17+ Bookshelf in Bedroom Ideas You'll Love [Bookshelf Display Ideas]


You will appreciate the bookshelf in bedroom ideas, whether you are an avid reader or even just a person who loves flipping through the periodical!

Bookshelves own the potential of adding life and color space.

You might not agree more that books have been one of the best forms of decor apart from the obvious value they provide.

By allocating a monthly budget on such books and maintaining a bookshelf, you in essence repurpose the intellectual value into a decorative piece of beauty.

They happen to add a pop of color to a dull room thus one does not need to invest extra budget in other decor items.

Books are priceless but still, the incorporation of a bookshelf truly ensures that you fully avail of a book’s price fully.

There is nothing wrong with investing in cute decor items, but also don’t forget to invest in the ones which provide you value as well. Be it.

You can create a budget-friendly decor in numerous ways, starting from the material and shape of the bookshelf to the varied arrangements of books.

No matter what color palette your room follows, the vastness it offers, cluttering feels it owns, a bookshelf will fit for all.

So give it shot!

This blogpost has got you covered with a bookshelf in bedroom ideas so you can elevate the space and enjoy a cup of coffee with your favorite read.

Below are a few ideas that truly stand and truly inspire me to eagerly pick up a book.



#1 Sheer elegance



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This space is extremely inviting.

One would love to sit in there to devour any piece.

The texture of different items coherently positioned offers nothing but sheer classiness.

This space is neutral, where the only vibrancy in the room is offered through the color coordination of the books.

This assortment through book colors forces our eyes mainly towards the bookshelf.

If you want your bookshelf to become a center of focus in your bedroom then you can play with the assortment.


#2 Perfect harmony


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This idea offers elegance. You will not agree more that sometimes simplicity is bound to spread magic, just like this piece of decor did here.

I can sense a perfect harmony in this bookshelf idea for the bedroom because it balances greenery, metal, and paper.

You can try decorating the edge of your shelf with any plant that could offer such a calming effect. Several decorating items act like bookholders and you can play around with this idea.

Remember I talked about balance? The mindful color coordination is offering just that.

Starting with neutral tones (white followed by earthy tone below) the color darkens, blending into darker hues of blue and red.

Yes you get it,! It is not just any color coordination but a strategic one!


#3 Unicorn vibe


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You can do so much with a white bookshelf like the one above!

Go for the white bookshelf if you do not want it to overpower other decors of your room. I am in love with its styling for its giving a unicorn vibe to me.

Such a neat assortment is bound to steal hearts.

This bookshelf is a perfect example of one with a variety which makes it insanely cute.


#4 Deep green Bookshelf in Bedroom Ideas


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You can try this inspiration if your theme is aligning more with elegance rather than quirkiness. I am in love with the deep green look.

The lighting above the shelf boosts the level of coziness the space offers.

Play with the vertical and horizontal arrangement of the books to acquire a perfect proportion as this inspiration above does.

You can play with the center frame to match your personality and the size of vases to suit your preferences.

I feel that this low bookshelf offers a jaw-dropping look mostly also because the wall behind is painted with the same shade (if your wall behind is orange, try getting an orange shelf for creating a perfect optical illusion).

Lastly, the floor pattern below adds a whimsical touch forcing the eyes to dart -not anywhere else- but towards the shelf.


#5 Incorporating art


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This bookshelf is impressive for its iconic style.

This qualifies as an ideal candidate if you own a treasure of a book collection.

Moreover, the art installation in the stole it all! Its addition pours a unique texture, breaking the monotony which could have threatened to overshadow the decor.

The coziness of this corner is further heightened by classic candles over elegant holders.


#6 Wallpaper love


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This inspiration is truly impressive for it proves that space can be kept clean while maintaining beauty.

Indeed a perfect example of a beautiful bookshelf for beautiful books.

The shelf reflects coziness, care, and organization.

What particularly stands is the wallpaper fix.

Whether you are seeking inspiration for your bookshelf in your bedroom, library, or living room, the key takeaway here is to go add a pop of your personality in the background through the wallpaper.

I am in love with how Olga Naiman used these boxy black and white combos to breathe life into this shelf, alternating the placement of these wallpapers to harmonize the design.


#7 Distinctive bookshelf in bedroom idea


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Isn’t it just wow?

This bookshelf decor for bedroom ideas automatically draws the eyes upward.

The top third of the room is beautifully and strategically occupied to offer a distinctive personality to this cozy corner.

These textures play out beautifully while everything other decor items remain in coordination with the room’s overall theme.


#8 Simply magical


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Isn’t it just magical?

Full of positive vibes?

Owning a small space vacant in the bedroom should not limit you, rather you can get creative like the example above.

This inspiration is simple yet so elegant.

With a pop of mini cute decor items, and color-coordinated books. you can accomplish such a charm!

It fits perfectly for the people who are occasional readers and do not possess a huge collection.

With a pop of toys, this bookshelf perfectly balances the space and colors.

You can place a white vase and some leaves to complement the shelf if the space feels empty.

Overall this inspiration offers a fun mood that you can aim to achieve.


#9 Cuteness overloaded


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A simple vertical shelf can do the trick!

The spark of lighting with the pop of cute little decor toys surely has the capacity of turning something unusual and extraordinary.

So grab all the toys you have been receiving since childhood and see what fits best in your bookshelf!


#10 Perfectly organized


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Color-coordination immensely pops out with a white shelf and this inspiration proves just that!


#11 String light


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This shelf is just love. I have this huge obsession with lights thus I’m totally sold with this idea.

The vertices of each section are beautifully bordered with a magical string light, elevating the sense overall mood of the room. Simply Gorgeous!


#12 Angular Bookshelf Design Ideas


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Go angular, different is often better!

I love the angular inserts.

All you need to do is add these inserts into your standard built-in bookshelf for boosting the aesthetic appeal.

Get creative with the architecture of your built-in bookshelf by forcing your creative neurons and you will surely find inspiration.

I personally think adding an angular insert can enable you to enable more freedom with the stylistic arrangement. So get creative!


#13 Bookshelf Display Ideas: Magical bookmarks



It is all about little things!!

I love how Hayley made these cute silver plated bookmarks.

You can try these yourself just grab jump rings, snowflake charm.

Make your bookshelf stand out by such small gorgeous additions.

Get inspired and try popping in bookmarks.


#14 Boho bookshelf in bedroom idea


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If you plan to go for a wooden bookshelf then try adding a bohemian touch for it truly extracts the earthy personality.

Get creative with the bookshelf and add items like a boho mirror, basket, etc as they not only perfectly match the theme, rather perfectly accentuates it.


#15 Dreamy bookshelf decor


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I love Cari’s Dreamy bookshelf!

The placement of the huge mirror and the plants above add a whole new personality to the corner.

The color coordination makes this wooden shelf much more organized and appealing, diverting the focal of the eyes towards it.


#16 Bookshelf Ideas for Small Bedroom


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This is an interesting way of organizing your books.

If you do not own huge liberty then simply treat your small space with pretty books.

I particularly love how the plants loosely and casually fall towards the side of this shelf.

Further, the sculptures add whole new imagery and personality to this mini shelf.

Combine several textures like the ones present here and witness the magical harmony they create.



#17 Bookshelf in bedroom idea to copy



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This bookshelf idea is simply loved! Color-blocking is not at all distracting.

You can clearly identify the dominating colors which are meticulously blending into one another.

Red color merges into orange which further blends into yellow and then green.

All such shades are working to offer an overall sophisticated appeal.

This example also reinforces how books are not only best friends for humans but also for plants!

Truly they form an excellent pair.

Lush green leaves, brown earthy vases, and fine-textured books! Simply perfect.


#18 Stylistic arrangement


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This bookshelf idea for the bedroom shows how candles, plants,  and books can be perfectly curated.

Grab some stunning pieces of decor and boost the aesthetics of your bookshelf.

I particularly love the design of this shelf, it enables one to play with the stylistic arrangement of items more freely.

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