspace.

18- Paper clips

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You can get fancy with paper clips to make your overall mood and desk aesthetic better. You can opt for the diy but if you do not have time then you can surely grab some cute ones available on amazon.

I personally think that paper clips are like hair clips the more you have the less. If talking about me then I tend to lose them very easily thus it has to be on the list!

19- Sticky notes

Who said that gone are those days when people used to make use of sticky notes? Tired of getting the traditional sticky notes? Buy marble post notes they will even make your desk look classier!

Girl, no desk can be completed without a sticky note. Budgeting the sticky note you are in essence combining both the activity and creativity. Fill your day with inspiration by inking out this to-do list.

20- Wooden appeal



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If you love wood then this inspiration could not have gotten better.
These cute wood stands amazingly organize your every accessory vital for your overall workflow.

You can place your headphones tablets and phones over a separate wooden corner. Brilliant isn’t it?

21- Productivity planner

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Have you gotten your productivity tender yet? If not then now is the time to include it in the list because it will not only motivate you but will also ensure timely completion of different milestones.

You will find several planners on amazon with different criteria some will come monthly or weekly planning grids.

While some will offer a more comprehensive grid of daily pages to optimize your workflow.

Including a productivity planner can be a game-changer especially if you have several things on your plate.

It will keep you focused and help you to get things done. Getting started with planners is a great way to prioritize different tasks.

Interestingly you will find different motivational quotes on the several planners that you remain motivated throughout the day and reflect.

It is also saving time to get motivation from other external sources! So get this trustworthy companion for a stress-free day.

Replace all your boring plain planners with something that excites you and makes your desk aesthetically better!

22- Time-Stamped Water bottle


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To ensure maximum productivity you need to take care of your health and drinking enough water tops the list.

I have read somewhere that by the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated! So won’t it be wise to manage your drinking schedule from the start?

Instead of just getting a normal water bottle get timestamps so that you can keep track of your hydration schedule.

If you have been taking an alternative approach and maintaining a bullet journal for water consumption then that is a different case. But if you aren’t practicing even that then I think a water bottle with timestamps is absolutely a must-have.

23- Ergonomic chair


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Apart from decorating a desk with cool things I personally believe that having a good comfortable desk chair is vital. They’re designed to deal with your pain points.

The best part about such chairs is that many times they own adjustable height and armrest. I think you should definitely go for the one which has a swivel base as it further reduces the strain.

You can also choose chairs that roll. Some like the rolling feature while others do not but it completely depends on your preference level but remember that a rolling chair will prevent the strain as you can easily move around and access the items which are hard to reach out for.

24- Cell phone stand


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Have you thought about a cell phone stand? You need to provide a separate space for your cell phone to boost productivity else it will rest on your lap the whole day and you will be doing nothing but scrolling the feed all day long!

25- Adjusting the tablet holder stand



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Coupled with a mobile phone cooler you also need to get an adjustable tablet holder stand.

You will not agree more that many tablets are a bit too big to be held when you work. Of course, you have the option to lay them flat but this will only give you a poor back posture and headache.

Thus you can address this issue by getting a quality tablet holder stand from amazon. You can get the one with a minimalistic design and as a bonus, it declutters your desk.

26- Monitor riser


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If you truly want to bring your whole workspace into a cohesive whole then it is advisable to get a monitor riser. A good monitor riser will offer you different slots to keep all different supplies organized like your phones and mugs.

The assembling process is not at all hard. Getting a monitor riser is truly a treat for those who own slick desks.

27- Extended mouse pad


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Another cool thing to put on your device is an extended mouse pad.

It can get truly irritating to be unable to handle the reach of a mouse. If you want to be in control of how much you can scroll then I will highly advise you to invest in a well-extended mouse pad. It will also reduce the wrist strain, stabilize the keyboard, and ensure that your arms are in a proper position.

28- Adjustable desk organizer

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Getting your good adjustable desk organizer means getting all the inspirational books on your eye level so that they are actually of any avail.
It is a fact that what appears in front of eyes tends to get attention.

If you have any books which are covered in dust and sitting idly at the corner of any shelf then I will advise you to get a good adjustable desk organizer.

As not only you will expand your knowledge but also boost productivity level.

29- Book


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Apart from having an organizer, you should also have a couple of engaging books that should motivate you and keep you going.

Compile a collection of interesting books from your favorite authors so that whenever you feel bored or tired you can dig into such a hobby.

I will highly suggest you keep these books closer to your desk so that you can actually utilize
them in isolation.

Check Price on Amazon

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These books will be your best friends especially during your short breaks and guess what?

Drifting your mind away from work and digging it into any book will refresh you which in turn multiply your productivity level.

I am guessing that you already own a bookshelf . . . why not grab a few from it and organize it right in front of the desk? Try this super helpful tip which I myself use.

30- Seat cushion


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Apart from giving great life lessons, quarantine has taught us how to effectively work remotely.
Now setting 8 hours straight is not an easy task and you can develop pain.

So invest in a cute best gel seat cushion for amplifying your productivity.

31- Armrest pad


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You can also grab armrest pads so that you could not bruise your elbows. Grab these from Amazon as they are super soft and it will work very well in making workflow comfortable.

32- Plants



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We touched upon the peaceful vibes that lamp tends to give.

Similar is the case with plants they surely render a welcoming feel.

Girl, there are several studies that already show how plants boost productivity if kept near a workstation. Isn’t it a treat? Like you get to avail both the aesthetic and productivity benefits.

I would advise you to opt for a plant that would require minimal caring because after all, you are just seeking aesthetic pleasures and productivity benefits.

Check Price on Amazon

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Go for small succulent or live plants. But even if they seem hard to manage then you can also get any synthetic plant to maintain the vibes.

These plants are recommended so that you can offer greenery to your space without actually committing constant attention.

You can go for haworthia succulent as you have to water them once a week.

Check Price on Amazon

Fill your space with super cute and incredibly soothing plants.

If succulents are not your preference then you can always go for forex cacti. These plants are extremely detailed and so beautiful that it’s hard to distinguish them from the real ones.


33- Body-Posture Correcting Belt


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When it comes to working correctly body posture plays a huge role in overall productivity and that is why I recommend you to have a body belt posture.
Never experience that upper and lower body pain throughout the day again. This tool will help you girls to maintain your focus and mitigate any pain you experience.

34- Heating pad


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You can also grab a heating pad to maintain a comfortable workflow.

35- Temperature control travel mug



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One of the cool things which you can add to your desk is the travel mug.

Who says that you have to confine the use of these travel mugs to travel expeditions? Keep yourself fresh with coffee or other fluids throughout the day with temperature control mugs.

Plus the mug looks extremely cute especially when it matches the aesthetic or color scheme of your desk.

36- Headphones


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If you are like me then you would want to kill any sort of distractions. Sometimes I become so sensitive to noise that even a clock tick irritates me!

I know . . .extreme. Boost work productivity by grabbing noise cancellation headphones.

Noise cancellation earphones promise to get you in the work zone. If you are struggling with procrastination then try the headphones for hushing any unwanted sound!

Moreover, they look awesome, sleek, and classy when resting over a headphone stand on your desk.

Ready to make your life more organized?!


37- Spinning desk caddy

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