20 Bamboo Wall Decorations Ideas You'll Instantly Fall In Love With


Bamboo wall decorations are known for their unique modern vibe.

This environment-friendly option decorates space effortlessly and that too while promising durability.

This material is not only heavily used for outdoors, but also largely for interiors.

If you are questioning what makes it an effective material to me, I used a wall decor item that is sustainable, lightweight, renewable, and eco-friendly.

Such a strong item blends nature into any space.

If you are a diy lover then you can simply play with the stick – its lightweight allows it to be easily cut, reshaped, and glued, offering great scope for creativity.

Below are a few bamboo wall decor ideas that might inspire you to try a few yourself.

Ready to play with different bamboo items with breezy nature to space the essence of island life? Let’s dig in.


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#1 Thatches for Bamboo Wall Decorations


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This room perfectly captures a sense of efficient and stylish bamboo decor.

As evident in the inspiration above, the usage of bamboo is not limited.

It has been strategically used at numerous places to balance elegance with white furniture.

Bamboo has truly altered the ambiance of this room and made it much more attractive.

The touch of Mexican palm thatch pours an exotic touch, clearly reflecting the labor that has gone into its drying and hand-woven process.

This thatch instantly grabs the attention and perfectly acts as a focal point transporting the viewer away to the faraway place.

Further, the bamboo baskets over the cupboard, that loosely hanging tropical hat, and giant-sized bamboo frame forces one to appreciate the stylistic appeal offered.

Even the headboard deserves extra attention for its woody appeal that complements the rest of the interior.

Many people also prefer to enhance the decor by upgrading their headboard with bamboo trim.

People like bamboo outlining their headboard for it offers an additional dimension, adding extra depth to the room, blessing the ambient pleasantly.


#2 Leaves for Bamboo Wall Decorations


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You can make your walls much more tropical by adding bamboo leaves which offer an unusual charm to any space.

If you have a blank wall then add a touch of the cute item that not only reflects modern style but a sense of creativity.

Breakaway from the monotony of traditionally designed wall decors rather tries adding these leaves to evoke a sense of luxury.

let these leaves pour in the usual charm that is missing from the walls.


#3 Flower bamboo mirror

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Mirrors have been a classic way of dressing up boring empty walls.

This flowery-styled bamboo wall creates a soft outlook and balances the other decorative items perfectly.


#4 Diamond bamboo mirror


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This is another example of classic bamboo mirror decor.

Playing with a size directly affects the overall impact.

If you do not want to go for a subtle impact then take inspiration from the idea above.

Bamboo sticks have perfectly bordered a diamond-shaped mirror drawing in the focus.

You can also try adding a prominent piece that reflects a coastal ambiance.

Interestingly, different ambiance can be created just by choosing the bamboo frames of varying frame size and height.

The color of bamboo in the inspiration above makes it pop owing to its high contrast with light walls.


#5 Sunburst mirror


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If you prefer a much more subtle look then try a sunburst mirror with a bamboo stick – this particular style has been trending lately.

Ain’t it great that now a mirror becomes multipurpose – decorative as well as functional.

Next time when you decide to dress your wall with a simple round mirror, weigh the alternative and be more creative by thinking about the one with bamboo sticks instead.


#6 Ramoon in Bamboo Wall Decorations

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This Ramoon decor offers sophistication to a whole new different level.

If you are interested in pouring such exoticness, Amazon offers some unique exotic designs which can add a pop to any boring wall.


#7 Bamboo Wall Decorations Hanging


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Even simple is more when it comes to bamboo decor. I love this inspiration as it reflects the coastal theme within the art.

If you have any such bamboo frame then consider embracing it with coastal artwork.


#8 Mirror With Hooked Entryway


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This another minimalist bamboo wall decor. This inspiration is saturated with elegance and style.

Both the bamboo Rattan Circle Mirror With Hooked Entryway and tropical hat is liting the wall with sheer beauty.


#9 Casual Bamboo Wall Decorations


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I’m in love with the casualness of this cute wall decor with bamboo sticks.

The separator itself is composed of bamboo sticks.

The addition of circular bamboo doors and leafy items with a pop of string light further enriches the background.

The background pattern is not only rich but also unique.

The inspiration above rightfully reflects the amount of creativity that has been put in to achieve such a powerful bamboo installation.

The arrangement of every item on the wall has been strategic to achieve a relaxing vibe.

I love how the rug offers variation in texture but if you want you can also complement the overall aesthetic with a straw textured floor mat.

Additionally, if you have not noticed that circular bamboo tray holder then now is the time to appreciate its multipurposeness.

Love its functionality and also its contribution to complementing the entire outlook.

Coming onto the bed, it has its own bamboo foot which perfectly works to deliver a soothing vibe.


#10 Canvas


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Isn’t it an awesome inspiration, as it is multipurpose?

You can hang any item and at the same time use it as a sectioned canvas wall art. This is the time to get creative and add eye-catching wall decorations.

You can also make it a picture frame and maximize artistic liberty.


#11 Little of everything


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This is one of the perfect inspirations which fully encapsulates the vibe of bamboo decor.

Circular shapes have been in trend ever since. They are insanely popular among interior designers.

Plus, that straw hat and bohemian wall hanging did the trick!

Both the items along with the sunburst mirror give a unique freshness to this bedroom.


#12 Bamboo paneling


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To capture a larger sense of bamboo design, take inspiration from the idea above.

I love how this wall behind is partially covered with bamboo paneling.

This is indeed a great way of bringing nature inside your favorite space.

It perfectly incorporates the textures in a unique way that leaves a looker awing.

Such an exciting backdrop makes the conversations even more interesting.


#13 Bamboo wind chimes


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Consider adding bamboo wind chimes to your windows for they offer a great tropical appeal.

Indeed it offers a heartwarming appeal that relaxes the mood to a degree beyond perception.

Soothe yourself with its sound and dive into a tranquil mood.

Such bamboo wind chimes are composed of natural bamboo to boost the overall aesthetics.

Greet your mornings with a new air of freshness, as these hand-tuned chimes produce a perfectly magical tone.

I will recommend its addition if you truly want to be taken back to the peaceful islands and tropical ambiance.


#14 Statement piece


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This straw decor sits so well, as it plays with several textures like flowers and fabric.

All these three items harmonize the wall together.

This sheer example of simplicity pops because of the use of red and blue primary colors together with neutral ones!

Add rich textures to your wall to create a perfectly romantic and magical space around.


#15 Bamboo shelf


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I’m so in love with the bamboo shelving for it offers a fashionable yet practical way to incorporate what you need.

Shelves, no doubt, have been serving a useful and aesthetically pleasing tool for placing items of desire.

If you are tired of the conventional shelves then resort to this decor to boost convenience and elegance.

This circular bamboo shelf above perfectly stories the embellishers, creating an impressive appeal.

Isn’t it a classic way of adding a dash of freshness?


#16 Perfection


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Beautiful hanging, stylish bottles, and elegant hats all these items together craft nothing but perfection.


#17 Careful selection


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Isn’t this wall crafted beautifully with a careful selection of hanging items, of varied shapes and sizes, all aiming for the same goal to breathe a bamboo spirit into the room?


#18 Centre-piece


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I’m so in love with this. If you are looking for a central focal piece that could instantly draw an onlooker’s eye then consider trying this masterpiece!


#19 Bamboo magazine holder


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Wow, this is an instant attention grabber. This bamboo magazine holder boosts the level of creativity present around.

Next time when you seek an item to declutter your space, give a thought to such wall hanging!


#20 Bamboo wall decals


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You might not be interested in bringing in real wood to your house, well in that case you will appreciate bamboo wall decals.

They are capable of adding natural rustiness and breathing life to an empty space.


Final thoughts on Bamboo Wall Decorations

You will not agree more that all the inspirations above transformed a dull blank wall into a piece of breathtaking beauty.

The natural texture of bamboo forces an onlooker to appreciate the stylistic elements.

Bamboo decor, being eco-friendly and affordable, showcases a sense of creative efforts.

Next time when you aim to remodel any space, just give a thought to incorporating the magic of bamboo decor for boosting the attractiveness of your interior.


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