25+ Insanely Brilliant College Bedroom ideas You'll Instantly Love & Try


Excited for College Bedroom ideas You’ll Instantly Fall in Love With? Me too!

Crafting your bedroom is exciting, but at the same time quite overwhelming.

One not only has to be mindful about the layout, color palette, or furniture but also about the smallest decor items.

The recipe for a perfect bedroom involves several ingredients like playfulness and creativity.

If you are seeking inspiration to spark your creativity, no matter what your style is, then this blog post has got you covered with genius college bedroom ideas.

These inspirations will kickstart your thinking process, setting you up to add your personality to a design you like.

Let’s straight away dig into these little nuggets of inspiration to make your college life more special:


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#1 Whimsical touch


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I’m in love with the whimsical touch of this room!

This room surely expands on the key element of fun, as string lights layered at the top proves just that.

Whimsical touch is added with glitter cushions, which I am a forever fan of – glitter has been my first love!

Glitter cushions are accompanied by trendy cushions of all sorts be it with fluffy fur or one with pom pom.

Additionally, the frames at the top of the bed sprinkle the last delight we need- girly illustrations.

In short, all the items in this cozy bedroom work in synchrony to deliver magic.


#2 Minimal college bedroom idea


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Simplicity personified! This room defines elegance at its peak!

Minimalistic choices have made it stand out! From its color palette to the choice of wooden floor, everything sits perfectly well.

I am in love with the rectangular giant mirror and a stylish abstract artwork above the bed.


#3 Tapestry


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Any wall can be converted into a dream space by the inclusion of tapestry and that too with the least effort.

This inspiration above shows how tapestries possess the potential to revive the look of an entire bedroom.

If you are looking for that one missing touch then try adding this classy item.

This styling option is a versatile item that resonates with elegance and beauty.

Like in this idea above, try some fun colors to add that spark to your college bedroom.


#4 Gallery wall


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I’m so in love with this gallery wall created above the bed wall.

The minimal illustrations in the frames resonate with a whole different personality.

So if you are a fan of customization, like myself, then add a flicker of personal touch through creative and fun gallery walls.

Some of the ideas can be wooden letters, fun signs, and frames like the one above.



#5 College Bedroom idea of Side Tapestry


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This inspiration showcases how a tapestry can be hung on the sidewall if you want frames or other artwork above your headboard.

Isn’t it so creative! This addition pours in extra attraction.

The yellow tapestry does wonder in reflecting positive energy and great vibes.

I personally think that this addition has the ability to give a spacious illusion to any room.

Lastly, you can lift the ambiance even further by the inclusion of string lights.


#6 Cozy corner



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Isn’t this corner super cute?

From the magical string lights to this gold-striped beautiful bedsheet?

That stuffed toy and wall frame was all needed for offering a complete homey, cozy, and relaxing vibe.

I am in love with this dreamy look which can be super easily pulled off!


#7 Gold Chair



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You can take inspiration from this idea and use your side table as a dresser!

If your college bedroom owns a limited space then this hack is perfect to implement!

Also, I’m so in love with this gold chair, as it throws a chic vibe boosting the overall stylistic appeal of the corner.


#8 Elegant headboard


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Some designers say that type of headboard is one of the most important items in your bedroom, for it owns the potential of instantly changing the vibe of any room.

The decor idea above elevates the whole space.

The design of this headboard makes the space even more stylish.

I love the idea above for its simplicity. The neutral color perfectly blends with the wall, unifying a small room effortlessly.

This headboard, despite being simple, steals the spotlight.


#9 Simply perfection


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Oh, what a beauty!

This room is peppered with some really interesting items of decorations.

It seems that every decor item is strategically placed to offer nothing but cuteness.

I’m in love with the mirror above the bed for it surely helps in making this room look a bit bigger.

Apart from boosting the spaciousness, this bedroom offers a modern and feminine vibe, owing to its circular shape which is linked with femininity.

Apart from the mirror, the circular platter on the bed itself offers that touch of coziness and femininity.

You can fill such holders with not only edibles but also your current read.

Lastly one can also take inspiration from the sparse placement of plants.

Greenery adds a unique feel of completeness.

Succulents, especially, are preferred by many for they offer freshness.

You can even try decorating with artificial plants if you do not possess the time to maintain them.


#10 College Bedroom idea of Cute side table


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Those huge bright-red roses took my heart away- like seriously!

I’m also in love with that retro-baby-pink phone!

Finally, the lamp with gold-stand and that beautiful gold frame completes this side table . . . is not the choice of every item harmonious?

They all balance out each other creating a perfect unity and fun-filled refreshing view.


#11 Comfy pillows


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Isn’t the headboard attention-grabbing despite being neutral?

The wooden-cut circular pattern adds a beautiful and jaw-dropping geometry.

Apart from the headboard, I am impressed with the cushions. All the colors sit perfectly to create an aesthetically pleasing outlook.

The neutral colored soft comfy and furry cushions have added an insane personality to this college apartment.


#12 Textures


I love the play of textures in this idea, that velvety headboard, cotton-fabric bedsheet, and silk pillows!

Yeah, texture in everything! Play around with the textures of the items in your room to create beauty!


#13 Symmetry



I’m in love with this simple decor! Those two big prints above the headboard and two statement cushions below the headboard sets a perfect symmetry! Strategic I must say!

Also, notice how black balances white! Yeah, that cushion and lamp!

Throwing those string lights over the neutral-color headboard makes everything appear chicer!

I am convinced that you can create a dreamy look with minimal items.


#14 Initial


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You will not agree more that a college bedroom is incomplete with customization! I’m fond of initials.

So if you are too and wondering the next space to position it on then consider your side table!

I learned how an affirmative black-bordered frame and a cute dark-green plant can complete the look for you!


#15 Furry Rugs


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If I were to name that one item that can drastically impact any space then it would be rug!

It pulls all the colors together in perfect harmony.

Owing to the varied textures, it has the potential to add a pattern to the neutral color palette.

This might be a missing piece that can soften the overall look of your room.

So if you do not possess a cute rug then grab one, for it reflects comfort, care, and style.


#16 College Bedroom ideas for large mirror


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You won’t agree more that a huge mirror offers numerous perks, and one of which is breathtaking aesthetic.

A giant mirror not only makes a room appear spacious but also organized.

If you do not have one masterpiece or focus of attention object then consider such mirrors.


#17 Study corner


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The best corner which deserves your attention is your study space.

Why am I stressing to add fun to this corner? So that you don’t sleep rather stay motivated during work hours!

The inspiration above perfectly captures what I mean. It illustrates that adding some photos and tickets can add a cool touch!


#18 The little things


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Such an inspiring space, isn’t it?

This room has little of everything; it still doesn’t appear overcrowded!

I’m in love with the wall! Isn’t it a great inspiration for your next college apartment bedroom!

#19 Bohemian vibes


This is a wide-angle shot of the previous inspiration!

I love the bohemian vibes it gives – cuteness personified. Incorporate the boho vibes by playing around with blankets, pillows, and wall art.


#20 Neon signs


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I have this love for lights, be it of any form! These neon signs are taking the decor market by storm.

They are so cool and incredibly pleasing. The best part is that you are not restricted to a few signs or symbols, rather you can explore the motivation phrases that have the potential to keep your spirit high.

Go with the one which resonates with your overall personality.

I love the boss babe sign available on Amazon, as it fits!

These also offer a great solution if you hate completely dark rooms.


#21 Simply cozy


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Ah this room is simply cozy, isn’t it?

Throw your oversized fluffy rug, turn on this string light, and binge-watch! Perfect treat isn’t it?

Every element in this room gives a super cute vibe, especially those pair of little white lanterns.

If you have any spare corner in your room then these lanterns can lift the spirit of the space!


#22 Gorgeousness


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Gorgeousness!! This is just perfect, From its furniture to its color palate.

If I had this room then I would be just dreaming all day and night!

I am so in love with the bench at the end of the bed – it takes the bedroom decor to another new level!

If you own a spare space then include this extra seating for a much cozier feel.

The glossy pillow, comfy blanket, and furry oversized rug have stolen my heart!


#23 Shelf Over the Bed


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Own an empty space over your bed, and you are just not just ready to hang another frame?

Well, opt for the floating shelves then! These can do wonders to any decor!

You can place any statement piece on that shelf, so it could steal the show!


#24 Macrame wall hanging


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This is such a cute inspiration if you love boho decor.

This design can slip into any bedroom for it owns such a flexible design.

If your college bedroom is missing texture then now is the time to pop a macrame wall hanging!

This trendy item can breathe life into a dull empty wall.


#25 Seating Area


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If your college bedroom is spacious then the idea above is an inspiration.

It forces one to think of additional seating space for sipping in that coffee!!

The hammock and real cacti are super cute elements, drawing all attention.

Even the mini cactus garden decals shine greatly.

And of course, how can I not appreciate the iconic macrame, trendy eye mirror, and cute circular throw away – all making the corner aesthetically pleasing.



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